"I have amnesia. Will you give me some time to adapt?" Think of your feelings of missing your mother. Yan is frivolous and soft-spoken to Xie Wanzhen.

"You … really don’t blame your mother?" Xie Wanzhen is still worried
"I swear it’s not weird." You blame yourself. Yan is frivolous and condescending. "Don’t cry. Your eyes are swollen. It’s really not beautiful."
Xie Wanzhen smell speech stopped crying and pulled out a far-fetched smile.
Yan frivolous some can’t bear to change the topic "where are we now?"
Xie Wanzhen shook her head. She had no idea about their current situation.
Yan frowns wildly, and the imperial edict says that they should be taken into the prison, but this is obviously not the prison. "How long have I been in a coma?"
"One day and one night" Xie Wanzhen realized what "Dream, don’t touch your mother’s medicine" and lifted Yan’s frivolous clothes to hurt her back.
A cool feeling came and the back pain didn’t seem so obvious. Yan was frivolous and wondered what medicine was so magical.
"Rub the medicine, let me see." Yan frivolous took the ointment handed by Xie Wanzhen and put it on his nose. It smells fragrant and pleasant, and the color is bright. It is a good thing at first sight.
"Is this just given by the doctor too much?" You should have more copies for skin care.
Xie Wanzhen shook her head. "It’s a bodyguard around Mu Wang Ye."
Hearing Zhu Yinzhen’s name, Yan frivolously frowned unhappily. Zhu Yin Zhen’s bodyguard, that is to say, they also returned Zhu Yin Zhen’s territory. "We still have Muwangfu?"
"It doesn’t look like it." Xie Wanzhen is not sure.
Yan frivolous and carefully looked at the wing decoration Mu Wangfu room should be more gorgeous! "Where is the bodyguard?"
"I just dreamed of looking for him outside?" Xie Wanzhen is suspicious.
"Well, you go and ask him to come in" Yan frivolous back.
Xie Wanzhen looked at Yan frivolous with a strange face. Previously, she felt that Dream hit the column and became different when she woke up. At that time, she was still too stimulated by Dream to change her temperament.
But now Xie Wanzhen’s doubts are getting heavier and heavier. "Are you really my daughter?" It’s a dream face, a dream sound, but it seems that I have lived in another dream, a completely different soul.
Yan frivolous leng leng how to answer? Frankly speaking, she is not her daughter. Shen Menglu estimates that Xie Wanzhen will faint with fright.
Yan bit her lip lightly and tried to show a trace of sadness. "I didn’t know that the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was you. I remember that after I passed out after hitting the column, I met a fairy who told me that I had not finished my life, and I didn’t care about myself, so I was guided back. The fairy knew that our Shenyang was in great trouble and thought my original character was too weak, so she gave me a chance to transform myself, make me brave and strong, and save Shenyang from fire and water. The fairy took away all my memories .."
Yan frivolous secretly glanced at Xie Wanzhen. Can such nonsense lie to this ancient man? "So I forget who I am and what I was like before."
Xie Wanzhen’s face is dull and Yan’s frivolous pie pie is such a bad excuse that probably no one believes it.
"I said it’s hard to believe, right? Now I don’t seem to be very popular "Yan frivolous self-mockery.
"Silly child’s mother believes in you. You are so good now. My mother likes it very much. No matter what you become, you are a good child." Xie Wanzhen suddenly hugged Yan’s frivolous back injury and was pulled to tears. "I’m sorry, my dream is too oversensitive."
Yan is frivolous and dizzy, so this ancient people also believe this nonsense? ! This ancient man is so gullible! Call Zhu Yin Zhen to see me! Recommended 5 overtime
Liang prospect heard Yan frivolous this nonsense can’t help but laugh at a.
Someone in the room caught the sneer lightly and sensitively.
Thankfully, although she crossed into this fragile Shen Menglu body, her body was frivolous and her intuition and sensitivity were still
"I’m hungry, please help me see what I can eat!" Yan frivolous found an excuse to Xie Wanzhen.
"Good mother confused mother went to the kitchen to see" Xie Wanzhen left according to the words.
"Come out! Liang Junfei is a hero! " Yan frivolous tone coldly shouted a prospect smell speech fall to the ground.
Yan gave him a frivolous look. "Are you Zhan Yang?" It was with Zhu Yinzhen’s bodyguard. She listened to Zhu Yinzhen and told him to show Yang.
Looking forward to nodding, he always borrows Zhan Yang’s identity.
Yan frivolous looked at him for a while, feeling wrong. Intuition told her that the person in front of her was not the same person as the Zhanyang she had seen before. "Are you sure?"
Outlook still nodded, and I was a little surprised at Yan’s frivolous suspicion that others had never been seen through playing Zhanyang before.
You say yes! Yan frivolous does not expose "where are we?"
An answer to the prospect of "Western Suburb"
Yan looked at him with a frivolous Gherardini. "Zhu Yin Zhen has a lot of guts!"
Looking forward to a black line, he also thinks that the Lord’s trip is outrageous, but this Shen Menglu is too fat to call the Lord by his first name!
"Miss Shen is bolder!" Outlook can’t help but ridicule.
If it weren’t for Shen Menglu’s inappropriate image, Yan frivolous really wanted to laugh wildly. Three of her frivolous advantages are few, and the biggest advantage is boldness. "Where is Shenyang?"
"in prison"
Yan frivolous pull pull corners of the mouth obviously the emperor didn’t change his mind to cut their heads, so what does this Zhu Yin Zhen want? "Zhu Yin Zhen privately detained our emperor?"