The corner of the blue silk robe was instantly transformed into silvery white by the cold blowing ink like deep pool black hair.

The silver shawl on his shoulders echoed and gave off a dark light.
Zhong Li was surprised to open his eyes wide, almost consciously holding an umbrella in his hand, and he fell off unsteadily, splashing rain and raindrops all over the floor, but instantly condensing into ice.
He couldn’t speak. He looked at Helan Xun in horror.
For the first time in his life, even if he died in heavy snow, he was never so shocked.
Powerful spell with silver hair … Have that clan?
Helan Xun took a deep breath, the light faded, and the hair color gradually returned to ink.
The ice cubes melted into rain again, and the ground was wet, and he was dressed in white.
"You still want to protect me? Or do you want to stay and die? " Helan Xunyin is harsh but bitter, and he doesn’t want to reveal his identity.
But Zhong Li has always known that he is Gu Gen, and there is no need to get involved in things.
Zhong Li was still surprised to hear Helan Xun’s heart thumped when he heard this sentence
"… Young Master, do you have a spell to drive the Snow Clan?" His voice shook with shock, and all these methods expressed his true thoughts.
For thousands of years, the Snow Family has been forgetting to cross the mountain and it is extremely cold, which is a dangerous place that no one can set foot in.
Even he is a literature reader who has read everything about the Snow Family.
"It’s the blood of the snow clan that has been hostile to you for thousands of years. If it weren’t for our clan, you wouldn’t be extinct now and you wouldn’t be ordinary people with swords." Helan Xun’s face suddenly turned pale, which may be caused by a spell just now.
However, he remained calm and continued, "Do you remember the family instructions of Chongjiabao?"
Heavy Li look is very fuzzy in this rainy night at that time can’t tell the difference "swear not to leave the snow family life … Chapter 498, 498 You are not a person? (3)
"Don’t you always want to know whether I killed those three candidates with high martial arts like this weak body?" Helan Xun corners of the mouth with a sneer at inscrutable looking at heavy li.
Heavy Li Bu answer by the cold rain beat the body.
Helan Xuntan palm rune once again revealed a pair of ice cast into a transparent bow and arrow.
"Is that a cold bow? You are cold bow killed them "heavy Li cool thin asked.
According to the literature, the cold bow was originally held by a god in heaven, and it was so powerful that people could not fight it. After that, the god committed a crime and was sent into the world.
Then the Snow Family was founded, that is to say, the ancestor of the Snow Family was a deity and the cold bow was always held by his descendants.
Those who hold the cold bow are even more honored as the high priests of this clan.
So it means that Helan Xun is a descendant of the fallen god and a high priest of the Snow Family who owns the cold bow?
"I know the little master is uncommon, but I didn’t expect to be the high priest of the snow family with fairy souls falling into the office." He has been deceived by this man with a wry smile.
Hand cold bow into a steam Helan Xun smile "don’t you go? Want to be killed by me? "
Witch and Snow have been killing each other for thousands of years.
Witch people are indispensable to snow people. After thousands of years of fighting, they finally reached an armistice agreement.
However, in their generation, for some reason, there is something indispensable to the witch tribe.
So he turned the spell into ordinary people’s silver hair and black hair.
Sneaking into the heavy fort, but it did him great harm.
Well, he has a ten-thousandth fairy spirit to last until now.
Just like he said that not only Chongjiabao owed brocade, but he also owed brocade.
If the snow family is heavy, she will die.
But three years ago, something went wrong at the top of the snowy mountain.
Now he has to get involved in these days.
Because a person …
Heavy Li suddenly choked up and didn’t know what to say.