Ye Xia inexplicably suddenly found that his second uncle’s face became busy and whispered, "What happened to his second uncle?"

Ye Qingcheng suddenly woke up. Hehe smiled bitterly. "It turned out that the Yishantang was a soldier of the Yueyue Camp of Chen Guo in that year. When the eldest brother destroyed Chen Guo, he didn’t destroy you. Hehe, today is revenge?"
Filariasis from wear ha soldiers array lang laugh "exactly! But I can’t wait for Chen Guo’s revenge! "
In the laughter, the blood kept flowing, and ten bodies had fallen on the ground in a moment.
"Summer back!" Ye Qingcheng shouted "Protect the Master!"
Are thousands of machine entangled string home soldiers withdraw tightly Ye Xia enclosure, and at this moment the number has dropped from 60 to 30 Xu Ye Qingcheng leisure ask what Ye Xia to replace Ye Zhiqiu, his eyes firmly locked filariasis in the other’s eyes, murderous look in his eyes, let him this battle-hardened man also secretly shocked that the young soldier of Shuoyue camp has now become a top assassin in the Jianghu.
Thousand machine coldly walked beside filariasis "nonsense? Kill them quickly! "
Filariasis smiled "so good!" He walked slowly to the front of the carriage and stopped. "Ye Shixian is known as’ the strongest guard in Kyushu’, and now he wants me to break this saying with the moon camp fire!" Speaking according to the right palm of the carriage, generate’s strength entered the thick wood through five fingers, but he heard that he was drinking a car weighing 100 kilograms and was lifted by his hand over his head. Ye’s heart was shocked
The car body suddenly burst into flames, and the fire was cold and cruel, just like the gods and demons were angry and arrogant.
When Ye Qingcheng was amazed, the burning car body was shocked by the wind and fell from the slamming. The car exploded on the ground, and Mars scattered the original complete formation to detain hnlun. At this time, thousands of machines rose like a big bird and pounced on Ye Xia at the same time, launching fists and gathering flames and crashing into hnlun formation.
The silver light suddenly appeared bright and straight, and the sh half-baked thousand machines glared at each other and clapped their hands together. The silver light palm disappeared and scattered all over the place, and the thousand machines were always blocked by silver light and fell back to the ground. The blood gas churned endlessly, and the toxin waited for an opportunity to bite the body and the nerves twisted with pain.
"So it’s you!" Thousands of machines glared at the Woods.
And the forest is a flash of silver light, but this time it’s towards filariasis. The filariasis is frightened and suddenly stops the rush. The silver face crosses the strong wind and cuts off a few strands of hair.
Have to take this opportunity to Ye Qingcheng led string home soldier restructuring formation again Ye Xia guard filariasis painstakingly build offensive to collapse.
"Can a friend in the forest come out and see him?" the fire sank.
People in the Woods responded with rustling leaves.
It’s not Tianshan style that "Mo Yu girl can’t retreat".
A slight frown from filariasis shows that there are four teenagers hiding in the forest, one is moonlit resentment.
However, the forest is still sad
I’ve seen the little nv magic archery without murderous look, but it’s sharp and very filariasis, and I dare not move at the fuselage. The scene fell silent for a while, and everyone thought that the next step was brewing a storm warning.
At dusk, the residual light falls, the moon rises, and it is cold. Yin Hui Qianji found that the filariasis face flashed with disdain sneer.
Sure enough, the filariasis turned to pounce on the forest, and the silver light reappeared in the forest. Suddenly, five brilliant tracks were drawn, and the filariasis continued to rotate without retreating from the blink of an eye and then went out of the forest.
"Get out of here!"
In the binge drinking, the filariasis stopped and punched two flames. The strength rolled over the fist from the arm and rushed into the forest. The strength knocked down three or five big trees, which shook the earth endlessly. A slender figure jumped high from Lin sh and half reflected in the moonlight. Although Feng Ling danced in the moonlight, he was naturally a natural school. Rao was everyone’s firm mind and could not help but admire people at the moment
Filariasis suddenly drinks another "good" right palm, just cutting off the little nv Lingsh arrow, only to find that the little nv missed wearing hua with both hands, but it also seemed to flip the jia fold and immediately jump on the bow in the hands of filariasis, which has become sharp and short-edged, and the hands and feet are clean like magic.
Ye Qingcheng was born with ji, but he also knew that this little nv mind immediately commanded string home soldiers to attack thousands of machines.
Filariasis finally learned the strength of the Tianshan Devil’s family. No wonder this nv hand suffered a big loss on the moonlit night. This little nv short blade composition is tight and delicate, and jing Miao is smooth and smooth. Naturally, it is rare to enter the advanced stage of "martial arts". This nv is highly qualified and has such strength at such a young age. Compared with herself, she can’t help but be jealous of filariasis. She is still just entering the primary stage of "martial arts"
This time, jia’s hand is as strong as filariasis, but he can’t resist Mo Yu. His old wound has just healed, but his left arm has a new injury. There is a small amount of skill to give a two-point discount. Mo Yu is new here and has been accumulating strength for a long time. Even if he can’t win, he wants to delay his attack, but it is more than enough to have filariasis. At this time, I wonder if it is time to signal. He stole a look at the thousands of machines in the hn war over there, but he was even more uneasy. There, thousands of machines showed receptor toxins, and jia couldn’t kill a person for a moment. He was trapped by string soldiers.
Can’t big sleep filariasis mercilessly grind his fists and shake the front hard. Less nv short blade. This time, it’s purely a collision of strength. hua Qiao and both sides are shaken out at the same time. Zhang Xu’s filariasis exulting will reach out and take out the signal smoke hua.
Suddenly, my body was cold and a chill ran down my spine, and I smelled the bloody smell in the wind in a trance, as if I had been entangled in the body by a poisonous snake. The cruel letter was at his throat. When I was in the camp of Shuoyue, I was a sentry after the fall of Chen Guo, and I followed Shimizu Yan to engage in assassination activities. My body reaction to the dark road jing Tongji had already exceeded the speed of thought. When I wanted to, I didn’t want to turn my steps and rush to the right.