Beauty is amazing.

Xia Huai, who has never stayed in the research room and dance for the longest time, can’t help but be slightly surprised and open his mouth.
Rainbow is just the formation of light dispersion, but when you really see it, how do you feel particularly beautiful …
These are things that I have never had before.
The breeze gently blows up Xia Huai’s black hair, and a pair of golden eyes are full of joy and suddenly the corners of her mouth evoke a natural and beautiful smile, just like a goddess.
Kunimitsu Tezuka saw all this in his eyes and kept it in his heart.
The other side of the rainbow is the most precious thing.
Mother, I think I found it.
That is …
Staggered rainbows meet in the courtyard. It’s amazing how beautiful it is. Turning around, there is another Kunimitsu Tezuka and Xia Huai holding two people together like a crescent moon on their heads.
He should know that the most precious thing is that that person smiles, but she can’t do it.
"Guoguang thanks" thanks and sincere smile blooms like a flower. Her facial paralysis seems to be in front of him. No matter what, who told him that he is stronger than himself? Ah …
"Salad for dinner today" adjusted her glasses and Kunimitsu Tezuka’s mouth rose a little.
"Forget it, don’t cook or eat salad. I’ll do something else."
"Well …"
"How about fish? Braised fish "
"Well …"
"Steaming is also good, don’t you think?"
"Well …"
A man and a woman just walk home chatting without getting bored.
The woman looks very happy while the man is spoiled under his eyes.
"You seem to be very kind …" A dark shadow appeared in an inconspicuous corner of the courtyard, and deep eyes were fixed on the girl in white as if he had something different. He had her in his eyes.
Who is he?
Xiao Xiao revealed that he is not the king of the net, and the king inside is not original ~
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