Everyone thinks that this boat will be swallowed by frost wyrm, and it will stay away from Yun Qing’s outstretched jade palm, and frost wyrm will freeze it.

"Hey!" A crack appeared in frost wyrm’s head, and then the crack spread and gradually swallowed up the whole dragon body. With a loud bang, frost wyrm melted the broken ice and fell into the lake.
When the man saw that it was broken, he smiled and his feet reappeared, and a huge symbol array of deep and remote blue ice spread from it
Baili Yi instantly felt that the body was frozen. This ice was ten times colder than frost wyrm just now.
From Yun Qing’s eyebrows, he frowned lightly, and naturally hit the generals Jin He and Bai Li Yi in the hood.
Then slowly, towards the distant, the man, with a head of ink flying in the wind, has a pair of cold eyes with dazzling brilliance, and the drawn snow soul knife in his hand also emits a faint silver light.
The man instantly felt the pressure from Yun Qing’s body and could not help but be secretly surprised for a while.
I can really feel her strong spiritual power, but it seems that she is not very stable. Presumably, she has not finished controlling her strong spiritual power.
From Yun Qing’s feet, a huge character array devours the number of the character array.
The man who felt his psychic force fluctuate suddenly changed his face and murmured a spell in his mouth
When she fixed her eyes, she had already closed the technique, standing far above the water, and suddenly turned her head. The night was as cold as if it were frozen in the winter night and the lake was deep.
"Not the kui is a warlock who can kill the moon, so he can’t peek. Today is the test time, so you are not so lucky."
Looking at her shoulder from Yun Qing, the hair was fluttering behind her, and a black gas hung over her and gradually disappeared into the darkness.
"oh? Want to escape? " From Yun Qing’s disdain for sarcasm, the provocative eyes are still very clear, and it seems to be three points colder than the moonlight without any fluctuation.
The man gave a chuckle, "Now you are not worthy to be my opponent. You know your own strength better than I do. If you want to win, you must learn to control your spiritual strength …"
With this sentence, the figure of the man has disappeared, and the lake has not disappeared.
Take a deep breath away from Yun Qing. This man is worse than the first two people. It can be seen that she also controls spiritual power.
Before bailiyi recovered from this amazing fight, she saw Yun Qing slowly stepping into the water.
As soon as I reached the corner of the boat, I shed a dark red blood.
When Bailiyi saw it, she immediately put out her thumb and brushed the blood. She was worried and said, "Did she hurt you?"
Face worries at a glance
"Nothing is just a little self-defeating!" Speak lightly, but don’t take it seriously.
But it can be seen from her eyes that she is changeable at the moment. Chapter 74 She is an elder? (5)
As if thinking of something, Yun Qing’s eyes suddenly turned to a three-point smile, and the bloodthirsty tone in her eyes was proud. "Do you know that man?"
"No …" Brocade’s blood was stirring, but it was soon suppressed. He tried his best to keep a deceptive smile and bite this tooth. "I don’t know whether she is cold or not, but it’s just a guess, but from the point of view of her identity, it must not be her."
Once again, he saw the impulse from Yun Qing’s fierce body, and even he was a little surprised that he wanted to compete with this man for the first time.
"Who is Yun Hanyan?" Bailiyi conveniently asked.
Jin indifferently explained that "the Three Priests are very mysterious, but I don’t know anyone by name".
From YunQing frown wordless.
What exactly is that man’s purpose? Is it really that simple to test?
But also thanks to her this time to test from YunQing thoroughly clear.
If you want to hit Chongjiabao, her strength is far from enough.
Bailiyi’s pupil is miniature, and she pours from her mouth with a sigh, "Are you going back?"
"No, of course, we continued to play. That can be disturbed by this episode? I heard that there is a Goulan Courtyard where the top girl is famous. Why don’t we go and have a look?" From Yun Qing’s smile, it seems that things have never happened just now.
A hundred Li Yi eyes smoke "you can … really carefree"