After all the people were gone, Shen Menglu sat alone in Jingyue Xuan sulking, and the days were too disturbing. She finally calmed down and became restless again.

Yan Ruyi and Mo Yu quietly stay behind Shen Menglu. I don’t know what to say to comfort Shenyang. It is a bad debt. It seems that Shen Menglu is the best to leave Shenyang as soon as possible.
"Miss, what are you going to do with these?" See Shen Menglu is staring blankly at those boxes. Mo Yu finally broke the silence.
"Let’s have a look!" It is also urgent to find out who is the giver of Shen Menglu’s testily waved hand.
"Yes, Miss" Yan Ruyi and Mo Yu beat the boxes one by one before they got the order.
In front of the six boxes of gold and silver jewelry, silks and satins, delicacies and delicacies, Shen Menglu dragged her cheeks and looked at them coldly.
The seventh box was beaten. Shen Menglu finally had a reaction. She looked at the things in the box before walking quickly, and the porcelain bottles were full of light medicine.
"Miss, these are …?" Yan ruyi was surprised
Shen Menglu picked up a porcelain bottle, poured out a small pill and sniffed it. Then she smiled brightly. The escort said yes, she knew the identity of the giver when she saw the contents in the box.
Who is the giver? Shen Menglu already has the answer in his heart, but he still has some disbelief.
Why did Yan Men send such a big gift? Judging from the weight of this gift, we can see how rich Yan Men is. It is no wonder that Yan Qingluo has no mercy on expensive smoothies.
The last box, Shen Menglu, stopped Mo Yu’s box from moving, and personally put his hand in the box a few steps ago. Shen Menglu’s heart jumped up without rhyme or reason, and she had a hunch that there was another dry Kun in this box.
Hiding in the box, Yan Qingluo waited for a long time, but he couldn’t wait for Shen Menglu to box up, and he was slowly worried.
Yan Qingluo came to give Shen Menglu a surprise. Who knew that Shen Menglu actually wanted to return the goods and accidentally heard Shen Fu’s privacy?
It sounds like her dream sister’s life is much harder than hers. Yan Qingluo is deeply touched. What Shen Fu and Mu Wangfu Yan Qingluo all feel terrible. They are far less worried. If Shen Menglu marries them, she promises that she will laugh and live happily all day!
It’s a pity that her brother is too weak. Yan Qingluo pouted sullenly. It’s the first time that she regretted that her mother didn’t make her a man, otherwise she would have made every effort to marry her dream sister home as a wife!
But anyway, since we can’t let Shen Menglu marry into their Yan family and lead a worried life, she should try her best to let Shen Menglu lead a rich and prosperous life. Shen Menglu is always rich when he has money. In this way, Shen Menglu will not be afraid of being bullied after marrying into Muwangfu in the future! Anyone who dares to bully her, we will kill them with silver!
In spite of the opposition of her father and brother, Suo Yan Qingluo took a part of the dowry left to her by her mother as a wedding present for Shen Menglu.
In that box of precious pills, Yan Qingluo forced the elders to contribute to Shen Menglu’s self-defense. She inquired about what poisons the royal life is full of crisis, which is a common practice. With that box of Dan medicine, Shen Menglu’s hundred poisons will not invade and come back to life!
Of course, in addition to those life-saving pills and penicillin refined by her second brother Yan Yiyi, Yan Qingyi came to attend Shen Menglu’s wedding with her, but Yan Yiyi refused.
Yan Qingluo really can’t understand what her second brother thinks. It’s hard to refine penicillin. Naturally, she has to hand it over to Shen Menglu to show her precious talents.
To say that her second brother has no idea about Shen Menglu, Yan Qingluo is absolutely unbelievable! There are three precious rejuvenation pills in that box of pills, which Yan Yiyi secretly put in! Yan Yiyi also didn’t know that Yan Qingluo was a Grinch. She knew everything in the box like the back of her hand.
Grab it if you like! This is Yan Qingluo’s motto. Pretending to be a gentleman in the face of Yan Yiyi, Yan Qingluo shook his head.
Yan Qingluo heard Shen Menglu’s footsteps approaching the box. She posed and waited for the box to be hit for a moment to give Shen Menglu a big surprise! But after listening to the song for a long time, I found that I was sad outside.
Huh? Did she daydream for a moment that her sister had left? ?
Yan Qingluo waited for a while and there was still no one to rest. Yan Qingluo finally lost his temper. Damn it! She’s been in the box for half a day, and if she doesn’t go out, she’ll be bored to death.
Anyway, let’s go out first!
Yan Qingluo made up her mind to lift the box. She just leaned out of her head and was scared and sat down directly back in the box.
"Wow ~" The sudden call scared Yan Qingluo into a flexible life and was scared silly.
Seeing that Yan Qingluo Shen Menglu was stunned, she gave a silvery smile happily. Sure enough, she didn’t expect that there was a mystery in this first box!
When Shen Menglu saw the Dan medicine in the box, he guessed that the giver was Yan Qingluo, who else but that little girl would be so careless to send such a gift!
The escort who sent the escort repeatedly said that after reading the gift, she would know who the gift giver was. In the first six boxes, there should be gifts. By the seventh box, the identity of the gift giver would be obvious. Then who else would be in the first box except this little girl?
Shen Menglu guessed that naughty Yan Qingluo probably hid in the box and waited to give her a surprise or a little scare. Yan Qingluo must have scared her a little at the moment of waiting for the box! This made Shen Menglu funny and played a trick on people.
So Shen Menglu just passively took the initiative to deliberately press the resistance and made it away from the illusion, waiting for Yan Qingluo to sink and take the initiative to hit the box and then change her to scare Yan Qingluo.
Seeing the success of his evil drama, Yan Qingluo was frightened by Shen Menglu’s long-lost childlike innocence and laughed hysterically.
"Dream … dream … dream sister … you … you didn’t go?" Yan Qingluo just looked at Shen Menglu, who was holding his belly and laughing, and stammered questions.
This kind of laughter Shen Menglu is Yan Qingluo. I have never seen Shen Menglu before, and I always look like a faint person who refuses people thousands of miles away. There is quite an out-of-touch fireworks temperament, but in front of me, I laugh like a child. Shen Menglu has a lot of affinity, and people can’t help but be infected by her.