Zhu Mei said lightly, "You didn’t know this thing without going through nature. In those days, it was a thing that had no small influence than the war between good and evil. The’ thing’ was actually a fairy tale."

Yi Yu one leng way "a fairy oracle? Face? "
Zhu Mei nodded his head. "Now, the monks’ achievements in the fairy industry have soared to the fairy house, that is, several monks have soared to the spiritual void, while Buddhist practitioners have soared to the western bliss. Although Taoist practitioners don’t know where to go, they must be the same, and there are more sects in heaven in the west, but it is estimated that these places are actually just different forces."
Yi Yu heart surprised andao "sure enough! It seems that the so-called sad fairy industry is just a trick to attract people to fix the truth and deceive people. The celestial world also has to fight, and I am afraid that the intensity of anger will be even more intense. "
Yi Yudao "Oh? Then what is this fairy tale? "
Zhu Mei laughed. "The so-called fairy Oracle is actually no big deal, but it’s just a declarative thing that announces that there is a new force in the face and a new choice for the monk."
Yi Yudao: "So all these people are spying on the Oracle?"
Zhu Mei laughed. "If you have this oracle, you can justify it. After hundreds of years of collecting disciples, it is likely that you will achieve independence from buddha magic! Isn’t this going down in history enough to attract these people? "
Yi Yu nods a way "
Come and be the originator of a religious mountain! This temptation is really not a block. "After talking, Yi Yu lowered his voice and said," If the master has an idea, my brother must be the first to support it! "
Zhu Mei didn’t return. It was an inscrutable smile.
At this time, I heard Qi Shushi say, "In that case, we will wait for Mrs. Bao Xiang to take off the robbery and recast the flesh to give birth to that’ thing’. Then whoever gets the treasure will depend on luck."
As Qi Shushi’s voice fell, the dark sea surface once again returned to silence. Everyone refined their minds and waited for Mrs. Bao Xiang to come out. So many people contained each other, and no one dared to act without authorization to spy on Mrs. Bao Xiang. How far have you been scared by this battle? How dare you expect?
When the mid-day of the month has passed, I will see the invisible cliff hole of Mrs. Bao Xiang. Suddenly, the golden light explodes and the purple gas soars into the sky. A two-foot villain walks slowly. Although the figure is short, it is still concave and convex. The cold calyx is like the mature and enchanting brow, but it is still far from the purple bell sisters. This person must be the lady Bao Xiang, not bad.
Mrs. Bao Xiang went out of the cave and scanned it with a smile. "I didn’t expect to learn that Bao Xiang took off the robbery and these Taoist friends came to protect him!" My daughter is really flattered! "
Yi Yu looked at Mrs. Bao Xiang and sighed in her heart, "It really is a beautiful woman! This is a fox! It seems that the Qin sisters and Yu Nanqi, the fox spirits, are not too qualified! "
At this time, Zhu Mei lightly scolded "Bitch!" Yi Yu was shocked when he heard it! Although Zhu Mei’s voice is very low, he is listening to it nearby, but it is also true that resentment is not half false.
As soon as Mrs. Bao Xiang came out of the hole, she heard the thunder stir, flash and burst again and again, and the cloud rumbled, but Mrs. Bao Xiang looked up but didn’t panic. She smiled at everyone and said, "Since all the Taoist friends have been waiting for these years, why don’t you help your little sister to block this thunder robbery demon again?"
Everyone looked at each other, but no one came out. They all pretended to be deaf and dumb.
Mrs. Bao Xiang doesn’t try so hard. "Many Taoist friends have made some things in Bao Xiang over the years, but after all, there is no physical cripple. I’m afraid that the Armageddon and Thunder Fire will be a daybreak for a while, and I’m afraid that the’ fairy Oracle’ peeped by you will also …"
Even so, all the people here are tough-minded, and they already had an idea before they came. How can it be changed by a few words from Mrs. Bao Xiang? Obviously, Mrs. Bao Xiang knew this was the result, and she was not in a hurry. She knew that since they were all here, she attached great importance to the’ fairy tale’ and someone would definitely make a move when the last moment came.
Yi Yu looked at the lady Bao Xiang, who was calm as water and didn’t panic, and whispered, "Master Bao Xiang seems to be afraid. Although she has the Oracle, isn’t he afraid that others will settle accounts with him after the robbery?"
Zhu Mei smiled. "Bao Xiang, this bitch is the most crafty and will be ready? There must be one party or several parties who have reached all kinds of agreements with her. "
Yi Yu smiled faintly. "Master, I wonder if I want this fox?"
Zhu Mei looked back at Yi Yudao one leng. "You mean …" He couldn’t help laughing. Zhu Meidao "You want her naturally, but don’t expect us to help you. This is your personal trip."
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Master, can you tell me something about that year?"
Zhu Mei sighed, "In fact, there is nothing complicated. I think you also know that your grandfathers and grandfathers all died violently in succession because of heaven, but Yu Qinyu also planted a love robbery."
Yi Yu nods, "These younger brothers all know that later Martial Uncle Qin Yu wanted Martial Uncle Qin Yu to fall into the magic road and achieve the goal of killing others. Unfortunately, it fell short because of the appearance of Lady Bao Xiang."
Zhu Mei said, "her! You know one thing, but you don’t know the other … "Said Zhu Mei, recalling for a moment." In those days, Martial Uncle Qin Yu was extremely happy. Even the’ immortal Oracle’ came to me, and I had to take it out … "
Yi Yu a listen to couldn’t help exclaimed "what! ? Actually … "
Zhu Mei nodded and said, "When Qin Yu fell into the magic road, he wanted to achieve love killing, so he had to keep drinking blood and killing. Since he wanted to kill, there would be chaos and chaos, and there would be competition. Therefore,’ Xian Yu’ appeared in front of Brother Tian!"
Yi Yu heart andao "good big! This granduncle is really prodigal, "but the mouth says," granduncle is really great courage! Brother is far from it! "
Zhu Mei bitter smile laughed "is that there is no energy and can be like? You will never know the delicate situation at that time, with me among the enemies and me among the enemies. "
Yi Yudao: "Presumably this’ fairy tale’ will definitely lead to a blood shed!"
Zhu Mei nodded. "What you said is good! At that time, Godsworn was crazy … But it’s a pity that Mrs. Bao Xiang finally appeared. "Say Zhu Mei sighed."
Yi Yu tried to think about it and said, "Is this lady Bao Xiang also a real person with long eyebrows?"