By the way, I am very old and I am a god of death. Don’t think about this!

As soon as the mood is stable.
Glancing at his side face, this little appearance looks really good. Now the child is really a handsome boy and a beautiful woman … Although there was a shirt around him before … but he didn’t say a word to me that he liked me.
"What’s wrong with Huai" seems to be that I have been staring at his face for too long. He sensed it and turned his head and asked himself directly.
"I always feel that … if you wear women’s clothes, it will look good, won’t it?" This sentence shocked Minister Kunimitsu Tezuka.
Xia Huai walked ahead, and the breeze blew gently, blowing up Xia Huai’s black long hair, lazy sunshine, as faint as falling, and then shining with golden eyes. Cherry lips are tender and tender like jelly, and the melon face looks like an art that has been carved.
I don’t know how many passers-by have been amazed by this look …………….
The leaves rustled and played the most original and wonderful music. It was still so peaceful and warm in the early summer. The sun was shining and everything was so beautiful.
Why did Xia Huai change her name to Guoguang?
"I called you Huaisuo, but you can call me Guoguang." Minister looked at Xia Huai with firm and sharp eyes.
Xia Huai said to him, "Tezuka, are you out of your mind?"
"Call China Light"
"Tezuka idiot"
"It’s Guoguang"
"Tezuka Maodan"
"It’s Guoguang"
"Tezuka shemale"
So when I went to Tezuka’s house, two people kept repeating the words, and finally Xia Huai was defeated, which was called Kunimitsu Tezuka.
The truth is that I won’t tell you, because he has read Guoguang many times, which makes me easy to read.
As a result, you made her proud.
"Of course, it is natural to help your school."
"It’s great that you can come to our school as a school doctor. It’s our pleasure!"
I am paralyzed and polite to the headmaster with those words that I can hear calluses.
"That’s rude." I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief when I walked out of the principal’s office. I always felt that there were hypocritical people there, including myself, but still …
Looking at the blue sky through the window glass of the school building is illusory for a while. I spent almost all my school days, but I haven’t seen it well. Looking at the sky through the glass turns out to be so refreshing.
Moving from the sky, a group of young girls are swaying in physical education class. Everyone is full of energy and moving.
I always feel much older …
It’s just the first 15 or 16 years old, isn’t it …
Lazy and half-Mimi, Kiyomi is slightly Mimi again, rippling out the message in the pupil. She doesn’t like it very much. She used to be an adult, but now she is a child.
Forget it … Wouldn’t it be nice to be young once? It’s all death anyway
Death … You can kill this school’s personnel department if you want to. Thought of this, your heart lashed out.
How can I say that I won’t kill these people? After all, they have a grudge against themselves.
Walking in the deserted corridor, I plan to go to the health room to rest and wait for Guoguang to send lunch to eat.
The health room teacher should do his duty anyway ~ there is nothing to go anywhere, maybe I don’t know if I get lost in this school.
It’s a good way to kill time by simply going to the health room and sitting and playing with your brain or looking at the student data of this school.
Hands in white coat pockets, black hair swaying in the middle because of walking. Kiyomi is lazy, half-narrowing her pale pink lips, sipping a slap in the face, and the faint light on the melon face is particularly delicate and there is a kind of unspeakable laziness and enchanting beauty
This is Xia Huai, the teacher in the health room of Youth College.