"Young players, do you know that I’m a Bones King? If I’m smart enough, I’d better not mind my own life. Do you know that you don’t care if you don’t treat me well, you must avenge this sneak attack?"

Yi Yu looked at the fierce male gnashing appearance and laughed. "Are you practicing being silly? ! Now that you are killing me, I will kill you if I want to kill you. Do you dare to talk nonsense? If you think you will have a queen? "
Fierce men don’t cut their faces. "Do you still dare to kill me? ! Don’t forget that my master, the God of Bones, will not spare you. "
"Bucai is intended for your master. Ha ha, who will know if I don’t say anything? Don’t you think so? " Yi Yu broke off another leg and chewed it up. The ugly man finally got scared and lost his composure. He looked flustered but could not speak.
Don’t wait for the ferocious man, besides Yi Yu’s hand, Geng Jin’s firm but gentle flash. This man has already lost his body in five elements of flame, and a fire instantly devoured the body of the ferocious man, leaving a small black velvet net.
Yi Yu picked up the black net and stuffed it into Zhu Wen’s arms. By the way, I felt that this beautiful girl’s body was really full of elasticity. Although the size is still generally worse than purple heart, it is so elastic but rare.
Picking up Zhu Wen, but I don’t know what’s going on, this Ni’s face is covered with a layer of hongxia, and Yi Yu is still awake. She is frivolous and ashamed and resentful. She called for a few times to wake up, and Yi Yu can hold her. Qi Lingyun will make peace with them first.
At this time, the demon-cutting operation here has also seen that the beauty python has been hit hard twice in a row, and it has lost the opportunity and the magic weapon of Master Dinxia has helped. Therefore, Qi Lingyun has gathered the wind, and the snakes are able to parry but fight back.
Ji Jinchan is manipulating the flying sword to slay the poisonous snake, but he saw Yi Yu holding Zhu Wen in a coma and immediately put the snake demon on the way. At this time, Zhu Wen in Yi Yu’s arms woke up very timely, and his face flushed. See Yi Yu still didn’t mean to breathe. "What are you waiting for? !”
Yi Yu looked down at her. At this time, their eyes were only one foot apart and laughed. "Oh? You wake up, I’ll let you sleep for a while. Do you want to come? "
"Yes!" Zhu Wen is cold and arrogant and has a bad complexion.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Oh? This is the master of the meal Xia Gao Zu? It’s nice to save you without saying thank you! "
"You … Ah!" Zhu Wengang wanted to argue that Yi Yu’s hand gently caressed her thigh. As she passed through this way, a strange limp and numb moment interrupted her words. Suddenly, she looked at Yi Yu with more anger in her face.
In the face of Zhu Wen’s glare at Yi Yu, he ignored the look-up and said, "Qi Shi, your sister Wen has just been assassinated by a demon." Zhu Mei once heard that Ji Jinchan was too embarrassed to pretend to be in a coma in Yi Yuhuai. Yi Yu must hate Yi Yu for seeing her as cute as an ostrich and taking the opportunity to eat tofu in her waist and thighs.
JiJinChan is anxious, "brother is a person hurt sister wen? What is the injury? "
"This I don’t know or call your sister to come and see" JiJinChan a listen to also didn’t have the idea to wait for my sister to come and see Yi Yu, gently put Zhu Wen’s feet to let JiJinChan hold, and Zhu Wen finally emerged from the clutches of Yi Yu, but a big hand has already held her ass, Zhu Mei was stiff but didn’t dare to come out of Yi Yu, although she was frivolous, but she also saved her life and JiJinChan was still beside her, which really made her wonder.
In the face of Qi Jinchan’s cutting Zhu Wen, she can barely smile and try to twist her waist to break her hip talons. However, the unprecedented strange feeling of her hip makes her curious. Maybe she is injured. Yesterday, that powerful woman was blushing and wanted to hide from Yi Yu.
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "Teacher Qi, you take care of the teacher elder sister Wen, and I’ll go to find your sister." Zhu Wen breathed a sigh of relief. Yi Yu finally had to leave her hip, and her bad hand had already left, but suddenly she felt that the bad hand had gone back and forth and pinched her ass.
"ah!" Zhu Wen was bullied like this when she was a tianjiao girl, so she had to endure it, so she had to reprimand Ji Jinchan around her. When she heard that the injured Wen Jie was screaming, she asked quickly, "What happened to Wen Jie? It doesn’t matter! " Zhu Wen once again thought of Ji Jinchan’s good suppression of anger. He decided to show the apprentice a good look in the future. It was the big hand that gave birth to miss that strange feeling after leaving, but it made Zhu Mei feel even more ashamed and afraid to look at Ji Jinchan again. He was looking at the bad guy’s back and thinking about catching him in the future.
The tenth time to kill the snake demon
Ji Jinchan was worried about Zhu Wen’s injury, but he didn’t respond for a few times. When he looked up, he saw his sister Wen’s face flushed with beautiful eyes and misty eyes. He looked at Yi Yu’s back who had just left. Where did he know the love? But he remembered the past when he saw the hero in those strange novels save the United States. When he thought of this, Ji Jinchan had a vague feeling in his heart.
At this time, Ji Jinchan is still young, such as really understanding the love between men and women. She usually feels that Wen Jie is very good to herself and likes to be with her. Today, suddenly, Wen Jie has someone else in her heart. Naturally, he is not angry with the wicked in his heart for a moment, and he is relieved. At this time, Ji Jinchan himself did not know this small change, but closed his love and heart in the future.
At this time, Zhu Wen’s face suddenly changed. Originally, Yi Yu had gone and returned. Zhu Wen’s face turned red. Yi Yu could not help joking and laughing when he saw this situation. "Sister Wen" Zhu Wen told her that Yi Yu was so close that she was about to stop Yi Yu, but she didn’t wait for her to talk. "You just got ambushed, even if there was something wrong with it, you ate it." Yi Yu broke off the meat cheese and handed it to Zhu Wen.
Zhu Wen saw this as a child’s little hand, but refused to eat Yi Yu. Seeing that she was ungrateful, she seemed to want to go. Suddenly she turned around and hugged her. She was shocked and screamed and didn’t want Yi Yu to just put the meat cheese arm into Zhu Wen Xiu’s mouth
Zhu Wenxian was shocked and angry, but the meat cheese melted into the throat. Such a good thing could not be spit out. She could also reluctantly swallow it and go to see Zhu Wen. She ate Yi Yu and ignored Qi Jinchan and Zhu Wen’s strange eyes and turned away.
Let Qi Jinchan and Zhu Wen have their own worries, but don’t say that Yi Yufei swept away in the direction where the snake demon was trapped. Hundreds of serpents and pythons were filled with fog, trying to break through the magic weapon in Qi Lingyun’s hand to suppress Qi Lingyun and Sun Na. Together, a prominent boulder in Zuixian Cliff commanded the flying sword to deal with the snake demon.
Yi Yu saw two people saying, "Elder Martial Sister Qi Zhu Wen has just been injured in a plot against me. I don’t know medical skills. You’d better go and see if there are any omissions here. Give them to Brother Sun and me.
Qi Lingyun is also anxious when he listens. If something happens to a person, such as telling Master Dinxia, he will leave with a sword of light at once.
Yi Yu and Sun Na smiled at each other and didn’t mean to talk. The mind moved and the poisonous cold light barrier was immediately exhibited to Fiona Fang Baizhang, which was shrouded by Yi Yu’s five-color Xiangyun’s crimson light fog for a while. All those poisonous snakes were forced to give out poisonous smoke and fog. Although these poisonous snakes are fierce, the poisonous cold light barrier is something after all. Is it not a climate except that beauty python?
See the poison cold light barrier, kiss Rowen in a coagulation barrier. At first glance, hundreds of poisonous snakes are frozen. The action is slow. Yi Yu’s fingers are Qi Fei Geng Jin’s firm but gentle. Suddenly, the firm but gentle is bloody and frozen. The snake is instantly smashed by Geng Jin’s firm but gentle, and all the essence and poisons are absorbed by Bai Du’s cold light barrier.
After several rounds, Yi Yu killed hundreds of poisonous snakes. Although Sun Nan was also competitive, she tried her best, but she didn’t have a magic weapon, but she commanded the flying sword to kill dozens of poisonous snakes.
At this time, Yi Yuxian showed the two poisonous snakes with horns, one big and one small. They were surrounded by nearly a hundred pythons and serpents. It seems that the king of snakes is a cold-blooded animal, afraid of cold, and it is also a demon. The cold of the poisonous cold light barrier immediately moved slowly, and it was almost frozen into a popsicle. Geng Jin’s firm but gentle is a very fragile snake because of freezing. How can it fight back and be slaughtered by Yi Yu?
Obviously, these two snakes have spiritual wisdom, know how to distinguish the general trend and see Yi Yu’s slaughter. They both know that there is still a chance to live, and they quickly stand up and bow to Yi Yu to pray for life. If they know that they have left a cold light barrier to refine all kinds of poisons, these two snakes have become fine things, and their wisdom is not small. Keeping them alive and offering a magic weapon will make this cold light barrier more spiritual.
Yi Yu also ignored the second snake and prayed for the mind to move into a cloud, and the poisonous cold light barrier turned to the second snake, and even the belt bones were swallowed up. However, it is not difficult to understand that the refined treasure kiss is the true dragon and straight species spirit. If so, these two poisonous snakes can be compared with each other, but the number is enough. I believe that the poisonous cold light barrier will be able to reach another level.
As a result, most poisonous snakes absorbed a lot of poison, and the colorful clouds in the cold light barrier were even more beautiful. Besides, as soon as the beautiful python demon came out of the hole, it was even calculated. Now, nearly a thousand poisonous snakes were killed and wounded, and it was at the end of the road. The snake demon knew that the time had come to be more violent, but it was difficult to be restrained by the magic weapon of Master Dinxia.
Yi Yu played it by ear, and the poisonous cold light barrier shook the snake demon in it again. The cold enveloped the snake demon. Although the demon power was profound, it was difficult to get rid of its stiff body. At this time, Sun Nan also leaned in and took the sword tactic to command the flying sword to attack the snake demon. When he saw two yellow lights rolling over, it was like a dragon, but the effect was particularly small. He left a small mouth on the white body of the snake demon, but it was like itching.
Sun Nan’s sword can’t help but be ashamed and angry. Although Sun Nan is not an outstanding figure, Yi Yu, the bad guy, has always been kind on the surface. "Brother Sun Mo Jiao, this snake demon has profound magic power, and it is difficult to hurt you and me. It will work if we attack together."
Sun Nan a listen to also feel a lot of sense toward Yi Yu smiled and nodded, saying that it was lucky enough that Geng Jin’s firm but gentle royal thunder definitely made Yu Chang Geng’s firm but gentle finger broke out and his arm was wrapped in thick thunder, which squeaked. More often, there was a storm and thunder, and the momentum was extremely amazing. That Sun Na should also respond and move two flying swords to attack Yi Yu’s attack direction.
The snake demon is not stupid, but he wants to dodge when he knows that the situation is different, but his stiff body limits his degree. Although he avoids the key, he is hit by the body. Geng Jin’s firm but gentle five elements belong to gold, which is the best for insulation. The leather armor is the best for protection. When he sees the snake demon’s white skin, it squeaks like burning oil, and Geng Jin’s firm but gentle has broken into the snake demon’s body. After all, after the extraordinary firm but gentle breakthrough, the snake demon has run out of energy. Sun Nanfei’s sword has smashed a large part of the snake demon’s
The snake demon was terrified and wanted to escape, but Yi Yu Geng Jin’s firm but gentle shock wave came again this time. Yi Yu and Sun Na cooperated more tacitly and hit the snake demon in the middle. Another large piece of flesh and blood turned into meat and mud. The snake demon finally lay on the ground after several times of tumbling.
After waiting for a while, nothing happened. Sun Na wanted to have a look before, but Yi Yu felt that it was wrong. Although the snake demon was hit hard several times, its vitality should not be just that. See that Sun Na has stopped before and can’t wave a firm but gentle wave directly at the head of the snake demon.
Sun Na saw Yi Yu’s hand again and stopped his figure. Seeing that the snake demon saw that the trick was caught, he immediately became active again and stood up with red poisonous smoke in his mouth. It turned out that the snake demon knew that born to die had gathered the essence of poison in this life and was ready to pull two mats before and after Yi Yu’s death.
Yi Yu’s mind moved, and a cover of poisonous cold light barrier pervaded around the snake demon, and dozens of zhangs of red poisonous smoke was swept away. All of them were inhaled in the poisonous cold light barrier, and hundreds of years of accumulation were cheap in vain. More than half of this snake demon’s skill was in poison, and now he has lost his life-saving things and his heart for survival, and he fell to the ground quietly waiting to die.
Just then, Qi Jinchan came here with a graceful and noble character woman, saying that she was a woman because of her headdress and dress, and more importantly, her mature temperament. Look at Qi Jinchan’s clever appearance, I think this is the wonderful lady of Gankun.
See wonderful first lady came Yi Yu and Sun Nan hurriedly went to visit Sun Nan. Needless to say, wonderful first lady looked at Yi Yu and nodded again and again. "Before turning over, I heard that Brother Zhu Mei of Qingcheng has received another apprentice, which is very good!"
"ShiShu fallacy praise also please ShiShu give more advice" Yi Yu was lucky to suck the snake venom and put away the poisonous cold light barrier early. If it was seen by a wonderful lady, it would be a lot of trouble.