Correspond to that harsh examination conditions, it is a strong teach force of Philo College.

Students with five senses and six senses are everywhere here.
The proportion of seven senses myths among teachers and professors is quite high.
The garrison strength of Philosopher College is not inferior to that of their castellan mansion, which is reassuring enough.
The only thing that needs reinforcements is …
Daylight welfare home!
"Dean’s adult just sent a message to the duke’s house, so we must hold on and reinforcements will come soon.
"And hope that we can cooperate with reinforcements to gather around the victims."
145 came over and said
Fang you nodded
"This is nature"
Outside, the white curtain has been raised to stop the spread of dirty marks.
The pure white tower built in the core area of the welfare home blooms with warm golden brilliance and dispels the darkness coming from all directions.
The disaster has subsided!
Young girls in welfare homes soon recovered from their panic.
"Ann is just a welfare home and outside …"
The gray fog floats and the dirty marks spread
One ferocious and horrible evil spirit rushed out of the fog and rushed towards the glorious’ Daylight Welfare Institute’
Dean Fang also immediately activated the welfare home defense body.
The white light beam emitted from one light energy tower hole after another in the periphery annihilates one paradox after another.
Welfare homes have security puppets, and instructors’ puppets also immediately participate in the war.
The gunfire roared!
The sword is flying!
However, the number of security puppets in welfare homes is limited, and it was not designed at first to cope with the war. In the face of a steady stream of evil spirits, security puppets and light towers seem to be stretched, and more and more ferocious evil spirits rush to the white screen and constantly slap.
The energy of the defense system is slipping rapidly!
"Lao Li organized students to participate in the war."
"It’s the dean!"
A few of these young girls in welfare homes have gone out for experience, and most of them have not. They do not have the ability to go out for experience yet.
These students are also a weak group.
But even if they are weak, most of them have three senses and are not really weak!
In some’ old hands’ who went out to hone and fight with evil spirits, they led Meng Xin’s young girls to rush to the front line quickly.
Fang you also came to the forefront.
He borrowed the awakening ability of the silver bell to "wash the soul sound", and the sound of Hong Liang spread rapidly and enveloped the whole welfare home.
"Children, the disaster came suddenly but without panic."
"My generation’s cultivation is to have the ability to fight disasters and protect their homes."
"Now you are not weak, but there are more ordinary people waiting for us to save."
"Xiaguang City needs your strength!"
It seems that there is a flame burning from the heart and the sleeping hero soul is calling in the heart.
Who doesn’t have a dream to save the world in his heart? Now that Xiaguang City is in danger, it’s their turn to come out.
"Dean, I seem to be on fire!"