Xu Le Lu for a while Ding Ke was lying in bed sorting out his thoughts Ding Ke was lying beside him, one person and one cat looked at each other.

It’s not that Xu Le hasn’t thought that Ding is a problem cat.
But so what?
Has it ever hurt itself? not have
On the contrary, every time it appears, it will bring you some good luck.
There are black cats when you enter the lighthouse, cross the bridge, rob the Red Moon and finally become a warlock
Xu Le doesn’t know whether these things and Ding Ke have.
But he was sure that if it weren’t for Ding Ke, he wouldn’t have taken the road of taboo warlock himself.
Superstition or intuition, he always felt that Ding Ke was lucky when he was there.
Just like Zhou Wang didn’t know that da ji was a fox? How could Ren Huang not know?
Even if their final result is tragedy, da ji will never give up on Zhou Wang.
Ren Huang is like this, so how can you be different?
Tidy up your thoughts. Xu Le once again devoted himself to learning.
"Don’t learn to change garbage today!"
Although the reference room books can’t be brought back, ordinary materials can be used for personal notes.
Xu Le knew that he lacked a foundation. He recorded the nine spells of the operation: Pro, Bing, Dou, Zhe, Jie, Array, Column, Front and Line.
From this evening, he will study these mantras well and prepare for the real technique in the future.
Although the mantra is complicated, it is the foundation of real supernatural power.
"Come from the front"
Pro is also called the source of psionic recognition.
Red crescent spirit is a kind of spirit, which usually represents the basic power of energy.
Most destructive operations are sudden.
Weapon destruction not only represents weapon attack, but also represents surgical destruction form.
Operation-near-soldier combination is the energy base form destruction operation … "
Xu Le studied very hard, and Ding Ke, the black cat, looked at him quietly at the table until late at night until Xu Le fell asleep at his desk.
Ding Kexiao paws pushed Xu Le to make sure that Xu Lezhen fell asleep.
It just walked slowly to the front of the note, and the kitten’s paw picked up the pen and wrote on the paper.
"I have something to say about my master’s hard work!
No, no,no. How can he be my master? I’m an open …
What am I? "
Ding Ke became angry from embarrassment, tore the note and stuffed it into the toilet.
Chapter 46 Black card black sheep girl
In the next few days, Xu Le will go to the night watchman’s division to punch in every day, and then follow Gan to study at the headquarters.