"This is an order!"

Big noble’s throat wriggled, but he was caught in the pursuit of eyes and finally bowed his head without saying anything to show that he understood.
Is there an eventful autumn, but the root cause of not intervening is still …
Afraid of being hit by waves!
The horror of the night village is ahead! That’s much more tough than their falling star city. The hegemonic forces are still disappearing in a day and a night.
Of course, they don’t support Bluestar. They just take a quiet trip and touch Bluestar.
There is a high probability that it will not attract the attention of the evil camp
"How precious can a technical contract be? Is it still less for us to fall into the star city? "
This harvest is dispensable for them to fall into Star City.
Compared with it, it takes a lot of risks.
Moreover, their falling star city is not small, and even if other big oases leave traces on Blue Star, they will not cause hegemony. It is hard to say.
Such a risk is not worth taking.
"We are not afraid of the Baal camp. We can rely on the Star City for thousands of years, not only to hide ourselves, but also to have the means to be born in times of great crisis."
"In the past thousand years, our ancestors were also stared at by the Baal camp and finally continued."
"These secrets will be known when you are strong enough in the future."
A kindly-looking star, Lel XIII, is giving her own experience to Irene, a woman from san huang.
"The core of our oasis power management lies in the development of heritage exploration and treasure land excavation in a low-key manner, which is not impossible but we must measure the risks."
"Getting rich overnight also means that it is possible to disappear overnight, seek stability and enter our country, and the literary talent will go further and further."
Irene nodded in bewilderment.
When the old father, who likes to preach, finished speaking, she told about her’ adventure’ from the beginning to the turning point to the turning point, but she could sum up things in a few words and let her talk for more than half an hour.
Talk a lot, chatter a lot.
However, it may be that Xinglear XIII likes to listen to stories when he is old, especially the stories of future generations. He listens to them with relish.
Suddenly stop at a certain moment
A moment ago,
Irene talked about her experience of inspecting No.19 mining area and said with great interest that she had found out several corrupt officials by stratagem … It was all very normal.
But on the way back, I met a regular paradox?
Can you still be alive in the face of this horrible and mysterious evil? Even if he goes, it’s no use giving.