Cloud wan nervously said, "Wan’er didn’t dare to be humble and talented in the Three Emperors Hall. How dare Long Waner, a natural person, Xiang Xiao?"

My heart is manic, and it seems that there is something blocking it and I can’t go there.
The queen mother nodded with satisfaction and automatically ignored the words that she didn’t want to marry in front of her. "In a few days, Wangfu and Chongjiabao people will go to Beijing. After the pilgrimage, Aigu will help you get married on an auspicious day and rest assured that you will not be ill-treated in the royal gate. This matter is settled, so you can go home first! I’m tired today and want to rest. "
She did invite too many people today, all because of this marriage.
Yun wan seems to want to say something. In the end, he kept silent, bowed down and said goodbye.
Damn it! The queen mother can’t get through, so there’s no other way
The setting sun is slanting, but the leisurely light doesn’t know when it loses its warmth and is fading unexpectedly.
Crowds of people flocked to the western market, and the morning market was closed and the evening market was gradually booming.
"What do you want with me?" A hundred miles of grazing in Tsing Yi, a face full of rage, a pair of eyes suffused with coldness, passed over the river in front of him and returned to the person in front of him.
Quhuijiang River rippling and fishing songs wandering
But when he was not in the mood, he almost didn’t kill anyone, so he held back.
But he will never compromise so easily. If he has to marry Yun Wan’s father and accept Feng Yan, don’t blame him!
It’s time for him to put an end to all this fuss.
Looking at thyme for a month, there is a layer of worry floating in my heart. This man is more terrible than going to the 377 th chapter. Danger is coming soon ()
Today, she is also very difficult to coerce those government officials to let her out while Bai Liyi and Li Yunqing are incompetent.
Thought of here, there was a resentment in my heart. She is really a rat crossing the street now, and everyone cries out.
Thinking of this, I resented that "the temple is now away from Yun Qing being pampered by the four emperors, and even if I want to get close to the four emperors, I can’t get close to it, so I can’t find anything."
Hearing this, Bailimu turned his eyes to Mu Yue’s body and eyes were cold. "What are you trying to say?"
Mu Yue is just an ordinary person. How can he be away from Yun Qing’s opponent? He would have guessed it.
Mu Yue leng leng was a little scared by his sight, but he missed a step back and said weakly, "I … I want to get rid of Yun Qing as soon as possible in the temple, so that I can continue to help the temple monitor the four emperors. Now the four emperors can’t protect the evil heart."
Thyme Mu sneered in vain, "You lost your profit value when you fell out of favor! Today, I just want to show my respect and meet you. If I want to talk about it, I will not be with you. "
These things are naturally clear to him. Now, the second brother and the eldest brother are no threat to him. Only thyme is the knot.
But the four imperial concubines are smiling, and the man is inscrutable, even though he dare not rashly handle the four imperial palaces.
"You’ve given up."
Take back your thoughts and throw a cold word by the way. Bailimu turned and left.
Mu Yue clasped his hands and saw thyme grazing so rude.
The apex of the heart seems to have a knife that touches her heart one by one.
She knew it was the only hope. What if even this man abandoned her?
Then the future is worse than death.
What seems to be remembered is that Mu Yue shouted maliciously, "You forced me to talk about it, but you are so rude, so don’t blame me. I don’t know about you and Feng Yan. I saw you coming out of a room that day. If this matter was known by the queen mother and the emperor, guess what they would be like …"
But the words haven’t fallen yet, and my neck suddenly feels tight.
Mu Yue’s heart trembled and appeared in front of thyme’s cold-air flowing face, while he was holding his neck in one hand.
Mu Yue felt breathless and panicked and slapped this hand-eye. There was panic and fear. The voice shouted "Temple … Temple …"
Bailimu’s eyes seem to come from hell. Asura said slowly, "Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you say a word about this, I will definitely kill you."
He is not in a hurry to kill Mu Yue. There must be a way to keep this man.
Mu Yue couldn’t speak and found it more and more difficult to breathe. A pair of eyes were foggy and nodded, and then Li Mu dumped her severely.
After "Peng!" one
She bumped into the pillar behind her, feeling less bound and not hurting her back. Her eyes were hazy and she was panting.
Thyme gave her a indifferent look and sneered at the elegance figure and then disappeared into the late river.
"yeah! I didn’t expect san huang to make moves on women …! ?”
The voice fell, and the murderous look came from behind. His finger stretched out and instantly caught a snake coming towards him from behind. Chapter 378 Danger is coming soon (3)
"It’s you! ? You will go to Beijing in person? "
Tone mixed with rare consternation thyme grazing pace had a meal and didn’t look back.
He knew the sound and the snake-shaped silver dart from a foreign country.
In my heart, I was shocked, and an unknown welled up. This person will appear?
"Heavy home fort is Beijing, how can my palace be willing to fall behind? But the border is really restless. I didn’t expect the imperial city to be so fun. It’s not the kui that today’s four emperors are all very interesting. "
Behind him, he smiled sullenly and asked coldly, "Did Wangfu send you to Beijing? I really didn’t expect that Jin Shi would go out of Tianjue City if I didn’t like such complicated etiquette! ?”
But I saw the red ribbon in front of my eyes, the silver crown on my forehead, and the ink flying.