Jiu Mo-zhi smiled slightly. "Taidian is welcome. This time, the poor monk led the pro-guard to join the Xixia."

Li Renxiao looked behind the Buddha’s wisdom, but he didn’t see the disappointment in the eyes of the Buddha’s figure. But the Buddha’s wisdom obviously noticed the change of Li Renxiao’s look. "Taidian can rest assured that the Buddha will definitely appear when the mountain should appear."
Listen to the dove mo-zhi say so. Li Renxiao put his heart at ease and said with some joy, "So everything is ready for Chu Yi to come and die."
A few days later, the mighty army broke Yancheng and broke the card and went straight into Xixia.
If hundreds of thousands of troops are scattered at this time, it will inevitably cause chaos to Xixia, but Chu Yi’s goal is very true, that is, the first world war will definitely dry Kun.
Xixia was able to grasp Chu Yi’s marching route. Similarly, the East Factory in Xixia Middle School was also clearly investigated. Chu Yi was naturally satisfied with Xixia Taitai Li Renxiao Chen Bing in Xiping Prefecture.
If Xixia is hiding and playing guerrilla warfare with him, to be honest, Chu Yi is not in the mood to go to the Raiders a little bit. Now it is better for Li Renxiao to cooperate and integrate Xixia military forces to win or lose the first world war.
After Yancheng, it was flat, but the original March was forty or fifty miles a day, and the marching speed dropped to twenty or thirty miles a day.
It’s not surprising that Song Jun’s marching speed has suddenly dropped. It’s obvious that Song Jun is saving energy in the middle of a slow March, otherwise it will collapse even before the warring armies March all the way.
Chapter nine hundred and fifteen Yue Bai method of heaven and man
As Chu Yi and his army are getting closer and closer to Ningxian, the scouts on both sides are fighting each other, which has entered a white-hot stage.
In order to grasp the dynamics of the opposing army and explore the terrain in all directions, it is naturally necessary for both sides to send out a large number of scouts. Once the scouts of the two sides meet, a fight is necessary.
It was only two or three days, and there were not many scouts killed by both sides alone.
Ningxian county has a plain more than ten miles away, and it is the Song Jun camp that appears in a stretch of more than ten miles.
It can be seen that this place is planned by Xixia party, and it is also the most suitable location in Fiona Fang for dozens of miles.
However, everyone can see that this location was specially reserved by Xixia for Dasong, which inevitably involved the planning of Xixia people.
If it were anyone else, even this location would be more suitable, but it would definitely not choose this location to camp.
But if it were Chu Yi, Chu Yi really didn’t think about it. Even this place is very likely that Xixia people deliberately planned Chu Yi, which is also muddy.
All schemes and schemes are absolutely powerful and can break all schemes.
Chu Yi has always been full of confidence in his own strength. If there is any intrigue in Xixia, Chu Yi is really not worried.
It is said that fire and water are the same as water and fire, especially for the army. However, there are not too many rivers near this plain, and there are no conditions for letting go. Obviously, it is obviously impossible for Xixia party to use fire and water to calculate them.
What are the plans of Xixia people? To tell the truth, Lv Shinang, Zhu Wu and others have failed to come up with a result if they want to break their heads.
In Xixia camp, Li Renxiao is discussing a detailed map with the generals of Jiumo Zhizhi.
Jiumozhi is proficient in Buddhism, but he doesn’t have much talent in military affairs. At the moment, he is looking at Li Renxiao with some curiosity. "Taidian, now Song Jun has been stationed in the plain more than ten miles away according to Taidian’s plan. I just don’t know what surprises Taidian Song people have prepared?"
Not Kumamoto, but even many generals looked at Li Renxiao with a curious face. After all, they were very curious about what Li Renxiao had planned. Now that Song Jun is in place, it seems that there is any plan that can be implemented.
However, Li Renxiao, a group of people looking forward to the eyes, slowly shook his head. "You Li has no plan. It’s just an open battle with Song Jun. More planning for absolute strength will not change the theory of fire and water, or he calculated that even the strength of heaven and man will not threaten the safety of the army."
It is conceivable that if it is really a fire and water attack, it will really not create any confusion. You know, if the heaven and man are strong, they can completely destroy the mountains and split the river if they want, that is, they can draw a big river to attract the heaven and man, and they can also dig a river to lead away the flood.
Everyone’s face was somewhat disappointed, and the dove Mo Zhi nodded slightly. "What Taidian said is that our Tubo Xixia Coalition forces combined two national powers and the Buddha Lord already has enough strength to fight with Dasong, so this world war I will be open and let the poets lose their hearts."
Li Renxiao said with a smile, "Although Li has no conspiracy calculation, don’t forget that our greatest advantage is the powerful cavalry, and the plain where Song Jun is stationed is the most suitable environment for cavalry to kill. This environment is enough."
Obviously, Li Renxiao is not without calculation, but his calculation is not as ordinary people think. What he wants is the big environment that can make the cavalry play their own combat power
On this day, Li Renxiao, Jiu Mozhi and others called for battle outside the Dasong military camp on the Xixia side.
I heard a general from Xixia shouting, "My family’s Taidian and Jiumo Zhizhi, this Chu Yi, don’t come soon."
It didn’t take long to see Chu Yi riding a horse and surrounded by several generals.
A faint look at the opposite Li Renxiao, Jiu Mo Zhi and others, whether it is Li Renxiao or Jiu Mo Zhi, can be regarded as an old friend of Chu Yi.
From Chu Yi’s appearance, he felt a pressure from Chu Yi’s body, but the thought of the Buddha hiding in the dark may at any time suppress Chu Yi’s pressure when he saw Chu Yi.