There is an array of eyes. Nangong Yan is full of sorrow and emptiness. From ancient times to modern times, except for the ancestor and the empress, many people can live in it. What’s worse, it is a barrier to arrival.

Everyone was excited and Nangong Yan was faintly sad.
Trapped in the demon emperor’s extreme light curtain, dark clouds condense and the monster’s impact is getting thinner and thinner 2.
More than a dozen junior overseas nine brothers have exhausted their lives and died.
Nangongyan sighed gently, "Alas ~ ~ Is this going to end?"
Suddenly, her face suddenly changed, not the kind of fear when facing death, but shock.
Because the soul stone in his hand suddenly shook, as if it were connected with its master again
"Today, one brother of Jiuzu died, and ten people died in the ancient demon race!" A cold like nine days god DiYin don’t know where Chapter 13 is in trouble.
When Nangong Yan was shocked, a strange smell suddenly enveloped the earth.
Cold and unruly belong to the breath of silver-haired youth.
"Ha, ha, Yang, eldest brother, you’re here. The old monster actually said that you were involved in virtual whoops ~ ~" Simon finally shouted as if he were suddenly confident, but he couldn’t help crying at the end.
Although fat looks careless, it is by no means heartless. When talking about Yangling Tianhe Meng being involved in emptiness, he actually believed half as much as Nangong Yan.
But it may be unwilling or unwilling to believe that he finally suppressed his fear in his heart and tried his best to "debate" with the demon emperor because he didn’t know anything else to eliminate his fear except pretending to be crazy.
The return of Yanglingtian, fear and oppression form a strong and instantaneous collapse, and the depressed emotion finally comes out in generate.
"What are you crying for?" Yanglingtian smiled gently and said softly.
"A lot of brothers are dead." The fatter you cry, the worse you cry. "The worst thing is that the guy said you were dead! Whoops ~ ~ ~ ~ "
Yanglingtian took a deep breath and waved gently. "Well, don’t cry. When I come back, the blood debt naturally needs blood to repay the life of a brother of my nine clans today. I will wash it with the blood of ten demon clans tomorrow!" The cold breath turned to LUN Jian, but the light sound flew backwards.
The demon emperor woke up very impressively, and the dark clouds above his head formed a monster to roar wildly.
However, the sky is as bright as the bright moon.
Gray firm but gentle waves swept over the dark clouds to form monsters, like fragile glass cracked gently.
Yanglingtian took a look at the panicked ancestor of the demon family. "Brother Simon helped me count the loss of a brother of the Nine Families, so the demon emperor first suffered a hundred swords to earn interest!"
Simon Fat seems to be flushed at the sight of chicken blood.
"A sword! It’s still two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine! "
"Two swords! Also sent two thousand one hundred and ninety "
"Three swords!"
Every time Ximenji shouts with excitement, a scarlet blood flower will bloom.
Yanglingtian seems that the sword in the hands of the coldest death in this world has fallen again and again without hesitation.
Yanglingtian is like this. His relatives and friends are his lamella. If someone touches him, he will suddenly become the coldest fiend.
The demon emperor seems to have resigned his eyes and body to move stiffly to one side.
Unconsciously, the demon emperor retreated to the cliff in the distance.