"You are a god, but who are you? What, you are a god and you want to kill people?"

General Zuo Shou said angrily, "Are you laughing at me now, little girl?"
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Your ancestors didn’t know anything when my gods protected the people!"
"I don’t need mortal pity! When I protect the people and die, the new people will forget me. I am just recovering myself with incense, and they will shout, beat and kill me. "
"mortals have no memory, and they know nothing about good and evil, but whenever someone is a little nicer to them, they say it’s good and take it for granted, but when someone is not nice to them, they think it’s evil and want to exterminate it."
"Don’t pity me because you don’t deserve this day. There are too many gods like me! I’ve heard of stupid people who burned the temple because they accidentally got sick when they sacrificed to go home. I’ve also seen someone in a temple ask God to show his holiness, but then restrain the gods and drive the bandits! "
"Now that others are doing things because of some evil activities, I have long expected this field, but I didn’t expect it to come so suddenly!"
Miss Shen said, "But you have protected some people, and you were once a good man."
"Killing people is wrong."
General Zuo Shou stopped talking and laughed angrily, then closed his eyes and died. Miss Shen also recited the golden light spell to touch the golden light. It is a superficial entry level and needs the help of body spells to exert its power. It is very small. Maybe even ordinary frogs stained with a little need can’t die.
The debate seems to be fruitless.
Liumin aside repeatedly shook his head.
"Who cares about your past? What do others need to know about your past experience? I know I almost died, and you are not a good thing now."
General Zuo Shou saw waves of white smoke in his head.
Her elephant rushed out of the white smoke.
Then oneself and the deity … It should not be said that the soul is completely separated from the "people-god identity" cultivated by oneself for thousands of years.
He was puzzled and confused until he fell into fear
It’s not just him, Liu Min, but also the Shenyang father and daughter.
"What is this for?"
"This is this shape and shape? How can this be done by a monk? !”
Liumin stare big eyes.
At this time, Ji Xiang caught out the identity of the gods in the gods and condensed them into a god position.
At this time, Ji Xiang still didn’t know that the gods in Changbai Mountain area made a shrine with the help of a heavenly palace in Lishan River. At this time, the temporary shrine made by Tongtian Smoke was very similar
The hands of the gods are connected with incense to shape the spirit.
General Zuo Shou has become a lonely ghost, and his head quickly disappears like black and white smoke, while his eyes are still looking at the new "God" until they disappear.
That’s another self.
Shaped by incense, given the appearance by this black monk, everything is exactly the same as yourself, but without that ferocious heart.
And Ji Xiang’s sudden strength finally made him remember what he had before he died
"Magic … shapes gods …"
"This kind of thing …"
"How is it possible …"
The soul drifts away and dies, leaving the incredible sound.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-four Randomly choose a Du Jie audience.
God will reveal himself and bow to Ji Xiang. This god has no history. Although he is a general left guard, he is no longer the same. Of course, he also has no self-thought and is just a puppet god.
"Giving shape and spirit doesn’t mean that a god is really created. This thing has no subject soul. Ordinary souls can’t stand the incense of all the people without merit. Often, they can sit in temples and become gods. Most of them have two origins."
"The first is that there are very heavy grievances before death, and they can be frequently exposed after death. Repressing and appeasing them will lead to the establishment of temples where they can live. The second is that the predecessors died and later generations mourned and took the initiative to build temples to evoke souls."
Ji Xiang muttered to herself, of course, although it was only to shape the god, but this god really appeared. Such a means of making the gods cry has already deterred Liu Min from talking.
"Elder, this … this now … what the hell is this?"
Liu min’s words are stuttering, and his fear of the unknown is spreading like an old tree
Ji Xiang turned to simply say a word.
It’s like a day. It sounds like Hong Zhong Dalu knocking in the ears of ordinary people, while a monk like Liu Min seems to hear a rumble of thunder in his ears, making his ears deaf as if he were in a vast ocean of incense. This strange dreamland lasted for a moment.
But a great sense of oppression made him almost gasp.
"Godsworn will not be shaken by my words."
"But because you didn’t help mortals before, you violated the magic bullet assessment."
"Because I helped you assess the devil because of an unqualified sentence, I will re-connect your disaster and attach you to your body until you have a magic disaster."
Liumin pale touching his body.
Try the devil to possess himself?
This kind of thing is not too far off the mark!
The magic bullet is the exam, and the ten magic weapons are the examiner. Did I pass the exam, but the examiner still attached me to chase me down and said that the previous exam didn’t count?
A surge of anger flooded my mind.
Even though I know how ridiculous it is to fight back this kind of thing with a word, it is the Yuan God and the Fairy who have little means at present. Although he has doubts, he still chooses to believe it at this time, but since he believes that some things are naturally a small protest.
"This is against the rules!"
Ji Xiang leaned her head. "What’s against the rules?"
Liu Min argued, "I’m not as strong as those monks who don’t come from China. Some of them have the level of immortals. I’m just a monk with three flowers in the seventh world."
"I’m still young"
Ji Xiang nodded. "Fear of death is human nature."
"You didn’t go to the rescue because you were afraid of saving them, and then you were caught."