"here! It’s here! "

"Wait for me not to run so fast!"
"Stay behind, hurry up and pay attention to concealment!"
Miaomiao, the cat demon, suddenly came not far from the entrance of the international village, screaming and screaming.
In a short time, the fox appeared in the grass not far away in twos and threes, and looked at the old cat at the village entrance with a very humanized eye.
There is no doubt that these foxes have become fine foxes, each with an intelligence level not inferior to that of human children.
And you can see it from the spotless hair of these foxes.
They are not the kind of wild foxes in the mountains, but they are specially raised or looked after by people.
"Weishan fox family is really you!"
Miaomiao, the fox, cat and demon who appeared at the entrance of the village, had an unexpected expression.
Although Miaomiao, the cat demon, broke the seal for a short time, it did not prevent her from understanding what happened at Weishan boundary through various channels.
It is reported that the Weishan fox family, which was once popular about ten years ago, was exterminated by a sorcerer.
There is only one red fox left. With Hui Ji’s blessing, he survived and escaped to life.
Then the red fox somehow joined a mysterious organization called "Bu Tianzhong" and got the help of the nobles in the organization, which revived the Weishan fox clan.
And through some secret channel, Miaomiao, the cat demon, knows that this Weishan fox family Nafahai seems to have some close connection.
Since the death of Zen Master Ling You, Fahai has searched the whole Tanzhou boundary for those guys who have broken the seal and hidden the demons and are stirring secretly.
Reviving the fox family in Weishan is Fahai’s assistant who is responsible for delivering information for him throughout Tanzhou.
"I’ve been avoiding human beings since I got out of trouble. I’ve never done anything harmful again. Are you staring at me closely?"
Half confused, half excused …
Miaomiao, the cat demon, really can’t understand what Fahai will do to the monsters in Tanzhou.
You know, even when his master, Zen Master Ling You, came to Tanzhou, he killed some sinful monsters, and the monsters who were less guilty would be sealed up.
"Does Fahai really regard himself as a king?"
In the face of the cat demon Miaomiao, several foxes looked at each other and looked at each other.
Then I saw the song that the fox suddenly jumped out of the grass and suddenly became a small girl.
"It is a well-known fact that Zen master Fahai is the contemporary king."
The immature tone combined with the serious expression made this small girl look a little funny.
However, Miaomiao, the cat demon, did not dare to turn into a wrinkled old woman.
"But even if Wang is so bent on his own way, I’m afraid it’s against morality!"
The old voice is not urgent or slow, and the old woman’s eyes have begun to reveal murder.
Because she knew that the seemingly immature little fox demon across the street was far from being so simple.
At present, the Weishan fox family has a complete tradition, and whether it is a Taoist practice or magical magic is far stronger than its own wild road.
Chapter 40 Stop killing, Wang Xin
"Hum! Morality? "
"Now that you know that you are talking about morality, why didn’t you talk about morality when you slaughtered the blood of living beings?"
Fox since dare to track the cat demon Miaomiao nature is know each other in those days.
It’s not just as simple as killing people and drinking blood. Most of these evil spirits sealed by Master Ling You are covered with the blood of all living beings.
Ordinary human beings are better than those monsters with successful practice.
All these cruel and murderous monsters see is blood and food. They don’t care how many creatures they have slaughtered.
Hearing fox’s words, the murder in the old woman’s eyes suddenly dispersed, and the lack of generation was limited to regret.
"Master Ling You said it was true that this world is tit for tat after all."
In the past 30 years, the old woman who was sealed by Master Ling You has not been deaf to things outside the window.
Because Master Ling You didn’t kill these monsters in those days, but Zhou Zhang sealed them.
The purpose is not simply to punish them more, but to take this opportunity to influence and persuade them to go on the right path.
After all, those stubborn or sinful roots were killed by Ling You Zen Master by thunder when they could not hold the seal.
Therefore, in the 30 years of being sealed, Master Ling You kept the seal and kept telling them the scriptures and teaching them the true goodness.
Miaomiao, the cat demon, didn’t realize it was time to get out of trouble until Master Ling You died in the seal.
"I should have died that year."
"It’s worth living for more than 30 years now."
Slightly sigh with emotion an old woman’s face can no longer see murder at the moment.
"It’s a pity that Master Ling You’s practice is earth-shattering, and as a result, he hasn’t lived as long as an ordinary person. It’s simply a jealous talent."
Fox can hear that the old woman’s feeling at this time is from the heart.
After 30 years of edification, except for a few stubborn people
In those days, most of the monsters who were sealed by Master Ling You have been contaminated with Buddha’s nature and have a very deep understanding of their past sins.