Two or three wings had already caught Wu Ming behind him and stretched out his claws to slap him in the hand.

Do you really think you are a golden-winged Dapeng carving?
Wu Ming also realized that the monkey lion camel ridge was so pustule.
Call a Wu name and change the size of ten feet, grab the strange neck and slap it away.
Swish two golden light flying swords in the eyes to see what effect does not do more fighting.
Take off the body in a hurry and roll into the mountains.
He also found that he is by no means this fellow than his feet, and his opponent can be beaten.
Wu Ming’s figure is as vigorous as Youlong’s. He can hear the whirring in the middle and know that the monster is following.
I can’t catch him for a while
Wu Ming guessed that the demon king behind him might have survived all three disasters, otherwise how could he have such magical powers?
A flash of left and right to avoid Wu Ming can always press the key to avoid the key and get away.
At night, Wang Xiao turned his neck and stared at the front. When he got out of this mountain, he was blocked by trees!
Wu Ming is becoming more and more eager. Do you really want to fight to the death?
If the force breaks out, I wonder if there is a chance to kill the monster. He didn’t want to gamble, but now I’m afraid he really has a chance.
I was thinking about a roar of water but I heard it.
Is there water?
Outside the mountain forest is a big blasphemy, which is really dangerous.
It’s raining hard and the wind is rushing. Tianjin is full of clouds and worries, while hundreds of rivers float. It’s difficult for pedestrians to cross the boat by themselves.
There is a fisherman sitting on a piece of dead wood fishing alone by this river.
Why is there anyone here?
Wu Ming saw the fisherman by the river at a glance.
"The old man walked behind him …"
But the old fisherman looked up and said, "Go into the water and run for your life!" "
Wu Ming sees him.
Old tattered coir to keep out the rain, it’s still too dirty to wear a hat, and a cage of whitebait is placed at the feet of three floors, which is more leisurely and leisurely.
My heart is awe-inspiring. I’m afraid it’s a great avatar!
It also burst into the water and made a water diversion and wave pushing method go against the current.
The front foot has just left, and the back foot of the night king has poop.
"Did the old man ever see a Taoist?"
The old fisherman trembled and said, "He went into the water and swam away."
The night king suddenly sneered: "Hehe, can you escape when you enter the water?"
Will go into the water to kill.
Finally, he suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed the old fisherman to leave a fishing rod alone.
This just burst into the water.
Not long after I left, suddenly a white light showed two people.
It is the fisherman who has a woodcutter beside him.
The fisherman caressed his beard and said with a smile, "Ha ha ha, this fellow is hooked, so it’s mine!" "
The woodcutter didn’t pay attention to it, but said, "It’s also because this fellow is guilty that he fell into your hands. If you meet me, you can still have a good time."
The fisherman laughed and reached for the fishing rod.
It’s said that there are some things that happened to the king of Owlman, and it’s been hundreds of miles downstream, but I still haven’t seen the Taoist priest. There is no doubt.
Did the fisherman deceive me?
I was thinking of a sudden splitting headache, and there seemed to be a hook pulling out in my mind.
"People plot against the king? ! !”
The night king was surprised and angry. He found that if he swam back in the direction, it would not hurt, but if he went elsewhere, it would hurt terribly.
The night king turned back to his original shape and sent a baby crying. He wanted to make the avatar but he couldn’t help it.
A fishhook has been hooked on it, and the Yuan God can break free by his changes.
The old fisherman on the shore pulled the fishing rod with both hands and said with a smile, "This big fish still has some strength to soak wine and want to have enough flavor."
The woodcutter was a little curious: "Can this fellow also make wine to drink?"
"Hey, hey, Ling Yao came and drank an altar of wine. It was made from a demon, but the taste was unique!"
As soon as the words sound just fell, I saw a fluttering fisherman on the surface of the water, and then a thin invisible fishing line pulled a monster with a height of 50 feet to jump out of the water.
The monster caught sight of the fisherman and ate it himself. He immediately knew that he had been tricked and begged for mercy.
"Xian forgives!"
The fisherman ignored it and threw it into the fish cage.
That fish cage is also a magical monster with a size of five feet, and it is as big as those two whitebait when thrown in.
The fisherman put away his fishing rod and got up from the cage again, praising, "Good luck, good luck, good luck, if I don’t take the bait, I won’t take him, but it’s suicidal. Haha"
The woodcutter said, "What about the younger generation?"
"Ha, ha, ha, I said you dragged me here and walked away in the wild, you old Taoist priest …"