His right hand suddenly pinched the black boy’s whole arm and shattered, and then before the black boy screamed and exported, he slapped the black boy’s chest and directly lifted the other side out.
"get out!"
The boy in black screamed in horror like a rag sack falling from the mountain.
Li Xuandao turned a blind eye to the expression and patted the dust on his left hand. He turned around and continued to move forward. The practitioners around him were frightened and rushed to avoid it for fear of provoking this evil spirit.
Without the practitioner’s interference, Li Xuandao’s speed rose again in just one wick, and the cliff top was already far away.
Then suddenly there was a faint fragrance.
This fragrance is extremely weak, and the strong wind will blow it away, which is even more difficult to detect. If Li Xuandao was so powerful and smelled this fragrance, he would have almost ignored the past.
This is Tongyuancao, which is an important panacea for refining Zengshoudan.
I think that Li Xuandao and Chu used their great magical powers in World War I to consume a hundred years of life. Although his life span is enough now and the horse has to break through the realm of refining the gods, it is not too much for Shou Yuan.
What should I do if I encounter a strong enemy again after hard work?
"This is a good thing."
Li Xuandao followed the scent and traversed towards the left side of the cliff for nearly 3,000 meters. Finally, in a remote corner, he saw a perfect yellow grass that seemed to be dying. It was Tongyuan grass.
His heart secretly surprised and hurriedly reached for it.
At this time, a very violent knife gas attacked and killed from behind.
"Stop it, punk!"
Chapter 632 Have you had enough fun?
Chapter 632 Have you had enough fun?
Li Xuandao suddenly turned his right hand and caught a crimson knife mans! Then his finger force abruptly smashed the knife mans.
See Li Xuandao unarmed crush knife mans behind young eyebrows a wrinkly slightly.
He was haughty, dressed in a crimson robe and armed with a three-foot long knife. He was full of murderous look. He looked at Li Xuandao suspiciously and immediately became bloodthirsty. He smiled. "I found this Tongyuan grass first, so get out of here and spare you!"
"So what if you found out first?" Li Xuandao narrowed his eyes and eyes seemed to have a cold light flashing.
Just now, there was no room for the knife to remain hidden. Fortunately, he was powerful enough to easily resist the knife. If he were a practitioner, I’m afraid he would have been beheaded.
The strong are respected and the weak are bullied!
Li Xuandao finally understood the cruelty of the jungle law, but he did not reject it in his heart, but accepted it naturally. "The strong respect the weak, and the ants pass through the grass. Only the strong deserve to have the weak!"
"Ha, ha, ha, a semi-god-like loser dares to preach the truth in front of me?"
The red-robed boy laughed wildly at the sky, and immediately his face was cold and his eyes were fierce. He shouted, "Clap your mouth!"
Said the red boy’s right hand attack as fast as lightning, as fierce as thunder, and he came to Li Xuandao with a fierce wind.
A crunchy sound
A boy named Duanya stumbled backwards two steps, and a clear palm print appeared on his face.
"Open your mouth and keep your mouth shut. You should be slapping your mouth like a fool." Li Xuandao flicked her fingers and looked cold.
You!’ The broken eyes narrowed sharply and the fundus flashed with a shock.
Come on!
It’s too fast!
He didn’t see the other hand and got a slap in the face.
But soon his eyes were shocked, and he was replaced by anger. The five-layer master of God was slapped by a semi-god waste.
If this matter goes out, how can he get along with the vast state?
"Bastard, how dare you hit me?"
Duanya roared and a deep murder welled up in his heart. His eyes were red and his face was ferocious, like choosing someone to eat a fierce beast. "I want your blood to wash away my shame today!" "
The long knife wielded by the broken hand broke into a very sharp break.
More than 10 meters bloody knife mans carrying fierce ShaQi mountain plowed a deep ravine towards Li Xuandao to kill the past.
"Thousands of troops!"
A knife fell off the cliff, and the offensive continued. His right hand left a series of ghosting images, and several knives rushed out like an iron army overwhelming.
However, in the face of the bloody knife in the sky, Li Xuandao looked cold and humiliated
He slowly took out a dim sword from Gankun Ring and exuded mysterious momentum.
With a wave of his hand
Like a thunder exploding all over the sky knife mans crashing burst.
The third style of slaying god sword breaks a thousand troops.
A sword sweeps away thousands of troops!
Domineering double!
"What kind of fencing is this?" Broken career eyes red light a clot immediately crazy flashing.
An ant in a demigod’s land unexpectedly let him attack twice and return without success, but he was completely furious.
"Damn it!"
Duanya took a deep breath and exuded a faint blood. Even a three-foot long knife rendered a strange blood color and roared, "Smelly, I have to say that your strength really surprised me, but waste is waste. Today, you can force me to use this trick. You are full of pride."
Said the broken ya cold drink a long knife lotus flower flash is a split in the direction of Li Xuandao.
I didn’t expect knife gas, I didn’t expect blood mountain, and I didn’t even have a trace of prestige
Li Xuandao slightly one leng soon can feel the body to a tear pain like pieces, but this kind of feeling passed quickly let a person unprepared when the pain in the past, he closed his eyes and found a drop of blood missing.
Although there is a drop, Li Xuandao has a strong body and the purest dragon is flowing in his body. His blood coagulation is tens of millions of times that of ordinary people.
Only he can easily resist the strange trick of broken ya. If he were the practitioner, I’m afraid he would have been cut off and died of JingXie exhaustion.
"It turned out to be this trick!"
Li Xuandao suddenly opened his eyes and flashed, "You are a bloodthirsty blade. I wonder who the bloodthirsty devil is?"
"Hey, you know this avatar and my grandmaster’s name?"
Duanya’s eyes flashed a little surprised and immediately grinned. "Hey, hey, I don’t care who you are, but if you dare to grab Tongyuan grass with me, you will die!"
Broken ya hand knife mans flashing again to Li Xuandao flick knife to cut.
Another drop of blood.
Li Xuandao frowned deeply and wanted to say something, but Duanyagen didn’t give him a chance to speak and waved his long knife at him like crazy.
Two drops, three drops, four drops.