"It’s not that your grandson can’t have a bite to eat. Isn’t that how Shao Yuan became a talent?"

Chen ha ha smiled and wiped the knife in his hand. "You see, this is wrong. When did Shao Yuan become a success? When did their parents eat me? I am now raised by the second and third families. If you don’t raise me, let people come and eat my Zhao Qinhua. Sometimes I will go to your parents’ house to ask if your mother taught you like this?"
How did Zhao Qinhua become like this when she was stunned?
"Not me. I’m not."
Chen snorted and turned with a knife. "If you let him eat, bring food." She really didn’t come over to eat with a child. Besides, how much a child can eat is mainly because she can’t see Zhao Qinhua.
Sweeping the courtyard, Yue-e Li silently listened to her mother-in-law’s words, not to mention Yao Shangqing, and she would not get involved.
Zhao Qinhua, of course, can’t send rations to come over and take Chen Chengzhuang away. She is a white mother-in-law, and she can’t get good.
Chen Shaoyuan had something in his heart, but he didn’t come out again, so he dug out his things himself.
"Grandma, look, this is something that tripped Yuanyuan. I thought it was different, so I took it back."
Chen didn’t look up when he came, but he also wanted to say why he brought back things that tripped people.
As a result, I was shocked at first glance. "Oh, isn’t this a gold bar?"
Speak in a low voice
Chen Shui washed the things clean, touched them carefully and bit them again. He was still a little dizzy, thinking that his third daughter-in-law was well informed, so let her have a look.
"Third daughter-in-law, see if this is a gold bar?" Chen’s voice dropped when he said the word gold bars.
Yao Shangqing. Take a look at it. Is this really?
"Mom, where did you get this?"
Chen smiled and bent his eyes. "Your home Yuan Yuan got Shao Yuan and said that this is the thing that stumbles Yuan Yuan."
Yao Shangqing was completely stunned.
"Then what should we do?"
Chen took it and his heart was flattered. "Of course, I left it. This is something Yuanyuan will give to her when she grows up."
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Chapter 32 Winter
Yao Shangqing has no idea. Her mother-in-law has already decided on this matter and there is nothing to say.
As soon as Chen got up the next morning, he saw a chicken and a duck in his own chicken coop.
Zhao Qin spent her yard face smiling, but it’s uglier than crying. She doesn’t want to raise chickens and ducks. She doesn’t want to eat and work. Who can serve them and simply return them? She can also get some luck in front of her mother-in-law
"Why don’t you raise it?" Chen Gherardini asked her
Zhao Qinhua coughed. "Yesterday, Mom was right. I didn’t take care of you with food, so it was our filial piety to send all the chickens and ducks back."
Chen sneer at ha ha two turned into the kitchen and believed her story.
Zhao Qin’s face is a little stiff, and it’s boring to look at it without asking for it.
After the autumn planting in the village was finished, it was considered that there was little work in the fields during the slack season.
Every family is idle, but there are more people on the hillside after the fall. Branches can be picked up when they are dry, and there will be some wild fruits when they are ripe in autumn. If you are lucky, you can meet wild ducks there all the time, and you can also pick up wild duck eggs. Of course, I still met Chen Laosan’s children and found them.
In November, Baijia village is already cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is very large. Who let them be surrounded by mountains on three sides?
Li Guihua came to ask Chen for a purse.
Yuanyuan is in the kitchen to see her rabbit. It’s cold at home, so the heat in the kitchen is not easy to disperse.
Chen’s clothes for Yuanyuan are also quite thick, and the cotton inside is fifty percent new, but this is a cotton ticket for Chen Yougong County.
Almost all the children’s clothes at home are stuffed with new cotton, and their adults pick up some old ones. After all, adults can resist freezing.
Chen went to the kitchen and took out Yuan Yuan’s purse.
Yuanyuan still has some reluctance. She has worn it for a long time.
"Grandma took it to your aunt Danju, and I’ll let you Li Nainai make you one of these." Chen patiently explained it to Yuanyuan.
Yuanyuan has a little head. "All right then."
Chen took out his purse and said, "Go home and give it to Dan Ju. I hope I can manage it."
Li Guihua touched his purse and was grateful for it.
"I’ll embroider one for Yuanyuan when I hurry. Anyway, there’s nothing at home."
Chen nodded and began to peel pumpkins in his hand.
Li Guihua took the things and hurried back.
Chen Yougong came back from the county just in winter. He stayed in the county furniture factory for a long time. The latest batch of furniture with new styles came out. The factory director was very satisfied with it. This time, we will see how the sales volume is. This time, we don’t want to go to the Canton Fair. It is good to be out of the county.
Chen Yougong got a lot of money and tickets this time, and when he came back, he returned five pounds of meat. He thought that he hadn’t touched animal products for a long time at home, so he specially changed the meat ticket and went to the queue early to buy it back.
Chen took a thick stack of tickets and was satisfied with it, so he was steadfast in his heart. A few children at home studied in school, two more Sauers, and they didn’t all get money for the paper.
"Ok, let’s have a good meal today. It’s just winter. If you don’t come back, I’m going to make a vegetarian dumpling. If there is meat, we are meat dumplings."
The villagers pay great attention to solar terms, so they have to eat dumplings this winter. No matter what they have at home, they must eat dumplings or not, so they should freeze their ears. When they get up early in the morning, Chen Shaoer covers his ears and is afraid of freezing them and cajoles Yuanyuan.
Yuanyuan learns to cover her ears when Chen Shaoer comes, and she is afraid that she will fall off without touching it for a while.
Chen Yougong past head hugged yuan yuan "do you want to dad?"
Yuanyuan giggled and she nodded. Of course, it’s been a long time since I thought about it.
Chen Yougong suddenly remembered one thing: "Niang Yuanyuan is two years old. What was the date of that year? I forgot."
Chen nodded. "The second daughter-in-law chopped the stuffing and made dumplings."