Zhu Yinqi vaguely remembers the love and shyness in his eyes when he first met him, but there was still hidden love and shyness in his eyes, but he added a touch of forbearance and sadness.

"Palace tired" Zhu Yinqi spit out these emotionless words with thin red lips.
Wei-da-da cringed at the thought that it was the same when Zhu Yinqi refused to accept himself as a toffee. cool thin looked like "the palace didn’t like it."
Zhu Yinqi’s four words started the tragic life of Wei Chengou, but he didn’t like it, and in the end, Wei Chengou became his toffee
Before Wei’s marriage, the Prime Minister’s Office was also a well-paid young lady. At first, she was snubbed by Zhu Yinqi, and she was unwilling to go back to her mother’s house and cried. Later, she found that the more she made trouble, the harder Zhu Yinqi’s heart became.
After half a year, I let the captain understand her situation. Zhu Yinqi accepted her because she was forced to become a toffee, and she relied on her parents’ unique influence.
Once you step into the palace, there is a road to darkness!
Wei Gui adjusted his mentality, and from then on, he was obedient and dutiful. The imperial concubine was in a daze for the emperor and queen, and she won the favor of the emperor and queen. This finally moved Zhu Yinqi slowly.
If it weren’t for the unexpected death of Dragon Son, I believe that even if it weren’t for the deep affection, she and Zhu Yinqi should live a harmonious life.
"It’s the tired courtiers who have to wait on the temple!" Wei Lao decided to be as brave as he was in those days, and strive for a chance to get a new position by himself.
Since the child died, Wei Wei has never been so persistent as she is today. Her sudden determination has surprised Zhu Yinqi.
"Toffee didn’t behave like you today!" Zhu Yinqi smiled and pulled the corners of her mouth, so it was different that she had a backer. Today, when Zhu Pingting came here, her confidence was different!
The irony in Zhu Yinqi’s eyes made Wei Yi a little sad. She knew Zhu Yinqi’s prejudice against her mother.
However, what happened at the palace banquet today made Wei Da Bai feel that if she can’t get close to Zhu Yinqi today, she won’t have a chance to turn over again.
"The temple’s father and mother are present today, and all the ministers and their wives know that you and I love each other. If the temple stays alone in the East Palace tonight, wouldn’t it be white to go out?" Wei Wei summoned up the courage to look up at Zhu Yinqi.
Zhu Pingting pressed several eyeliners in this palace, and their every move could reach Zhu Pingting’s ear.
It’s just a temptation for Zhu Yiting to design the queen to go to the Baihua Garden. If Zhu Yinqi’s deep affection for Shen Menglu is discovered by her, I believe Zhu Yiting will never let Shen Menglu go.
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes suddenly sank, and the light flashed into the captain.
Wei Lao bravely went forward and whispered again that "the palace allows male and female servants to sleep, which can reduce the harm to her."
Wei’s stabbing nudity implied that Zhu Yinqi was angry and smiled. He changed his previous indifference and laughed. "If the toffee is so considerate and refuses again, wouldn’t it be too incomprehensible?" Zhu Yinqi turned and took the lead in stepping into the bedroom.
The sweaty palm of the commander’s palm secretly cheered himself up and stepped into the bedroom.
To his surprise, there is already a young woman in the bedroom!
The woman who appeared in the palace was none other than Mo Yan, who used to love her sisters and spy Mo Yan!
Mo Yan’s former imperial commander gave a blessing "Mo Yan met the toffee"
Mo Yan is responsible for the close protection of Zhu Yinqi’s safety, but secretly he is responsible for warming huang for Zhu Yinqi. Mo Yan is full of love for Zhu Yinqi, but he is willing to complain about it.
Zhu Yinqi is not a man who is greedy for sex, and it is also in the needs of men to occasionally recruit Mo Yan to sleep with him.
Just as Zhu Yinqi entered the bedroom, he motioned for Mo Yan to show up. Mo Yan has already understood Zhu Yinqi’s meaning. Obviously, Taifei will recruit her to show up today because she has annoyed the temple.
The first time Wei Da saw Mo Yan, she suddenly looked at Zhu Yinqi. I can’t believe I guessed that Zhu Yinqi didn’t want to humiliate her. ? ?
"Mo Yan, come here!" Zhu Yinqi’s cold mouth
Mo Yanwen obediently walked beside Zhu Yinqi and gently fell on Zhu Yinqi’s leg.
"Toffee, come too!" Zhu Yinqi caressed Mo Yan’s hair with one hand and her eyes fell lightly on the body of Wei Da.
The commandant hesitated for a while. Zhu Yinqi’s intention was so obvious that he wanted this unidentified woman in front of her to wait on him at the same time! !
Tears of humiliation instantly filled his eyes. He took two steps back and almost wanted to make a dash for the door.
Zhu Yinqi noticed her intention and said coldly, "Toffee promised to serve the palace. If you leave today, you will go to the palace after your father and mother, but I don’t know how to explain it."
It was a clever move for her to use Shen Menglu as a bargaining chip. I don’t know if she did this, but she awakened Zhu Yin’s evil spirit.
Really is overreaching! Dare to compare yourself with Shen Menglu! Dare to threaten Shen Menglu’s safety, then she must bear the consequences! Zhu Yinqi has always been warm and handsome, and his face is full of bloodthirsty cruelty!
Wei’s thin figure waved her back to Zhu Yinqi, and tears poured in her eyes and she pressed her away.