The situation in Europe is getting closer every day, and the war is imminent. Everyone knows that once Pandora’s box is opened, it will definitely die before the end. The stakes are on national luck and the future. No one wants to lose the war. No one can afford to lose it. Whether it is from a personal point of view or based on national interests, Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer wants Heidi Selim back. He said in the previous step,

"Marshal Pavilion Heidi Selim used to be a liaison in the shipyard. In the past two years, he has been a naval consultant evaluation report writer in the Turkish Navy. No one is more suitable than him …"
Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer said a lot of high-sounding reasons. In fact, everyone knows the friendship between Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer and West Lyme. Everyone knows that Marshal Erpitz, the Imperial Navy Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the High Seas Fleet, hates Heidi Sealem.
Erpitz cut a cigar himself, leaned against the soft sofa, tapped his desk with his thick fingers, and was silent.
Marshal Erpitz, the favorite of Emperor William, the founder of the high seas fleet, silently expressed his attitude. This warning brought pressure to Lei Deer. It is conceivable that sophisticated hippel pulled the sleeve of Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer and suggested that Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer should not directly contradict Marshal.
"Since the marshal doesn’t like the commander of West Lyme, let Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer finish the evaluation report." Major General hippel stepped in for Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer and pulled out Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer.
"General, don’t you want Selim back?" Just stepped out of the door of the secretary of the navy’s office and a few steps later, Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer broke out and asked, hopping around.
"Can you get Selim back by quarreling with Marshal Erpitz?" Major General hippel asks.
"But … but if you don’t try a west lime, you really can’t come back." Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer picked the cap and looked at the cap emperor * * emblem, which gave birth to a sense of discouragement.
Major-General hippel sighed and immediately remembered what a bright eye patted Lieutenant Colonel Lei Deer’s shoulder sneaky way
"Colonel, didn’t you serve on the Royal Yacht hohenzollern?"
"From the Sailing Age to the Battle of Lisa, age of steam shelled Kagoshima in 163, and the guns were brought out of order in 179. 3 From protecting wooden warships to serving the Warriors in 161, the world navy has undergone earth-shaking changes in my naval career for more than 40 years. Really, I can’t see the magic of science and technology?"
In front of the window sill, Erpitz leaned over with scissors and a kettle to repair it. He regarded potted plants as treasures in the same place, but his mood was different ten minutes ago.
"Science and technology are not prosperous. 19 years ago, the German navy was poor and weak for decades, and after the emperor was eager for quick success, there were members of Congress eyeing up and the conservative veteran of the Admiralty was bound. If you don’t make achievements as soon as possible, not only the position of Minister Lian Haijun is in jeopardy, but also the cause of the rise of the navy is likely to be ruined. Did I have a choice at that time? Politics is an art of balancing progress and compromise. It has never been sentimental! "
The 66-year-old veteran was so angry that he repaired the potted branches and vines until the scissors cut his hand. It was bloody that he came to his senses and thought of Engel’s aggressive German Emperor William’s feelings and the anger that made him infamous, Sylmer Pitts, and threw the scissors out of his hand.
Scissors hit "Germany and a War" written by General Friedrich von Bernhardi, which was a must-read for Germans in the late 19th century and early 2nd century. Every time Erpitz was depressed, he would reread it.
Seriously worn, the old man shook his desk and smashed the Persian carpet. A letter slipped out of it and fell to the carpet. The postmark was Istanbul, Turkey.
1 Limpus, Rear Admiral of the United Kingdom, Chief Adviser of the Turkish Navy in 1913
Friedrich von Bernhard advocated that the desire for peace has no future, and it is purely immoral and inhuman.
In 3163, the British navy shelled the Japanese fleet in Kagoshima, and there were many breech gun explosions with heavy casualties. At one time, the British gave up the breech gun shooting, and it was not until 179 that the British battleship Sandel exploded the forehearth gun that the British gave up the forehearth gun.
The second gun The first chapter Turkish action (3)
In January 1914, the port of Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
Sudden cold air mass has hit Eastern Europe and the Near East, and the temperature has dropped to freezing point. The crystal window sill of Domar Bahce Palace is thick with ice, and the ice layer on the north bank of Bosphorus Strait overlaps. Even the common olive trees along the Mediterranean coast are scared by the severe winter.
The cold wind Mare Malakhei ravaged the sea as if waking up, and the ancient evil beasts wrapped themselves in amazing power and clamored for a dozen meters of waves to tear up a hundred tons of boats instantly.
In view of the bad sea conditions, the Turkish Strait has been closed for a long time, and small boats of all sizes have entered the harbor to take shelter from the wind. Because of the topography and breakwater protection, the waves in the Golden Bay 1 can calm down a little. This is the case. Those old and vigorous Barbarossa-class coastal defense ships with 9,700 tons of Messudier-class battleships have just returned from Britain, and the American-made Hamidiye cruiser and the American-made Machitier armored cruiser still have the ability to bump in front of nature. They also have four 300-ton legal destroyers and four 600-ton German-made S-
Malakhei, Maldives, waves, waves, luxury decline, Istanbul is not much better. It’s windy and snowy, and the harbor city is overcast. Instead of going straight to the Ottoman naval command, those Italian-style buildings will be submerged in the German advisory group’s resident building. A quiet and crazy storm will almost blow the two German Reich tricolor flags and the Ottoman crescent flag in front of the inverted building.
The small apartment is very quiet. There is a rustling in front of the table. It says that the fire in the fireplace is flickering. Occasionally, the pine wood charcoal bursts and crackles, and then this quiet little room ripples.
"The 19-year Greek-Turkish War in 1911 and the Italian-Turkish War in 1912-1913, the Ottoman Empire lost most of its territory in Europe and the glory of its ancestors. It once crossed three continents to see the behemoth of the Mediterranean Lake and finally failed to support the weak Italy and the Balkan alliance. The Sudanese people did not fight back in the two Balkan wars, but the Turkish army trained by the imperial army did well in the battle; Although the crescent flag navy is vulnerable, it still has Hussein Raouf Albay, an outstanding expert in war-breaking. Just one Hamidiyah can turn the Mediterranean Sea upside down, but even so, the country has rotted from its roots, and no number of ships can save this dying dynasty, just like the Far East Qing Dynasty. "
"Compared with the naval performance of the Balkan Alliance of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the road, the Bulgarians had six torpedo boats before the war, but they still hit the armored cruiser Hamidiya hard. The Greek navy blocked the exit of the Da Daniil Strait and carried out the battle to seize the Aegean islands. They sank the 4,000-ton old armored ship Ashaliteff Fick 2 and the 2,700-ton Fatehi Brende cruiser wounded the former dreaded ship Barbarossa-Hereding. The British submarine allied forces showed aggressiveness in this war, and the rising naval strength deserves our vigilance."
The desk is full of Greek, Turkish local newspapers, German in Turkey, The intelligence sent by the Greek naval attaché s and the investigation report of the German Mediterranean Sub-fleet specially sent by Deng Nici’s alternate naval lieutenant in 1912, the Turkish people were defeated in the Balkan War, and the polar bear "pan-Slavism" expanded greatly in the Balkans, which caused the fear and dissatisfaction of Germany and Austria. Germany decided to intervene. The Mediterranean Sub-fleet, composed of the famous battle cruiser and the cruiser Brawles, stormed into the Adriatic Sea to block the port of Montenegro, and sent marines to prevent the Serbs from gaining access to the sea. Carl Deng Nici was the cruiser Brawles at that time.
The coffee at the table was cold, with some butter and rye bread as hard as stone, bacon and sausage as cold as ice, and the north wind roared in through the cracks in the doors and windows and refused to take away the last trace of heating in the room.
Otaku casually wore a shampoo, an old German navy coat and a Turkish navy felt hat, and his brow was locked and bitter, and he bit his pen and painstakingly conceived the evaluation report of the Greek-Turkish naval arms competition.
In 1912, when the exhausted Turks Bulgaria and Serbia signed an armistice agreement, the fiasco exposed the weakness of the Ottoman Empire. When the Sudanese people woke up in the morning, they would be surprised to find that the situation in Constantinople was so bad that the northwest was a tough magyars. There are Romanians and Tatars in the north; In the west, Slavs are intertwined with Greeks, Slavs, Muslims and Albanians. There are Armenians and Kurds in the east; There are hundreds of Arab tribal countries in the southeast and south, which makes it difficult to deal with the situation. The Romans and Gauls in the north are eyeing their old enemies. Russia is salivating over the Middle East, and the British and the East-West sea routes can’t shake off poverty after opening.
After the defeat, the Turks hesitated to help and were eager to rebuild its navy, especially the feud between the Greeks and the British naval consultants. So they helped the Turks rebuild their navy and took the opportunity to expand the influence of the German Turkish navy. At that time, the smoke in the Balkans was not exhausted, and the war might break out again at any time. The Turkish liberal cabinet, which had just been in power in Taiwan, was crumbling and had lost its control over the army. Defeatism and all kinds of absurd rumors spread everywhere in the German Admiralty, and everyone regarded Turkey as a dangerous road. There were married with children’s wayward otaku Wang Haidi and the fledgling teenager Deutscher Gunther Lutjens.
1913 can be described as the second Balkan War in the Balkans, the great powers in the Balkans stopped quarreling and intimidating, and the coup in Istanbul on January 23, 1913 made the future generations of Afghanistan and Iraq feel dejected. In 1914, the New Year bell sounded the gun and the smoke stopped. The eyes of the world still failed to shift back from the Balkans. The sick man of West Asia, the Ottoman Turkey Empire and the ambitious Greek Kingdom, just had a real fight and found a new game field-the navy.
The German-British naval arms race has been raging for more than a decade, and Europa people have long been used to it. Hilpitz, a pair of old enemies, has been "insulting" for ten years, which has become a lasting talk for Europeans after dinner. The jealousness-jealous naval competition among several countries in South America was really lively and noisy for a while. At last, the economic crisis hit the eunuch. People almost lamented that the arms race was not affordable for poor countries. That poor, backward and turbulent place in the Balkans, Greece and Ottoman Turkey, actually caught up with the fashion and started a vigorous arms race regardless of the fact that their respective countries were in economic difficulties.
In 1914, the situation in Europe became more and more tense, the war in Europe became more and more gloomy, and the powers of Europe persisted. The Balkan Peninsula was entangled in thorny issues such as ethnic contradictions, religious conflicts, cultural differences, border disputes and political differences, which were intertwined with each other. Emperor William naturally noticed this and instructed the German consultant team in Turkey to submit an evaluation report on the naval competition in Greece.
The Turkish Army is a German reservation, whereas the Turkish Navy is the British backyard. The British Empire Royal Navy is hegemonic. Only a few non-British naval consultants in the Turkish Navy are almost breathless under the pressure of the arrogant John, while Captain Heidi Silmer and Lieutenant Gunther Gunther Lutjens are German advisory groups. The Turkish Navy has achieved only a few results, so the evaluation report can naturally be handed over to these two people.
"The two Balkan wars made Greece and Turkey take the road of arms race. The second Balkan war exposed the essence of the so-called Balkan alliance. When the ink of the London Peace Treaty was not dry, the Turkish government brazenly sent troops to recover Edil, which made the Greeks even more frightened to prevent possible retaliation for maintaining the naval advantage. Greeks are waving money all over the world to buy warships despite financial difficulties."
Just as the otaku was struggling with his pen, the dilapidated door of the apartment was pushed open and wrapped in a military coat. Gunther Lutjens sneaked in holding a cup.
Gunther-Gunther Lutjens is the only and only partner in the barren land of Turk, an otaku. He was born in the German town of Wiesbaden and joined the navies Freya and Elsa in 197. ) In 1912, the Admiralty issued a call to the young people to know that Gunther Lutjens’s mind was hot, so he played a German intellectual youth, Shan Shan, packed his bags and went straight to Istanbul’s Golden Horn Bay, and rushed to the old-fashioned coastal defense ship Heleiding, Barbarossa, to carry guns and torpedo instructors.
"It’s really cold in winter in Turkey …" Gunther Lutjens took off his thick cotton gloves and rubbed it hard. His hands were blue with cold and he leaned over and rummaged through the otaku’s room.
Half a spoonful of brown sugar and half a spoonful of coffee beans Gunther Lutjens cheerfully made himself a cup of coffee and moved to a chair at will, leaning against the otaku to sit and smile happily. "I know that you have hidden a lot of local goods here and borrowed some coffee, brown sugar and hot water …"
"I’m really tired of your prologue. You’re not an Englishman across the Taiwan Strait. The prologue is always complaining about the cloudy weather …" The otaku lost his pen in his hand, rubbed his swollen eyes and yawned. "You can’t carry what you want, so you can’t say’ borrow’."
"Don’t talk about this, don’t talk about this …" Gunther Lutjens’s face turned red and he wisely changed the subject. He sat with his arms missing and his legs wobbled and set up his legs leisurely. The otaku just picked up an evaluation report at the beginning and read it while complaining. "Do you blame the Admiralty for cheating us into this hellhole in Turkey for many years, and suddenly it can push us to finish a Rush evaluation report? Didn’t we sell a Salamis 3 to the Greeks? The Turkish-Greek arms race may not be without our credit. The Admiralty should be more than us.
"Who knows …" Wang Haidi tightened her tight coat and stretched herself. She reclined in the armchair and recalled that the lonely otaku had laughed at himself in front of the mirror in the inlaid wardrobe over the years. "Maybe the Admiralty wanted to waste money!"
The topic is too heavy. Gunther Lutjens shakes his head and pretends to change the topic "How to solve the Tyne farce?"
"The Turks won the first prize," the otaku pointed to the table and spread out the newspaper coldly. "But the Greeks also won the consolation prize. The American cowboy is going to sell two battleships to the Greeks for 10 million dollars under the banner of’ maintaining peace in the Aegean Sea’."
The Greek government became suspicious in this huge naval competition. When the Athenians were scared and lonely, the exquisite Chinese jumped out and offered to sell two active battleships-Idaho and Mississippi.
"Why don’t the Americans rob the money …" Gunther Lutjens spat out that ten million dollars can buy two newest dread ships or a stack of old-fashioned former dread ships that are about to retire.
"The British in West Lyme have almost completely controlled the crescent flag navy, and we non-British naval consultants can struggle on the edge. If we add two British battleships, I am afraid that we will be pushed out of the Turkish navy by the British." The news of the naval competition in Greece and Turkey is overwhelming. The headlines of the newspaper in Constantinople, the main deck of the Hamidikh, the Turkish national hero Hussein Raouf Albay, look so dazzling. Gunther Lutjens frowned slightly and said, "There is an English cruiser (that is, the Hamedi Hector) and one.
"The Turkish military forces suffered heavy losses in the two Balkan wars, and the diplomatic environment was extremely bad. If the Ottoman Empire still wants to be a main country, the Turks must re-establish a strong army. The German army is enough to ensure our Turkey and the navy is a supplement to this influence." Wang Haidi turned his head and looked out of the window with confidence. "The Greeks are not necessarily the biggest losers in this arms race, and the Turks are not necessarily the biggest winners. The real winners can be Germans!"
Along the half-open shutter glass opposite the four-story mortar building, the British Empire M-flag is clanking in the snowstorm in Istanbul.
The Ottoman Empire used to be a naval harbor and a land blessed by Turks.
Another story is that the Ashaliteff Fick was badly damaged.
In 1913, Greece ordered a German ship equipped with a 14-inch main gun, Salamis. battle cruiser estimated that the water time was 1915.
4 Douglas-gamble British Rear Admiral Turkish Navy Advisor It was gamble’s lobbying that made the Turkish government determined to buy two feared ships
The second gun The first chapter Turkish action (4)
In January, 1914, after several days of raging, the snowstorm gradually dispersed, and the warm and warm sunshine pierced the sky, obliquely sprinkled the Golden Horn Bay, and the splendid Sultan Crystal Palace emerged from the sea fog, rowing boats and scrambling to sail to the Aegean Sea. The fishermen in Turkey complemented each other in a calm sea, and the oil tanker Sirius slammed its whistle and slowly sailed into Daniil.
The Barbarossa-Hereding No.1 old armored coastal defense ship near the Borus Strait is undergoing an artillery examination. It is a 15mm single-tube rapid-fire sub-gun. Knuber’s fine firing rate is 15 rounds per minute. The Turkish-eared gunners, wearing a high-top barrel felt hat with unique Anna Togna characteristics, are scrambling to complete the required movements next to the sub-gun of the Barbarossa-Hereding coastal defense ship.
"The fourth artillery group is ready to request instructions!"
Wearing a German navy standard coat, shiny high boots and a Sam Browne belt, Wang Haidi seems to have just woken up, loosened his eyelids, moved slightly, grabbed the clock and stopped this node for 327 seconds with a gorgeous shake of his arm.
"37 seconds? !” Lit the cigarette from the otaku’s left hand to his right hand and put it in his mouth. The choking smoke came out of the otaku’s mouth. All kinds of sharp and sarcastic words were like Gatling machine guns, a kind of metal storm gesture, which was sprinkled on the deck gunner for 37 seconds? ! It takes 37 seconds for a small tube to return the gun from adjusting the shooting elements to completing the shooting preparation! Tell me, are you professional soldiers in Turkey or herdsmen in Anna Togna Plateau? Are your instructors poor or do you have IQ problems? ! Can you be any worse than Stenzel? !”
The otaku Wang Haidi talks nonsense with his eyes open, no matter whether his mouth is mixed with a lot of northern German dialects and the sailors of the crescent flag can understand it or not. He is bent on finding a group of Turkish gunners with an average age of less than 20 years old in front of Kiel Wharf and Naval Academy. "If this ship is on the battlefield, we will sink an enemy ship five or six times on average. This is the best time for this Brandenburg class!"
"We’re here because the herdsmen have more income if they don’t work in the navy …" The fourth group of gunners screwed up the artillery examination. They were red-faced and clammed up, and they shrank their heads one by one, afraid to vent their anger for fear of causing the tyrant Wang Haidi to be more brutally suppressed.
"And I said I’m going to penetrator, but you-mom-gave me a high-explosive bomb. Well, I also recognized the high-explosive bomb. At any rate, it can destroy the building and cause anti-personnel personnel. But can you wipe the butter off the shells before loading them? We fire killing weapons instead of his-mom-bread and butter! " The deck-turning serf let the singing otaku vent his emotions, laughing and cursing at the gunners with poor data, and sneering until his mouth was dry and his throat was burning. "The fourth group’s weekly artillery training is doubled!"
"West Lyme, he’s really a devil. Poor gunners were scolded like this after a few seconds …" A boiler soldier on the bridge of Barbarossa-Heleiding was watching the scene of bustle and occasionally turned his head to express his concern for the logistics morale beside him.
"Who says it’s not? Heidi Selim is a nightmare for us Turks!" Looking at the fourth group of gunners, kitchen workers and logistics soldiers who were scolded by the tyrant Bacon, clutching their chests, they said, "Fortunately, I am a chef and no one has ever asked me to fix a meal in 3 seconds …"
"This Heidi-west lime exactly what position is worse than that help stuffy British consultants? How do you feel that you are all afraid of him? " When the boiler soldier and the chef were whispering, the young gunner timidly leaned over and helped him with his felt hat. He timidly inserted an inappropriate sentence, "You know, we are descendants of Suleiman the Magnificent, and the new moon flag navy also has two super-fearful ships!"
At the end of December last year, the news of successful negotiations in London came to Constantinople to become a sea of joy.
Ten Russian-Turkish wars, the 17-year Berlin Conference, the Greek-Turkish war in 1997, the Italian-Turkish war in 1911, and the two Balkan wars that just ended, the Ottoman Empire suffered too many humiliations and setbacks in modern times because Turks were more eager for independence and self-improvement than in historical times. After the fiasco of the first Balkan war, the Ottoman Empire mutinied, and the liberal army minister Nazim was killed. The political veteran Camille was forced to resign, and the young Turks replaced the liberal cabinet to regain power, and established a new cabinet for the defense minister Ensel, the navy minister Cemal, the minister From Thrace Peninsula to Anna Togna Plateau, from ordinary citizens in Constantinople to poor people in small fishing villages on the south bank of the Black Sea, Turkish civilians also generously donated money from the Navy Fund to raise money to try to save the dying rivers. In a sense, the Millennium Empire of Sudan Osman I and Risatieh have become the national rejuvenation of Turkey. It is hoped that the young sailors will have a little more confidence and confidence when they arrive at the dock.
"Aren’t you the Barbarossa?" The boiler soldier looked at the knower and feared the gunner with disdain until the young sailor explained that he was a newly enlisted recruit and was temporarily assigned to the sixth artillery group. Then the boiler soldier put away his surprise and covered his mouth. It was a pity.
"I wish you good luck, sailor. The British consultant sticks are great, but after all, it’s a flesh wound. Instructor Selim will never hit you, but he will use the sharpest and most vicious language to make your soul restless." As a logistics chef, he slightly looked up and patted the young sailor’s shoulder like introducing his own chopping block. "Heidi Selim, a German naval captain, joined the navy in 1994, graduated from Kiel Naval Academy in 1997, and was promoted to lieutenant. He participated in the German Navy Expansion Act in 19 years. In 1997, he became the commander of the German East African Marine Corps and was promoted to the lieutenant of the Navy. He came to Istanbul in December 1912 … "
"It took twenty years to get promoted to two levels?" For the sake of self-comfort, the in-service gunner carefully recalled the introduction of the chef’s cadence, grabbed the loopholes in the words of the chef and the boiler soldier and asked, "Can this color also make you fear the enemy like a tiger?"