He said with his head to one side, that is, "It is recorded that the evolution of the fifth stage of the murderer has appeared, except for the guanyu, the fourth stage of the five elements, and the deep awakening of the natural selection."

"Recorded image input" is a woman. "In addition, I want to wake up Gu Qingshan Pavilion and defeat the opponent according to the method of personal combat model input."
"I have to drag him or all these people will die," Gu Qingshan said.
The goddess of justice quickly said, "reinforcements are being dispatched. Please hold your ground."
Gu Qingshan nodded slightly.
He looked at the young man seriously and said, "Hello to meet you for the first time."
Young people slightly one leng way "hello"
Gu Qingshan then said to him, "Although infected, some basic daily habits of human beings have not been eliminated, such as greeting and greeting."
Gu Qingshan looked at the young man again and said, "Do you remember your loved ones?"
Bang, that is, the lotus flower is scattered into flying pieces.
The young man’s face showed ponder and asked, "shouldn’t you write a legacy?" Or is that what you just said your legacy? "
"I seem to remember, but I don’t want to get up." Gu Qingshan looked at the damage and frowned. "It’s rude to destroy other people’s things casually."
Young people smell speech.
One second, the majestic blood fog emanated from him, and a series of dark blood turned into flames, and his hands rose endlessly.
"Bastard, don’t you dare say I’m uneducated." The young man’s scarlet eyes are full of crazy colors.
"I’ll let you die now!"
The bone spur behind him is once again attached to the blood mist and squirms like a living wing.
Wings spread, young people leap high.
He held out his hand to Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan heart suddenly jump with a strong sense of crisis.
Shrink into inches and start!
A blood flame blasted a deep hole by the position where Gu Qingshan appeared.
"Dead-no one?" The young man’s face relaxed and suddenly stopped.
Gu Qingshan jumped up and flew at him.
"It’s strange that it disappeared in an instant?" Young people don’t worry about the oncoming each other gu murmured
"But what can you do?" He was greeted by Gu Qingshan.
Two people rapidly approaching.
Gu Qingshan’s sword is about to start when the secret sword breaks the water.
Looking at the sword suddenly and violently, the young man had a premonition that something was wrong, and suddenly accelerated and twisted lotus flower around Gu Qingshan’s back.
"It’s over," he said.
I don’t know when his five fingers are as long as a sharp knife
The young man grabbed Gu Qingshan in the middle of the back with his hands.
Gu Qingshan’s sword was closed, but he waved his sword and cut it behind him
A layer of irregular swimming thunder appeared instead of the long sword.
This sword is so wonderful that it doesn’t look like a temporary change.
The whole process from the sword to the sword and then to the sword is as natural as flowing water.
Hand knives and swords collide
"Out of control" start!
The young man lost his shouting and threw back his arms.
Gu Qingshan followed the sword.
Young people control their bodies, but they let the sword edge sideways by leaning back.
Gu Qingshan deceives himself and chases another sword.
The poor sword awn fills the air with the blade-moon chop!
Gu Qingshan flashed in the white sword mans of the whole humanized month.
The young man was cut in two and blown out by the sharp sword wind.
Gu Qingshan landed
The whole fight happened in just a few seconds.
The two men changed their offense and defense several times and won the game.
A group of soldiers and professionals were fascinated. No one expected that the fighting would end in just a few breaths.
Gu Qingshan has no light color.
He raised his head and looked half dignified.
See the two corpse lotus flower together again.
Young people appear in front of everyone intact.
"It turns out that people’s skills can be so strong."