"Roar-"is responsible for guarding the peak black bear essence at both ends of the foundation period, and immediately stared at Xiao Xiao with a bloody mouth.

This can frighten Xiao Xiao Xiao, a daring little girl, and exclaim several times in a row. If it weren’t for the big brother, I’m afraid they would have fallen down.
"Ahem that someone be calm be calm have something to say don’t scare somebody else’s little girl" Zhai Ling also don’t know if I this tube, but I still sit on the eye dew yoshimitsu is growling one or two shouted.
Not far away
"Brother that there is nothing wrong with the human brain? Can people understand what he says? " Someone in the grass laughed, but I thought it was too inappropriate to laugh now, so I suppressed it.
"Tube so much? Younger must not have an accident or we will all be finished. "
"What? It’s not like we let her run away. "
"Because her grandfather is a great elder."
In the grass, the four of them didn’t know whether it was to protect Xiao Xiao’s front and looked at Zhai Ling slightly in amazement.
If Zhai Ling wasn’t the captive of the monster beast at the peak of the three-headed construction period, maybe he really had something to say.
When all the people were jittery and indecisive, the two heads were grinning and growling, and the black bear essence decisively turned around with a face of injustice and roared toward Zhai Ling as gently as possible
In this way, Zhai Ling was still shaken by this "gentleness", but he didn’t learn animal language, except that he knew what the two goods were jabbering about. Zhai Ling had already laughed.
After his ears were clean, Zhai Ling opened his eyes and looked at the two black bears who showed koo’s eyes. He spoke Chinese carefully and was always on the alert.
Even others don’t know why these three black bears will suddenly be so friendly to him. Is this too friendly?
Zhai Ling slightly swept not far away, but secretly nervously, everyone’s heart was funny, but also bitter. I don’t know what I experienced today. It’s too fantastic for him.
Then Zhai Ling could change the subject. He seemed to feel that the three black bears could understand the wording of his words and said, "Aren’t you taking me somewhere?"? It’s important to do business. Shall we hurry? "
"Moo … Cleisthenes-"The two black bear spirits as guards looked at each other and then at the black bear spirits on Zhai Ling’s ass.
"Moo" Zhai Ling ass that black bear essence almost didn’t consider is nodded and shouted.
I heard the boss agree that two black bears showed Zhai Ling a bloody smile, and then continued to be a guard. Yu Xiaoxiao’s group didn’t look at it.
Four people … No, four heads … Well, this small group of them continued to catch up with the road.
The group of brothers and sisters around Xiaoxiao are blindsided.
Do they really know each other?
But before what, do you have to look like you have to be killed?
I really don’t understand!
"The younger generation thanked the older generation for saving his life." The master elder brother heard a group of younger brothers and sisters talking about this before he came to his senses and quickly took a few steps forward and said.
"Don’t ha ha goodbye goodbye-"Zhailing looked back and revealed a pair of ugly smile than crying and raised his left arm as if he didn’t give up.
"…" This makes master elder brother flow cloud some consternation.
For a moment, it seemed that he suddenly turned white and whispered to the sky, "The predecessors are the predecessors … they are all too abstruse."
After that, he turned to look at his classmate’s younger brother and younger sister with a startled face and said lightly, "Let’s go and don’t disturb the elder’s mood."
Zhai Ling will definitely spray him in the face if he hears the wind and cloud at the moment.
Little ye, I’m asking you to call someone … Call someone-come and save me-
Zhai Ling seems to be sitting calmly on the shoulders of the worst black bear, but in fact, his heart has already turned.
It’s not that he didn’t want to find a chance to escape. He took the opportunity to escape seven times before encountering a turbulent situation, but every time he just ran a few steps, he was hugged by the most powerful black bear and pressed his shoulder.
Hiding in Maha?
Zhai Ling didn’t think about it, but he gave up.
This monster beast with this level of black bear essence is also an inhuman way to cultivate advanced practitioners and have their own feelings and ideas. Although it may not be as complicated as worldly desires’s, it is really possible for some people to suddenly become spiritually cultivated one day. Zhai Ling sincerely doesn’t want to be exposed before them.
Moreover, this is not a life-threatening moment. With these three tall Zhailing, you can bet that if he hides in the Maha, these three will definitely be silly and stay where they are … I am anxious for Zhai Ling.
Zhai Ling’s strength After hiding in Maha, he ran by himself.
This embarrassing scene Zhai Ling has some cramps when he thinks about his mouth.
half an hour later
As running all the way Zhai Ling was brought into the … Pansi Cave …
Pansidong? !
But why are there a group of black bear spirits living here?
Zhai Ling stared at the three Chinese characters at the entrance of the abode of fairies and immortals. When he looked at the tower of heaven, he once read a story written by the founder of a south building. One of them was the story of Yu Zunbao and Zixiaxian.
"What little ye I suddenly thought of the south tower? No way … I will be so lucky? " Zhai Ling corners of the mouth a smoke.
With the loud roar of the black bear essence in Zhai Ling Block, nearly 100 black bear essence, big and small, old and weak, will stumble when they are born, have gathered in the valley in front of the Pansi Cave.
Zhai Ling sat tall and looked at the dense black bears carefully and somehow got nervous.