The fire has a hint of resistance.

This is a saint’s breath. Others imitate the law specifically to issue high-level military orders
Gu Qingshan immediately looked awed-this must be the war assigned to him.
He took over the fire operator and urged it with a spiritual force.
Xuanyuan Tianzun sounded "Guerrilla general Gu Qingshan was ordered to inspect various positions and investigate the frontline military situation"
Patrol positions? Reconnaissance military intelligence?
Gu Qingshan lost in thought.
There are full-time generals in charge of all positions, commanders and soldiers at all levels, and officers in charge of inspections accordingly.
In the investigation of military intelligence … These are all fixed investigation troops, and people have arranged them well.
It seems that there is nothing wrong with me.
So ….. What the hell is this for me?
Gu Qingshan is full of doubts and a fire is flying.
He took over and was urged by a spiritual force.
The fairy sound of flowers comes from the fire symbol. "I don’t care about you this time. Pay more attention to finding some safe places to hang around."
Gu Qingshan whole body momentum suddenly a drain.
He couldn’t help saying something.
Master, you are too protective of me.
Don’t you feel a little guilty because you didn’t take care of your apprentice in a battle, which led to his being bullied?
But it’s not so well protected!
Gu Qingshan thoughtfully suddenly said to himself, "something is wrong."
It’s not that life is wrong, but that this whole thing is wrong
Baihuaxian would never deliberately protect his brother just because he was humiliated a little.
On the contrary, she wants her brother to be honed in all kinds of ways.
What the hell?
What’s to protect me like this?
Gu Qingshan was thinking of another fire operator flying down his hand.
Looking down, it is still a hundred flowers fairy message.
He lit the fire and urged the fairy sound of flowers to come out from the message.
"I’ve thought about it, but I still have to tell you some truth, so it’s not worthwhile for you to run around and die."
"The SHEN WOO world Xuanyuan, Sad Yang and I have sneaked into it and explored it carefully."
"As things stand, the world is very strange."
"Sadness and I both have a bad feeling."
"Forget it, I’ll tell you face to face."
Gu Qingshan immediately walked out.
The fairy tale of a hundred flowers cast a shadow over his heart.
Neither of his two saints has a hundred flowers fairy sitting there safely.
She is silently observing a floating clay pot.
Gu Qingshan looked carefully and recognized that this was the treasure of the heavenly king.
At that time, if it hadn’t been robbed by a hundred flowers and immortals, the ending of that battle would have to be said.
"Castle Peak" Baihuaxian saw him coming and laughed. "Guess what this thing has."
Gu Qingshan tried to say, "Call Monty?"
"No, its main function is to get through the two worlds and let a world have a crack and go straight to the underworld."
"So the underworld can fight around with this treasure?" Guqingshan avenue
"It’s not so powerful that it can create a one-way passage." Baihuaxian shook his head regretfully. "This thing has nothing for us."
She put away the clay pot and said, "All right, let’s talk about your life."
"I really want to go out," Gu Qingshan sink a way.
"I’m going to let you lead the troops, but I’ll forget it now."
Baihuaxian looked at him calmly and said, "I have some omens of impending physical death, and several divinations have been confirmed."
"what! How is it possible! " Gu Qingshan lost his way.
Baihuaxian is the strongest practitioner in Terran, and he has a premonition of physical death!
But such a powerful person will have a little vague judgment on many things, which is generally accurate.
"We three monks who sealed the sacred land were the only ones who felt the strongest spirit. I noticed it before."
"I quietly spent some money without telling them, calculated a few hexagrams and tried the ancient divination several times, but there was no deviation."
Gu Qingshan stared at Baihua Fairy and found it hard to accept the news at the moment.