His hair has also burned into a bald head, and he has no such elegant and harmonious temperament as before.

"Open a day! Break! "
Su Ying’s fist, palm and arm are like an axe to open the sky, and finally she comes to Xia Yu!
No words can shape him and no killer can resist Su Yingwei’s opening the seal of heaven!
His body was split in an instant and then smashed into a rotten meat.
Chapter 1219 Don’t be afraid, I am a good man.
Just a punch!
Su Ying fought thirty-six times as hard as he did, and he turned the mighty God into a giant genius, Jade Deficiency God, and smashed his summer feathers into a ball of meat sauce!
Who can imagine how tragic this scene is?
All the leaders of the remaining six sects were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes.
They deeply know that the power of Stephane’s terror god is almost the peak of his fighting power, and he may soon become the king of the gods.
Yuxiu Jingu is a great school of heavenly kings, with rich background. Tianquan in Longxiang Town is a peerless school.
No, the sun’s handprint comes out with one blow, like a peerless overlord, and everything in the world wants the dragon elephant to dare not move.
However, this juexue Su Ying was simply a child playing house and was directly defeated, with no aftermath left.
At first, the true gods of the remaining six masters were shocked and dull, and all of them screamed hysterically and lost their confidence in themselves.
It is also in the face of a punch that can crush Stephane’s gods into a paste. Their poor magical power is really difficult to continue
King dye at this moment in an anguo gawk at everything in sight.
The aftermath of the fight didn’t involve her either, because she was already protected all over.
Sue should have let her Tao Wen form a shield to protect her and let her watch her kill the quartet at the same time
Isn’t it a pity that there is no audience in such a hearty way?
"Sue should you what is this budo! I am not reconciled! Absolutely unwilling! God will be reborn as a heavenly king and reborn as Dan! "
Stephane, who was beaten into rotten meat, was unwilling to roar and oscillate. At the same time, a Dan medicine appeared on his body. This Dan medicine was shaped like a god, revealing Gaidai’s domineering spirit and turned out to be a deity-level elixir.
"Heavenly King Rebirth Dan?"
"Hum! How is it possible to condense Dan medicine again and return to its peak state? I won’t give you this chance. This elixir has some for me. You can rely on it. Bring it to me! "
Su Ying sneered at this deity-level elixir. Every one of them is extremely precious. You can get an ordinary true god to peek at the saying that the deity is the deity realm!
Sue should hand out the past to break heavy directly to the front of Stephane will give away the Dan medicine! Then his body moved, and the powerful pill reached his hand.
He was a shock dispersed 36 incarnations blessing.
At the same time, he swallowed this Dan medicine in one gulp, and his body became a vigorous cycle. The laws of Dan medicine evolved more and more laws to entangle his blood. chaos clock cut the fairy gourd, Jin Gangzhuo and Pangu Zan were about to be born
His body burned out a raging fire, and every flame was a sacred rune, and his skill was deeper and deeper.
Just now, the law shattered by his encounter with Stephane has been repaired again and is stronger and stronger.
Dan Stephane, who was robbed of the rebirth of the heavenly king, was first one leng and then went mad directly!
He was completely furious, and suddenly a breath of burning life came out of him, which was crazy and dangerous
In an instant, he was reborn again, and the disrupted flesh and blood condensed into a statue of flesh and blood, dressed in robes and majestic enemy, the overlord of the world.
"The dragon elephant ascended to heaven to pay tribute to the gods!"
Ho ho!
Two roars and screams came from Xia Yu’s body, and his whole body breath was even stronger than before, and it was ten times stronger!
This punch is to change the rules of the future boxing heaven, and one punch after another retreats, and the boxing wind and the rules retreat.
"Hum! Waste! "
Su Ying’s body stood still and raised his left fist. "If I don’t completely defeat you, you won’t be angry if you become a ghost after you die, but you will definitely be physically and mentally destroyed and even become a ghost after you die."
Speak Sue should once again hand yuan tire immortal seal!
Hit each other with one punch.
Su Ying’s whole person is in high spirits, and the wind and cloud are spinning in vitro, and the changes are endless. He is like the eternal king of gods, and he has a golden light and a little fairy flavor.
And Xia Yu’s breath was oppressed by a dozen, and the whole person was like a trapped animal fighting to the death.
"Still not dead?"
Su Ying strode forward and showed a tendency of repression. It’s really a long life. The sand is eternal. It means that there are flashes around his body, and his big hand flip is another blow to Xia Yu.
Stephane’s whole body was blown into a mass of flesh and blood, leaving a head to rise and fall in the flesh and blood. He wanted to restore his body again, and a pair of hatred eyes were glued to Su Ying, full of poverty and hatred.
Su Ying grabbed Stephane’s head with a big hand and bombarded it with golden heaven.
Hand without mercy.
"Su Ying, if you kill me, Yuxu Jingu will definitely retaliate against you. You can’t live in heaven." Stephane shouted.
"Even nonsense before he died! You and I will be afraid? "
Su Ying pinched Stephane’s head as soon as he grabbed it with his big hand, and then sealed all his thoughts, magical powers, spells and JingXie laws with his hands, turning it into a huge golden ball with great light.
Then open your mouth and suck it directly into your mouth to start refining.
The unsurpassed supervision of heaven made the level of genius of the Jade Immortal Shrine ruined.
Su should be refining and absorbing the laws of other gods, and even his physical precepts have been taken to his identity. There must be a lot of fairy tales, various materials and pills.
Su Ying came to heaven, poor and penniless, and plundered without killing a few "rich". It’s really hard to survive on her own.
"When I find a chance to refine Stephane thoroughly, I think my mana can go further. I’d like to see what Juexue there is in this celestial jade palace?"
After swallowing Xia Yu, Su Yingmeng turned around and faced the remaining six owners and smiled slightly. "Do you kill yourself or let me slay you? Of course, if you don’t want to kill yourself, I will blow you up like Xia Yu and let you watch your sects perish one by one. You never thought that your guild would be full of trouble. "
"You! You are really a demon! "
Yao Hai, the head of Wanbaotang, roared, "Let’s rush out!"
As soon as his voice fell, the whole person was beaten apart like a dismembered body, and the body was scattered all over the place.
Root is can’t see clearly how Fang Han moves.
"Give it to me"
Chaos clock emerged to put away this high-order true god.
The ferocity is suffocating
Even in the side shield, Ann Wang Ran couldn’t help but tremble with her legs. She never thought that Sue should be so cruel, but she walked out of the demon overlord in the oldest and most brutal era!
A statue of the true god kneels directly and Wang Ran knows him. His name is Sima Ye, and he is the patriarch of Jin Guangzong. There are more than ten masters of the true god in this sect, and they have a huge spiritual vein.
It’s a big force in Qingyang Mountain Range.
"Forgive me, Su Ying, my ancestors forgave me. It’s not easy for me to practice hard to be a true god. Please forgive me. I am willing to be your slave for the rest of my life and sign an eternal contract."
He begged and begged.
"It’s not necessary to sign an everlasting contract. I’ll refine it one by one!"