"hmm?" Deep and remote days ghost accident way

-What is this situation? Why did they fight by themselves?
The evil spirits wait for a while watched this scene.
"What do adults do now?" An evil spirit asked quietly.
The ghost in the sky fell silent, and there was a strange emotion in my heart that could not be suppressed gradually.
The dragon king of this sin prison drinks with you for a while, takes a lamp to install his head for a while, and then casually swings a life charm.
Now he had a fight with his companions around him.
You ask me, I don’t know what to do now! ! !
You day ghost to pick up a mood suddenly produced an idea in my heart.
The life symbol is the root of the ghost saint.
This man has mastered the charm of life. Maybe he has something to do with the ghost Lord.
The ghost in the sky looked across the street.
Seeing that the Dragon King of the Guild Prison is attacking another assassin and the map manager.
Maybe …
What can he not let these two know?
The ghost in the sky thought of this and ordered, "Let’s wait and see."
"Yes, my Lord"
The evil spirits just stood still and silently watched the three men fight.
Seeing them, you come and I drink and play happily.
Count interest in the past
Dozens of breath in the past
Suddenly it came in waves of dragons.
A dragon fell from the sky.
"I feel that someone is fighting with our leader. Is this to provoke our dragon?" The dragon looked at the crowd humming said
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five They cheat ghosts
When the dragon speaks, the ghost is ready to fight.
Dozens of evil spirits on their side don’t have to panic if they are a dragon-
One second, I saw another dragon, and I looked at everyone with my eyes coming out.
It looked around Zhoukou murmured
"What happened here? What is full of poverty and murder and all kinds of death omens? It’s going to take you from far away to come here and fight a ah yi ~ "
It began to sing.
When the evil spirits stay,
-This dragon is stupid?
Suddenly another dragon fell from the sky.
"Knowing that he is our eldest brother, he still dares to bully him here. It was a dragon who looked down on us." The dragon said with anger.
See one dragon after another fall to squat down in the jungle and look at Gu Qingshan.
One, two, three … Twenty-nine dragons!
This is an overwhelming force!