Qin Guangmin is now the only true lover of Qin Duoduo.

Qin Duoduo got up and said, "But I really don’t have the strength to climb the mountain again. This mountain is too big, so you can carry me or I can walk slowly."
Lin Yi nai recited Qin Duoduo.
Tonight, Lin Yi killed a bunch of important people in the cat house. His heart was really evil, and his heart was also very carefree. Lin Yi carried Qin Duoduo to display his flying skills and left for the mountains.
But let Lin Yi didn’t think that things were far from simple tonight.
Shortly after he left the basement, three people entered the basement.
Two men in their fifties, one dressed like a fisherman, the other of medium build and dark complexion.
And the third person looks like a teenager.
He wears a hat, his face is covered, his eyes are covered with a scarf, and his hands are covered with gloves, and he always shows no skin.
Appear extremely mysterious
The three men stood in a bloody stone room and looked at a house full of dead bodies, each of whom didn’t know what the mood was.
The fisherman dressed up and twitched his face. "Is it really what Lin Yi did?"
The dark man dressed up as a humanitarian for the fisherman. "The fish shopkeeper was expected by Lin Yi that the palace master would suffer Lin Yi’s revenge. I didn’t expect Lin Yi’s revenge to be so quick, huh?" Is it right for you to find an excuse not to participate in the proceedings recently? If it weren’t for you, now you are also a bloody corpse in this stone room. You will serve the public well in the future. "
The fish shopkeeper said, "Zhong Liang, you are right."
Then the fish shopkeeper plopped on his knees at the foot of the mysterious boy. He knocked his head and said, "I will be driven by a dog from now on."
The mysterious boy raised his hand and gently put on two lazy voices. "Zhong Liang, you took people to kill all the people in the house, asking the chickens and dogs to leave no fish. The shopkeeper asked you to go to the cat to cancel the killing order for Lin Yi and Zeng Tengyun. This matter is over and then put an end to it. All the cat disciples are hidden to recuperate and must not rock the boat."
Two people should be a then out of the stone.
The mysterious boy went to the body of the cat.
He squatted down and saw that the cat’s eyes were still open, so he dug out the cat’s eye and pointed it at him.
The mysterious young man said to himself, "I just made some moves in some links of the small skill and led the disaster to you, making you confused, master."
Chapter seventy-three Mysterious boy (2)
The boy gloated to himself in the eyes of the cat, but the cat was hard to hear. If he knew that he had carefully selected, cultivated and hoped that the talented boy turned out to be a poisonous snake, I don’t know that he would feel something.
Mysterious boy added, "You must want to know how I tampered with it. I can’t let you know that you are a ghost before you died. I’ll let you be a ghost in vain. I tampered with two keys. The fish shopkeeper is in charge of the news. He and Zhongliang had better let Zhongliang buy him off … On New Year’s Eve, people found Lin Yi and Zeng Tengyun’s whereabouts. After they reported them, the fish shopkeeper deliberately concealed Lin Yi’s identity, causing Xiaofeng to be your only son. If he dies, you will lose your mind even more." I want to kill Zeng Tengyun and Lin Yi for revenge. Hum, but who is Lin Yi? Qin Dingfang has no choice but to take Lin Yi. Of course, Lin Yi will pursue him. He knows that you are precious. Of course, he won’t let it go. Later, Lin Yi asked the hunter to warn you that the fish shopkeeper would tell me first. Then I ordered people to kill all the hunters. The killing order continued and finally angered Lin Yi completely … "
Speaking of which, the teenager smashed the cat’s eye "bang"
His voice is full of resentment, too
"Your ambition is too great to be shallow, and you don’t want to cheer up the cat’s nest in one thousand! And you always nag me! Bother me! You just want me to fulfill your dream. In your eyes, I am your slave. You manipulate puppets, and I hate being a slave. I want to be the master. If you die, I will be the master of the secret palace! There are so many secrets and martial arts cheats in the secret palace. I will take good care of them and learn from them. When I was born, I will ask who can compete with me in intelligence and martial arts! After the Jianghu is me … "
The mysterious boy vented all his grievances on the body of the cat and then lit the body in the kerosene pouring room prepared in advance.
The mysterious boy took one last look at nine bodies braving fireworks, and then he walked out of the stone room and put the stone door again.
In the corridor, he hummed a nursery rhyme to show a scholar. I don’t know how to show filial piety and honesty. My father lives in a cold place, and his innocence is as muddy as mud.
The stone gallery of nursery rhymes echoes endlessly …
Lin Yi took Qin Duoduo over the mountains overnight and entered Fengxiang Road again. Lin Yi and Qin Duoduo were very careful. They also simply changed their ways and didn’t let the people in Beifu find them.
At noon, they left Fengxiang domain.
They were hungry, so they found a small pub and ate something.
While eating, they heard the diners chatting at the next table.
A man exaggerated and said, "Do you know that something big happened in Beifu!"
The deskmate hurriedly asked him what had happened.
The man sold enough. "I have a relative who works in the North Mansion. He told me that the wife of the King of Qin, Qin Duoduo, had an affair with a groom. Yesterday, the people in the North Mansion ran away with the groom, but they didn’t catch up with you until it was dark. Do you think that the wife of the King of Qin made Ma Ri stupid and did such a stupid thing to the king of Qin?"
Another humanitarian said, "I’m still what turned out to be this. I heard early in the morning that Fengxiang is now in the city. That Qin Duoduo is a person who can do his best. At the beginning, the king of Qin was really blind. It is said that she not only had an affair with the groom, but also had an affair with the toilet. She always had an affair with a slave …"
After listening to it, more diners also said that Qin Duoduo was an unscrupulous slut and slut.
It turned out that Qin Dingfang knew that yesterday’s incident could not be concealed, so that people in the government would not criticize him privately. He simply let people smear Qin Duoduo, and Qin Dingfang knew the result of numerous criticisms.
He wants to make Qin Duoduo notorious.
Qin Duoduo’s face was green with anger. If Lin Yi hadn’t held her down, she would have beaten up these guys.
Two people from the town of Qin Duoduo big scold a way "Qin Dingfang is a beast! Is a pervert! How dare he slander his wife like this? Does this make his face glorious? I’ve been more virtuous than his mother since I married him! In this way, in a few days, my name will be all over the rivers and lakes. I am so angry … "
Lin Yi said, "Anyway, your name is not very good. The so-called lice don’t bite."
Lin Yi’s words almost choked Qin Duo to death. She suddenly couldn’t speak again. She stared at Lin Yi with her mouth open. I really wanted to pounce on Lin Yi’s meat and bite two pieces.
A little Qin Duoduo hated and said to himself, "Mom didn’t say that the old lady is a man who can be a bitch? I’ll show you the bitch. Even if the old lady can’t kill you, she will let the cuckold buckle you to death …"
Lin Yi said, "Don’t go on the rampage. Fengxiang didn’t come out until someone came in front. Don’t betray me."
Qin Duoduo looked ahead and saw who was there.
But soon the three riders appeared in front and ran towards this side.
Qin Duoduo toward Lin Yi murmured 1.
"Dog ears can’t compare with you."
Stay three riding Qin Duoduo peeked at them.
After three rides, Qin Duoduo was busy. "Second brother, they are Li Tian werewolves. That fat man is Li Tian Wolf’s cronies. His name is Bukui Li Tian Wolf. He often sends him to the western regions …"
Qin Duoduo’s voice has not yet fallen. Lin Yi’s figure has disappeared before her eyes.
Qin Duoduo quickly turned to look.
She saw Lin Yi chase the three riders and killed them, then captured Bukui.
Lin Yi threw two bodies on a slope by the side of the road and returned to Bukui.
Qin Duoduo knew that Lin Yi was going to try Bukui, and she seemed a little excited.
Lin Yi found a secluded place nearby and then threw Bukui to the ground.
Qin Duoduo is full of anger and can’t find a place to vent at the moment.