Xu and others seem to be these beasts.

See Xu stopped snow shine nature also stopped.
Baihe ferry stopped at Xu and asked strangely, "Brother Xu, what are you doing here? If we go too late, Emperor Wudi will be robbed."
Xu frowned and shook his head. "Brother, do you believe me?"
Xu eyes flashing flames at this moment.
Baihe ferry paused. "What’s the matter? I naturally believe you. "
Xu Shen said, "If you believe me, we won’t go there."
Baihe Ferry Road "What?"
Xu Kui said, "Would you believe me if I said there was a trap danger waiting for us?"
Baihe ferry to detain shocked Baihe Ali also stopped.
Baihe ferry twisted his eyebrows and said, "Brother, do you have any evidence?"
Xu shook his head and smiled bitterly. "I hope you can believe me because there is no evidence."
Shili Baihe won’t be very, very dependent on Emperor Wudi, but this time, after all, I came to ask Emperor Wudi to take the Baihe ferry and I can’t decide.
Baihe ferry doesn’t want to disappoint his family.
The Baihe ferry frowned.
Baihe Ali hasn’t come to talk yet. Baihe Xiaoqing has been cold. "If you are afraid of death, why do you want to come to the Three Gorges? You don’t have any evidence, so you say it’s dangerous there? Do you feel it all? "
Xu sighed, "I really feel it."
Baihe Xiaoqing disdained, "This is even more ridiculous. The danger is actually felt by you. Then others ask you to feel where there is danger, so you can rest easy." That’s ridiculous! You must be afraid of death before you speak. After all, Wuyingshan people will appear there. When you offend the baili family and there are four people, you are worried about being killed by them, aren’t you? Weak coward "
Xu Zheng
Xu smiled bitterly because he suddenly found that if a woman hates you, she must be very good if she can make you feel uncomfortable.
Said the Baihe Xiaoqing has pulled up the Baihe Amobaihe ferry hand and said, "We’ll ignore him."
Xu, after all, is a one-sided word, and it’s hard to believe it when you say it. Baihe Ali didn’t listen to his elders and took Baihe Xiaoqing and others through the jungle to the other side of the mountain.
Baihe ferry looked at Xu apologetically. "I’m sorry, brother, if there is no danger there, it’s all right. If there is danger, I can’t leave my family alone!" "
This is what a man should stick to. How can you blame him?
Xu laughed. "It’s just my feeling, and it’s really hard to win people’s trust without real evidence, but since you’ve gone to your friends, of course I’m going."
Said Xu has stepped in the previous step to fight side by side with Baihe Ferry.
Baihe Ferry looked at Xu gratefully and patted him on the shoulder and said, "You are really a good friend."
Xu laughed.
It’s nice to have friends.
So even if I feel that there is a trap ahead, I have no scruples.
So Xu followed the Baihe ferry into the jungle and went to the other side of the mountain.
Although the sound is far away, the fighters’ aura can strengthen the sound broadcasting station, and everyone can hear the approximate location.
Snow shine also closely followed.
She is going wherever she is allowed to go now.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Three magic teaching traps
They have now passed through the jungle and come to the other side of the mountain.
According to the calculation, it is strange that there will be stone forests, streams or the other side of the mountain in the jungle.
But although everyone feels strange, they will never give up this opportunity.
No one will let go of the opportunity given by Emperor Wudi.
On the other side of the mountain is a ravine surrounded by mountains.
Most people have come to this place except some who are still looking for their successors.
Everyone asked in the ravine, "Who just said that he had found Wu Decheng?"
No one answered this question.
People seem to be a little impatient and want to go back to the jungle at least.
It was at this moment that the earth suddenly shook and the mountain suddenly shook …
A series of dark gray iron walls suddenly emerged from the ground, and some of them flew from the mountains.
As soon as these iron walls appeared, they were firmly fixed on the ground. I don’t know what material they were forged from. They are harder than even the fighters in the early days of birth.
As soon as these iron walls appeared, everyone suddenly understood that it was a trap.
For a moment, strange smiles have sounded.
"Jie Jie …"
Several figures appeared on the tall iron wall overlooking the Wulin experts trapped in several iron walls.