There is a leisure to find your qq number one by one in the winners list.

At the moment, the update also added four dungeon pairs.
They are the foggy city of Heis, where gbl‘’ female’ temple tree’ essence’ breeds, and the Ardennes Highlands.
As that new pair is adde, the corresponding Lord pow is also added.
Speaking of Lord powder, the most sought after by the majority of players at this time is a pair of shoes named "improved rocket man boots"
Therefore, it will be sought after by various professional players, mainly because it belongs to’ sex’, especially in pk.
This shoe is the product of bss Rocket Man in Hot Blood Sanfan Street. The powder base of 55-level lords is similar to fake purple, but with the addition of a gender, the Y-axis movement speed is +1.
This genus’ sex’ is definitely a fate in the pk field.
Because even if the angular’ color’ moving speed is faster, the Y-axis moving speed is still increased by its own data.
I feel different when I walk with these shoes. It’s like the devil’s pace …
Ahem, that’s far away. Pull it back.
The first two of these four pictures are relatively low-level pairs, and the last two are 65-level pairs, which is considered as the final pair of ordinary pictures at that time.
In addition to these, this update has the most important one.
That is out of the "Su Nan City"
This update is the hometown of fighters in the second chapter of the third season.
The so-called fighters’ hometown is the capital of Suran City.
There are four new np in this area.
Players are certainly familiar with this area, because this is the sub-area of Shimen.
However, during this period, eight schools have not been opened, and none of these pairs have yet been born.
"The Xuzu capital area has been updated. It seems that it is not far from 8!" Tianyu heart sighs ()
Although there is no new city in Xuzu capital, there are two deputy cities and one system.
Compared with the regular city vice, these two vice are not the same.
There are two martial arts conferences: Huanglong martial arts conference and Qinglong martial arts conference.
Tickets to enter these two martial arts conferences need to be exchanged at the newly added np iron pillar, which is a heroic destiny and a red crystal.
Every opponent at the Huanglong Wudao Conference will randomly drop a strong atmosphere;
Each of the four opponents of the Qinglong Wudao Conference must lose a strong breath (later changed to random)
In addition, tickets for Shuanglong Club can also be exchanged with two strong smells at Aska’s’ female’ king.
However, the strong breath is not to exchange tickets for the’ door’, but the strong breath is precisely the player’s brush with two dragons.
So what is the strong breath?
In the third season, you can see the independent attack values of characters in the character panel.
And strong breath is an essential material for forging weapons.
Players can choose to forge in the small iron column, which is the new system updated this time.
Once forged successfully, the weapon will increase its independent attack power.
Forging is divided into six stages, and the more difficult it is.
When forging to the sixth stage, whether it fails or not, the unified message will be displayed on this channel, as will the seventh stage.
There are already many full-level players in this period.
After the full level, the player does everything except brush the real wild boar and ghost pair for daily activities.
Once the ancient equipment is made and you don’t want to brush words, the game will have no pursuit.
It is precisely because of this that the game will be constantly updated and new elements will be added to attract players to continue to struggle in the game.
This is the purpose of Shuanglong Club.
These two deputies have two daily days.