After walking forward for a moment, Xiao asked nothing, but Liu Qing finally couldn’t help it and asked directly, "Are you really stupid or fake stupid?" It was several years before we finally found the place. As long as we passed, we could at least guarantee that everyone would get tens of thousands of spiritual beads. This is our contribution to the team. You can’t eat for free, can you? "

"Of course not, I still have wine to drink." Xiao asked with a smile.
Xiao asked if it was clear that Liu Qing had played, so everyone else could see it and couldn’t help laughing.
"You …"
"Liu Qing, stop it!" Yuan Kun suddenly stared at Liu Qingdao.
"Hum!" Liu Qing knew that she was indefensible. Last time, it was because she didn’t ask Xiao to join the partnership early. At this time, she stared back at Yuan Kun and stopped talking.
Yuan Kun and Liu Qing, and another monk named Jin Ji, are all immortal realms, which are the backbone of the whole team, but Yuan Kun and Liu Qing are obviously better at talking. The prestige of these two people seems to be generally large. Once something happens, whoever is more reasonable is the master, and the other can only be the second master.
Xiao asked to see the willow blue beaten, funny in the heart, but also deliberately pretend to be serious on his face, which undoubtedly made the willow blue angry again.
However, as the ghost cave became deeper and deeper, Xiao Wen also knew that he couldn’t play dumb any longer. He said, "It’s not easy to refine my true Yang-broken Y and N Dan, but I still have a few pieces on me. Now, let’s use other magical powers to guard against the spirit of Y Ρ n. If it is really necessary, it’s not too late to break Y Ρ n Dan with the true yang. I will definitely not be stingy. "
Hearing Xiao Wen’s remarks, everyone was relieved, but none of these guys were fools. They could have found out for a long time that the value of Zhen Yang’s broken Y and N Dan was at least more than thirty thousand, and how much benefit could they bring to Xiao Wen?
That Yuan Kun immediately said, "No way! Cai Daoyou, although our place is deep, it is not so dangerous. You just need to prepare a true Yang-breaking Y and N Dan first. Then there may be a lot of golden tremella in the deep caves, so we will only let one person take this Dan and go in and get it. And you can’t take yours for nothing. You can divide it according to the harvest after you get the golden tremella, or you can give it to you directly. "
Xiao Wen didn’t answer, but 90 thousand in the blood mark was sincerely praised: "This Yuan Kun is quite on the road."
Xiao Wen ignored 90,000 yuan and said directly to Yuan Kun, "It depends on the situation. In fact, all the people who practice Dan Dao are buying and selling without money, so it’s really nothing to contribute one or two."
"Then thank Cai Daoyou first."
"Now that we have decided to go into the cave together, don’t say these words." Xiao asked with a smile.
The ground part of this ghost cave is full of peaks and canyons, which seems endless. As we travel, we will see from time to time that there are insights on the nearby peaks, which are deep and unpredictable. Some timid people will definitely not dare to go in alone. And since the place Yuan Kun said is a grotto, it must probably be deeper in the grotto of ghosts, because there will be more and more grottoes there.
With seven turns and eight turns, there are fewer and fewer people who are with their eight-person team, and they don’t know where to go. It’s broad daylight, but the sun doesn’t shine in the canyon at all. In addition, it’s already cold here, and it’s really depressing when traveling here.
Soon only the last wave of people will be left with them, but that wave of people is much more than them, at least more than five times.
When they paid attention to that wave of people, some of them began to look at them intentionally or unintentionally.
"It shouldn’t always be the same way. Let’s go our way and don’t care too much about them." On the way, Yuan Kun reminded everyone.
"That should be a demon alliance?" Xiao asked unbearable way.
"It should be. They often bully scattered teams like us by dint of numbers, so everyone must be careful and don’t take the initiative to provoke them." Yuan Kun added.
Xiao asked his heart to know that Yuan Kun probably told it to himself, but in order to take care of his face, it was like reminding everyone, and his impression of this person was better. He nodded and said, "Good."
Unconsciously, a group of them have been in the cave for more than an hour. Although they turn around seven times and eight times, the straight-line distance is 50 or 60 miles, which means they have reached the middle of the ghost cave.
The terrain here is more complicated, but the wave of people who have been traveling with them has finally disappeared. Yuan Kun said, "No one will see it here anymore. Let’s speed up."
They all answer, Xiao asked is also a sigh of relief, heart said finally can speed up the road.
He was originally a great fairy realm, and his speed was much faster than that of that group of people. However, in order to take care of those true fairies, it was really as slow as possible.
The three immortals simply drove the five true immortals forward with their magical powers, and the speed was really a lot faster. Although Xiao Wen was still not satisfied, he could only endure it.
At this time, it is easy to see a situation, that is, the magical power fairy method in the demon world is really not enough …
This world is worse than the celestial world, and now these people have no help from the monster beast, so they can only travel with the remaining six magical powers, and the level is really not good. Even if we give them a better magic fairy method, we will certainly not be able to exert the corresponding power because of the Taoist force. From this point of view, monks in this world are actually poor people.
Xiao asked couldn’t help but twist a head to look at the willow blue, but he couldn’t help but feel pity, because in his view, this woman’s strength is not high in the celestial world, but there is a master posture in the Tianlan demon world. I really don’t know it, but I can’t blame her …
"Don’t make it difficult for her again." Xiao asked could not help but sigh in my mind.
"Is really very poor …" Ninety thousand can keep up with the thinking of Xiao asked, also said.
"If you want to change this situation, you have to start from the root, and you have to overthrow the rule of the demon family first, but it’s not easy."
"Out of sight, out of mind, even if is fairy will also not so big skill. Elder brother, you still don’t much ado about nothing, hurry up to find the three kinds of demon materials, forge a broken seal and go … "
"Well, that’s the only way, but he’s really unwilling!" Xiao asked couldn’t help but burst into swearing.
90,000 people also fell silent, and it took a while to speak, which made them feel a little sad: "Whoever’s territory is bound to abide by its rules, even if the rules are obviously wrong … In fact, that’s why I had to go to nirvana in the first place. For the God League, all celestial bodies are their territory, and they will kill me no matter whether I make a mistake or not."
"Er … do you remember the past?"
"No, just the mention of it will make you feel sad … I think about it. Before the last nirvana, it would be extremely unwilling …"
Xiao Wen was also fascinated by 90 thousand, and remembered the scene when Ri met 90% at the beginning of Xuanyang Zongchu.
At that time, when the Phoenix egg came out, there were several angry, unwilling and painful songs, obviously from an old phoenix …
Come to think of it carefully, 90,000 is persecuted by the God League in the last life, and in this life, he can only live secretly because of him …
Xiao Wen had to breathe deeply to calm the anger that was about to ignite in his heart.