"Sado Buddha! !”

Sado, a monk in the spiritual celestial minority, has been a lackey of Emperor Xuanyuan since very early. Later, he was promoted steadily step by step, and finally became a famous person in the spiritual world.
Emperor Xuanyuan died. Sado Buddha immediately became the most determined one to maintain the rule of the world god alliance.
The Alliance Rebel Group has now called itself the Immortal Alliance, and it has been generally recognized by people in the celestial world. In short, this group has played against Sado no less than 20 times in a month. No one can get the upper hand. What’s more, Sado is not the only one in the world?
Mituo Boxing is Sado’s famous magical power. It has no compassion of Buddhism, but it kills people like hemp. There was a feat of destroying a city with one punch.
And now, everyone saw that Sado blasted into the blue breath of Na Pianhai in the sky with one punch.
The brilliant Mituo fist went forward with the power of destroying the city, and no one doubted its power. Anyone who really saw this magical power of Sado at close range knew that it was impossible for anyone to stop it!
In the darkness, a little silver light suddenly lit up.
People suddenly realized that there was someone in the sky before the navy breath, and he stopped at a relatively high height, and the silver light in his hand just reflected his figure.
However, because it is too far away, no one can see the man clearly.
Then, everyone saw the man raise his right hand high and raise the silver light in his hand.
That’s a fairy sword!
Looking at the Amitabha fist that was about to explode below, which was enough to destroy a city, the man suddenly waved his xianjian!
The original three-foot sword quickly becomes longer and bigger when it is waved next. By the time it is swung over half a radian, its length is at least five miles! The brilliant silver light instantly became the only Se color between heaven and earth, which seemed to take away the J and jīng flower of the whole heaven and earth and cut it to Mituo Boxing!
"Wu Ying …"
When the sweet voice sounded, the huge silver Se Xianjian was also cut from the Amitabha fist. The sword was still there, but the fist was divided into two halves and quickly disintegrated.
Silver Se Xianjian didn’t stop after being cut. The man in the sky swung his sword backhand again, and the blade cut to Sado before stopping!
Sado hastily offered a string of rosary with golden light, but the silver Se Xianjian stopped and chopped the rosary, and the speed did not decrease.
Sado also studied Dan Dao, which instantly inspired Dan Xiao!
Then, everyone watched the silver Se Xianjian cut Sado like tofu!

Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Excalibur (more finished, I’m sorry! )
Xun Yu, who is in charge of protecting Nan Yunqing, is simply silly. He has played against Nasado, and his strength is even weaker in the case of fighting alone. And what did he see? He saw Xiao Wen’s sword and beheaded Sado! Although he knew that Xiao Wen and Hainong had made their appearance in this way with the idea of bully, he never thought that Xiao Wen’s bully had reached this level!
Xiao Wen really isn’t the Xiao Wen who couldn’t see through his moves in those days, but a man standing at the top of the whole barren ancient gods!
Xun Yu knew something in advance. For those who didn’t know that Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen had come to the celestial world, such a sudden figure who could slay Sado’s sword was infinitely close to the existence of the world god!
The next world god?
No matter who this person is, those Asian gods are all like Spiegel in their hearts, that is, they can’t be the opponent of that person at all. If they really fight, they won’t last even one round! Because the strength of most of them is not as good as that of Sado, and a few of them are at best equal to Sado. Since Sado can’t stop the man’s sword, so can they!
This is enough to shock the world!
In fact, even Nan Yun-ching was surprised. Xiao asked if he already had such power. She also had a fight with Sado a long time ago, and Sado was beaten away with two swords. But it is difficult for her to say that two swords killed Sado, because Sado can run. But now Xiao Wen actually killed Sado with the first sword and the second sword.
Nan Yunqing’s realm was completely lost at this time. Of course, he couldn’t see Xiao Wen’s little affectations. When the sword was cut to Sado, Xiao Wen actually quietly used the dry Kun fan …
Otherwise, he would never have cut Sado with one sword. But now in order to bully, it is necessary to play some small tricks.
Of course, the greater contribution of this is the twelve swords. During the month of waiting for Nan Yunqing, he refined this sword to the seventh floor.
He has long discovered that the fairy is a huge threshold from the seventh floor to the eighth floor. For so many years, he has never sacrificed an eighth-floor fairy. However, the power of the 12-chop Xiao Jian on the seventh floor is strong enough, which is the strongest sub-god sword in the realm of the gods! Holding Sado is the credit of Gankun Fan, and cutting off Mituo Boxing, rosary, and Sado’s body that has used the strengthening system of Dan medicine is the credit of the twelve swords.