There are countless petals flying out of the flower plant, as if countless sharp arrows are dense.

Every petal is no less than a blow from the royal sword of the late fix-true person then. The number of petals is hundreds, and the momentum is no less than that of Karady.
Australian sacrifice!
This is a group of practitioners who are infinitely close to nature and are extremely good at controlling the power of nature, and have incredible combat power.
Five Berserker, blessed by runes, each one’s strength increased from the initial stage of Yuan Ying to the peak of Yuan Ying’s middle stage. They were like knights of the Holy See, standing in front of the sacrifice and jointly attacking with those plants.
Unfortunately, residual blood posture is too strange, a virtual shadow erratic, let the attack range covers Fiona Fang dozens of meters, it is difficult to lock his figure. Occasionally, some attacks hit, and in the face of his strong strength, he could not do effective killing.
"Karady, president of Gesa Group, there are eight commissions to kill you. The highest commission is as high as 300 million, with a total price of 1.5 billion US dollars."
"Dolozaya, vice president of Gesa Group, there are six commissions to kill you, with a maximum of 200 million, which adds up to 800 million dollars."
"I have no reason not to kill you, do I?"
The voice of the remnant blood is not the slightest murderous look, but the attack power is strong, the posture is strange, and the sword style is sharp and sinister. It is hard to say: "The combination of Berserker and sacrifice is really strong, but it is a pity that your speed is too poor, and you can only remain invincible at most. At your current consumption rate, your strength will drop by 30% in half an hour, and I will be able to break them one by one. "
The fighting capacity of seven people joining hands is definitely more than that of any one of the four big families, even if two owners join hands, they can only be evenly matched.
However, in the face of residual blood, this combination reveals a trace of horror. God knows how powerful the killer ranked fifth in the global killer list is.
"How about I give you five billion dollars and give up the entrustment?" Karady snapped loudly.
He is not really afraid of residual blood, but the task is too important to have any mistakes. Five billion dollars is nothing to him.
A sword light hit the most vulnerable part of the vine, and it was ground. When more attacks nullified the past, there was only a virtual shadow left.
The scene was full of residual blood, and he said faintly, "Five billion dollars? Hand over what you have, plus 100 billion dollars, and I can consider taking the initiative to cancel the entrustment for the first time in my life. "
"You … damn it! You already know, not for entrustment? "
"Both, both are indispensable."
Residual blood constantly consumes each other’s fighting power with strange posture, that is, this kung fu, a few forces that are playing in full swing in the hall, and stop fighting under the cold world.
Blood clan, werewolf, dark wizard, and light Vatican, four forces add up to more than 20 people, and the strongest one has the fighting capacity of Yuan Ying in the middle period.
In fact, when they rushed over, they found that there was already a fight here, but they just didn’t know who was attacking. From the perspective of energy fluctuation, it can’t be cold. When I saw the wandering residual blood and the powerful combination of Australian sacrifice and Berserker, I found that the original inference was completely wrong.
I thought that the Australian practitioners who escorted antiques were even less powerful than them. How could I have thought that they were extremely strong at the priest level?
Even if they put aside their differences, they can’t be the opponents of either side on the spot!
Residual blood seized a flaw and launched a big move. A Berserker was cut off from his right arm and screamed and flew back dozens of meters. However, in the blink of an eye, a piece of blue rune disappeared into his broken arm, muscles and meridians grew rapidly, and soon a brand-new arm grew.
The shock wave produced by the big-move confrontation was wantonly agitated, and the place where it passed was dust, and the cruise ship that was 100 meters long made an unbearable moan.
The aftermath of the firm but gentle wave is long on the hull, leaving a long and narrow sword mark as deep as more than ten meters, and the sea water swarms out of the cracks drilled into it for hundreds of meters.
Booming …
More aftermath smashed the engine room of the cruise ship, explosions came and went, large flames rose from different places, thick smoke filled the torn ceiling, and you could see the starry night sky.
This is only the result of the aftermath, even if the master of the then period exerts himself with all his might, the whole cruise ship can be chopped into ashes in an instant.
It’s over …
Looking at many tourists, sailors and waiters who fled earlier and ran away in lifeboats, hiding in a corner of a room and waiting for the benefits of fishermen, I immediately thought of a terrible question: "I don’t think I can fly with a sword, can I?" What if the ship is sinking? "
Wind curse!
Karady and Dolozaya’s tattoos on the body surface shine more brightly. With more runes pouring out, five Berserker’s bodies are wrapped in a piece of blue light and shadow, and they also have a short-term ability to resist the air.