If you stay in this universe all the time, you will face irreversible extinction one day. It is better to get out as soon as possible than that.

At least, there will be no such thing as reincarnation in the field of fix true, and it can develop all the way endlessly.
Chapter 488 Draw up plans
Chen Han didn’t say that he had laid the heaven and earth in the fix true boundary, and all the people closest to him were present. Anyway, if he didn’t, he would know later. Now it’s a bit of a show-off.
However, the development here is beyond his expectation, because the rules of heaven and earth were extended again more than 100 years ago, and the bondage to the practitioners of truth was reduced again.
In the past, it could only be promoted to the late Mahayana, but now the diameter of the planet has increased by 50%, and some special areas have gradually formed a thin fairy gas. It is with the help of this faint fairy spirit that some people have broken through from Mahayana to the realm of immortals, although the number is small, there are also dozens of people.
This Chen Han knew from the beginning that he found that the breath of Duanmu dome, knife, residual blood and others was clearly pure fairy power.
What really surprised him was the improvement of overall strength.
As the aura of heaven and earth becomes more intense, the bondage of the rules of heaven and earth is greatly reduced, and the speed of improving the true is obviously accelerated.
The planet has become bigger and the land has increased. The federal encouragement of childbearing has caused the population base to skyrocket, and the proportion of civilians born with self-cultivation physique and civilians with special physique has increased significantly. As a result, after hundreds of years of development, the strength of the amazing cloud club has been enhanced by more than 100 times.
In those days, there were only a handful of experts in the Mahayana period, and almost all of them were in the early stage of Mahayana. In the middle stage of Mahayana, there were only a few people, such as Duanmuqiongtian.
You know, ten times the speed of ascension of the essence of the earth’s mind can only last until the Mahayana period. After entering the Mahayana period, the cultivation speed has returned to the normal state. After years of consumption, there are few massive resources left in the Jingyun Club. Based on the difficulty of ascension during the Mahayana period, it is impossible to ascend to the fairy realm without a thousand years.
However, the rules of the earth changed again, the purity and richness of the aura of heaven and earth rose, and even a thin fairy gas appeared gradually, and the cultivation speed was obviously accelerated.
Today’s JingYun Club and Duanmu Family have nearly 30 masters in the early days of fairy tales.
These people, whether they were the strongest Duanmu dome or the last Duanmu Ting who broke through the fairy period, were all in the early days of the fairy without exception. After all, only a few places have the spirit of fairy, which is not only rare in quantity but also of low quality. In just a few hundred years, fairy stones have not been bred in nature. In addition, the highest cultivation method is only in the early days of fairy, and the follow-up method does not exist at all.
Although the number of immortals is very small, there are many people who fix the truth under the immortals. The Mahayana master alone is tens of thousands, and the Du Jie period has reached an astonishing two hundred thousand.
"how about it? We have not been lazy in these years. In the key new generation of little guys, the proportion of special physique is several times higher! " Qin Yang’s face is full of pride.
"Brothers are all good!"
Chen Han had a deep smile on his face, and he thought to himself, "Indeed, it will be much stronger than the amazing cloud of that year, but if they know that there is also an amazing cloud meeting in the fix-true world, and it will be ten thousand times stronger than this amazing cloud, and there are many experts in special physique, I wonder if they will be scared to death?"
Duanmu dome, the first seat at the banquet, frowned and asked, "Xiao Han, do you have to leave?"
I nodded solemnly, and Chen Han said with a deep voice, "In order to develop without danger, I must leave this universe. Only in this way can I feel at ease."
"Not to say that a reincarnation will take many years, and it will not decline until it reaches the level of the immortal statue? Why don’t we wait until then to leave? " The knife could not help but ask.
"You think it’s too simple. Heaven lies in balance and restriction. Do you think Heaven will make you develop safely and carefree to that extent?"
"What do you mean?"
"That is to say, as we are now, there is no development of foreign enemies, which does not conform to the balance restriction rules of heaven, so heaven will deliberately create equally powerful opponents. I can’t wait for that time at all. If I stay here all the time, I will face a powerful enemy. On the other hand, as long as I don’t have a monopoly in the field of repair, I can continue to develop safely. "
"So, you have to leave this road?"
"That’s right!"
Chen Han thought of the dark chess that had been arranged in another universe. Fortunately, it was unintentional at that time. In order to promote the accelerated development of reincarnation, he made the iron queen Xin Ying create an opponent. Otherwise, only her power will develop at a high speed, and in the end, it will definitely be checked and balanced by heaven, and it’s really hard to say who will win in the end.
Leaving has become an inevitable result, and at the same time, it will face a more serious problem, that is, dozens of people who have ascended to the realm of immortals in this universe can’t soar in the realm of repairing truth.
Once they enter the transmission beam of the South China Sea, they will go directly to the celestial world. They are not scattered immortals but real immortals.
On the other hand, Chen Han, who is familiar with the common sense of the celestial world, must return to the realm of the fix-true, because there is a huge cloud-shocking meeting there. As a brand-new force, it has no foundation in the celestial world, not even the ascending platform of the sects. As a palm teacher, he must build a ascending platform in the celestial world.
The so-called soaring platform is the coordinate that echoes the sects corresponding to the fix true world. With the soaring platform, all the masters who will soar in the future will fly to the same place.
On the contrary, these masters will appear randomly when they soar to the celestial world, and countless masters will be scattered in the vast celestial world, which will not only be difficult to gather, but also bring them great danger.
On the one hand, there is the whole cloud meeting, and on the other hand, there are dozens of people. You can’t have your cake and eat it.
"Xiao Han, you don’t have to worry about us. The whole family and sect are the most important things. We can’t miss the overall situation for dozens of us." Duanmu dome knows the worries in his heart.
"Don’t worry, you still don’t believe me?" Knife self-confidence is extremely inflated.
"Maybe when we meet, we will get along better than you." Residual blood ha ha laughs, but everyone knows that he is comforting Chen Han.
"You must pay attention to safety and try to find out about each other, and I will try my best to find you."
Chen Han gently nodded and kept telling them: "Similarly, you should let more people know about you as much as possible. Only in this way can you find each other from the vast celestial world. Keep a low profile, don’t be strong, be patient when necessary, and being alive is fundamental! "
Duanmu Yunhai, the speaker of the Asian region, frowned and said, "Xiao Han, do you mean that only our family and Jingyun will go there, or will everyone go there?"
"We have to go there. As for the others … just tell them. It’s up to them to choose whether to go or not."
"What shall we do with everything here after we leave?"
"The lower-level disciples of Jing Yun will stay, and they can continue to inherit the best here. If we really can’t live, there is nothing we can do."
"It seems only so, alas …"
Duanmu Yunhai sighed for no reason, and muttered in a voice that no one could hear: "The wonderful enjoyment of the high-tech world … beauty, red wine, warships and yachts are all gone. What’s the point of the backward technology in the field of fixing the true?"
The whole general policy was decided at the banquet, and the banquet didn’t end until midnight. Chen Han didn’t rush to make love with his wives, but came to a secret room in the family backyard with numerous prohibitions.
On the jade bed made of the best wood property jade, Jill lay quietly on it, her big eyes, once pure as water, closed.
She is not dead, nor is she awake.
For hundreds of years, the magic fire has been burning her soul all the time, suffering from endless pain, but on the surface it seems so calm and serene.
Chen Han put her hand gently on her cheek, her eyes full of guilt and sadness, and muttered, "Jill, you have suffered over the years …"
Looking at that flawless little face, his heart is as gentle as water: "I will definitely try my best to win the gambling contract, and I will definitely end this endless suffering, and I will definitely … wait until that day, I will take good care of you and treat you well, and I will never fail you again!"
Sitting beside the jade bed for more than two hours, when he left, his eyes were already wet.
"Chen Han, are you okay?" The gentle voice sounded when he left the chamber of secrets.
"Well, how about you?"
Chen Han’s dim eyes fell on the beautiful face and looked at the obviously shy Xueyun: "I met a man in the fix-true world who claimed to be the head of your clan."
Originally, there were some timid snow clouds. When he said this, he immediately looked up and his look was full of surprises: "Really?" My memory is very vague, and I didn’t take shape until I broke through the early days of the fairy. Many inherited memories have not been fully recovered. I only remember that my mother told me when she left that this race is a very powerful race, stronger than any beast. She also told me to follow the trend, don’t force it, don’t back down, don’t give up, and everything will be clear in the future. "
"You don’t even know?" Chen cold is not surprised.