This time, the host who came to record Tang Wenlong’s program was a new CBS host named Benson Brown. It seems that he is in his thirties and has a good image and temperament in a suit and tie

Tang Wenlong came to the show that night, met the talk show director, and learned some matters needing attention.
The name of the talk show is simply "The Midnight Show". It is said that there are many loyal fans, and CBS regularly invites some celebrities to participate in the recording of the program, attracting many fans to watch.
Benson Brown’s English sounds like another serious one with a slight rap. He is very concise and has a unique sense of humor. "Good evening, everyone watching the program, please sit up straight. Don’t look weak. Today, we invited Tang Wenlong, the star of the City 76ers. He is a China native who has made amazing achievements in the United States and just won the NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month! Let’s welcome him! "
After that, he took the lead in applauding, so the audience cheered and applauded with a few loud whistles.
The DJ switched to live music, and Tang Wenlong came out from behind the stage wearing the training of the 76 ers, waving to the audience as he walked, acting like a leader.
Benson Brown went to shake hands with Tang Wenlong and bumped his shoulder. Then they sat on the sofa side by side.
Benson Brown asked with a smile, "Your way of playing is very old. I seem to see Caesar waving to us in ancient Rome. Is this your first time to participate in a variety show?" “
"Yes" Tang Wenlong nodded. He still didn’t understand what the talk show should say.
"Wow, how precious! I am deeply honored for the first time!" Benson exaggeratedly grew up and said it seriously, but it seemed to mean something. Americans like to listen to some dirty stories.
The audience immediately burst into laughter.
"I think your accent is a little new york. You must have gone to see Broadway wonderfully?" Benson talk show style is nonsense. Tang Wenlong can’t help but roll his eyes.
He smiled in disguise, but instead of answering, he joked with the host, "I hear your accent has a little London style. Are you a Manchester United fan?"
Haha, the audience laughed, and Benson laughed himself.
"I still prefer Cristiano Ronaldo," he replied, and then Ma returned to the topic. "Let’s talk about your business!"
The last sentence talks about you. It’s a bit like interrogating a prisoner.
Benson laughed. "I heard that you were ranked sixth and seventh before the draft at that time, but later you became the second place. At that time, everyone thought that the city 76 ers must be crazy."
Tang Wenlong shrugged. "Yeah, it’s crazy. You know, I participated in the trial city training camp, the Washington training camp and the Nets training camp. I met the president Stefanski and the coach Collins. They both appreciated my talent and they decided that I must be worthy of the second place."
"It turns out that you are a very good basketball player. You are only in your second season, but you are already the soul of the city. Your name is outstanding in all NBA lists." Benson Brown immediately flattered Tang Wenlong.
On-site city fans immediately sent their hands.
"You have made great progress in defense this season. I heard that you trained with Cameron Anthony in the summer. Is that true?" Benson continued
"yes!" Tang Wenlong nodded. "At that time, I happened to go to Los Angeles to attend a special training camp for famous trainers. In the special training camp, I met Cameron. You know Cameron is my senior. We are very close in private. I said that both of us are here to train and need to improve ourselves. It is better to train together, which is very helpful for everyone’s high level."
"So you are together?" Benson brown asked solemnly, do you feel like asking you in a second?
"Yes," Tang Wenlong blinked as if something was wrong.
The audience roared with laughter. The host and Tang Wenlong were so funny.
Benson also smiled and admired Tang Wenlong. It is very rare that young people are eager to continue to improve themselves after winning a successful rookie season.
He thought for a moment and then asked, "Let’s talk about things in your life! You know we ordinary people are very interested in things in your sports star life. "
Tang Wenlong shrugged his shoulders. "That’s just like what everyone usually does."
"Really? But speaking of which, you are really the most disciplined NBA player I have ever seen. You haven’t even had an affair!" Benson looked unbelievable.
It’s not a good thing for Tang Wenlong to talk about gossip.
Benson talked about Fang’s early summer. "I heard that your little girlfriend Ma from China is going to graduate. She seems to be high flyers from Columbia University, right? You must love each other very much! "
Speaking of Fang’s early summer, Tang Wenlong unconsciously showed warmth and laughed. "It’s not easy for us to be together because we love each other very much, but she hasn’t graduated yet. There are still two years before graduation."
Benson suddenly played a hexagram star and asked, "Can you tell me how you met at that time? I’m curious about this. "
Tang Wenlong’s mind immediately recalled that wonderful encounter in the sunny afternoon.
"In fact, at that time, I accidentally hit her by cycling."
"Ah, this M can also be that I have been dating so many times or am I single?" Benson’s face is so unfair. It’s a good thing not to quarrel. How can it be better?
A hilarious laugh
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two In a hurry
Gasol returns in February.
However, the 76ers’ record showed a slippery trend, losing to the Bulls, Spurs and even the league trusteeship Hornets.
In the record ranking, the Eastern Bulls came from behind, surpassing the Heat and the 76 ers and ranking first in the league.
However, at this time, Ross, the core of the Bulls’ team, injured his knee in a recent game. According to the Chicago Sentinel reporter, Ross is likely to be absent for one or two months. This is a very tight schedule throughout the season, which has a great impact on the Bulls’ impact record.
Ross became the first injured superstar in the tight schedule, and the Bulls overtired the schedule and so on.
This horse sounded the alarm for Collins. At present, when the 76ers came out, Tang Wenlong averaged at most 367 minutes per game, which was also a career high for Tang Wenlong. After this game, Collins thought that it was more important to reduce the regular season when Tang Wenlong came out.
On February 4th, when the Knicks played against the New Jersey Nets, Chinese point guard Lin Hao came off the bench and scored 25 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. The Knicks fell to the tenth place and beat the Nets 99-92! Then the next day Anthony missed Stoudemire due to injury and attended his brother’s funeral, which forced him to despair. D ‘Antoni boldly put Lin Hao in the starting position and scored 2 assists against Jazz and won the final victory!
The league hasn’t noticed this sudden rookie, but Knicks fans themselves are not calm. Lin Hao’s two games are like a spring breeze blowing new york fans’ hearts.
In the third game, Lin Hao scored 23 points and 1 assist against Wall and led the Knicks to win three consecutive victories, which instantly detonated the whole Madison!
"This is the madness of Lin. It’s crazy!" Netizens and fans gossip, so Lin’s crazy name instantly rises on the East Coast.
A reporter found Tang Wenlong and asked him what he thought because Tang Wenlong knew Lin Hao and they had simple contact.
He’s excellent, he’s fast, he trains hard, and his pick-and-roll attack is always sharp. I think the Knicks have found a very good point guard.
This is an inspirational story. The outbreak of Tang Wenlong seems to tell the story of every talented young man in this alliance, and the strong exposure of new york market has quickly raised this matter to an alliance. All of them were laid off in the draft and were laid off for ten days. How many stories can be found in it?
Before the fourth Lakers away game against the Knicks, there was a media interview. Will Kobe Bryant have a special defense against Lin Hao?
Kobe immediately replied, "Who is Lin Hao? I don’t know him. "
He told the truth that the Lakers were swept by the Mavericks in the season, and Jackson became the scapegoat for the Lakers. In the season, the Lakers changed their head coach, Mike Brown, who was nicknamed the nanny coach James by fans.
Mike Brown likes to emphasize the defensive coach. He thinks that the biggest problem for the Lakers to lose to the Mavericks this season is defense, so he asked the Lakers players to slow down their offensive rhythm and try to drag the game into the offensive position. So the Lakers scored 973 points per game and their opponents scored 959 points per game.
Compared with the last season, the opponent scored 954 points and the Lakers averaged 115 points per game. Shortening the difference will lead to many games deciding the outcome in the last three minutes, so Kobe Bryant has increased from playing less than 34 minutes per game to 37 minutes so far this season.
And Kobe Bryant’s season is so far in the West, and the Lakers are only ranked fourth. There are magic spurs and young thunder rising clippers
Seeing the rise of bitter rivals in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant is upset. Besides training and competition, how can he bet on a player who has only played three good games?
As a result, Lin Hao scored 3 points and 7 assists in this game. After losing his physical strength in the last quarter, he forced himself to turn around and hide from Bynum to block the basket, which became a classic! And Kobe just scored 34 points, which is not as good as Lin Hao!
So after this game, Lin Hao was completely angry and stepped on Kobe’s shoulder to get angry.
Sports Illustrated even took a photo of Lin Hao roaring in the No.17 jersey. Everywhere he went, he was talking about this magical Chinese. It was like an unrecorded dream. Everyone was amazed at Lin Crazy!
Stern didn’t expect that there will be another yellow-skinned athlete rising in Tang Wenlong today, and it looks more inspirational and easier to declare NBA dreams than the story of Lin Hao, a talented Tang Wenlong.
Lin Hao beat Timberwolves to be the best in Eastern Week! On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, Lin Hao led the Knicks and Raptors to make a nearly buzzer-killing three-pointer at the last second, once again detonating the new york market.
The market value of new york Knicks has changed dramatically, and his jerseys have been sold out of stock. Director Spike Lee has also become a fan of Lin Hao.
D’ Antoni, thank God that broken cans and broken falls will still have such an effect. The Knicks have returned to the playoff team after seven consecutive victories for no reason.
At this time, the record of the 76 ers tends to be stable, higher than that of the Heat and one victory below the Bulls.
In a hurry, the horse played July 7 in February. Tang Wenlong didn’t play as long as last month, and the number of shots decreased, and the average score dropped slightly.
Before the start of the game, Tang Wenlong led the 76ers to defeat the Bulls without Ross. Tang Wenlong scored 56 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists in the middle of 27 shots, 11 free throws and 12 free throws in this focus game. The two teams were still very good without Ross Bulls. At the last minute, Tang Wenlong hit a three-pointer and the 76ers gradually took the initiative.