The only way to crack this uncle’s shameless is to be more shameless than him.

Now that the crowd is in a high atmosphere, people who are lovers are naturally very happy to see such a good thing that can be fixed. They all shouted, "Promise him! Promise him! Promise him! "
I took a panoramic view of the crowd and strode towards that uncle Hu with a positive color. I was surprised and said, "Hey, isn’t this uncle Hu?" Why are you kneeling here? Stand up "
When the crowd saw me moving forward, it suddenly became the focus of the field, and suddenly it was very quiet and waiting to read the article.
That uncle Xiao Hu can bend and stretch and say to me, "Isn’t this Wang Tong’s eldest brother Mr. Wang?" The past is the past, and I hope you can witness my true feelings for Zhong Yi today. "
I have a chill in my heart. You look much older than me. Do you still think that everything was over before I became a big brother? So two out of three doesn’t count? In the face of such a person, I can really break my word. Is it a man?
I was surprised and quickly saluted, "Don’t dare, don’t call me Brother Wang Tong, just call me Brother Wang Xiaodi. Do you want Zhong Yi to be your girlfriend after all this ostentation and extravagance today?"
That uncle Xiao Hu said with a face of honest and frank, "Of course, please ask Wang Tong to be a witness."
Say back straight look more proud.
Grandma, a shameless person, is going to refresh my three views
I waved to Zhong Yi for her to come over.
Zhong Yi walked over with a confused face. I gently put my arm around her shoulder and started to feel soft and fragrant. This feels like cocoa.
I thought about it carefully, so I wondered and said, "Wife, will you promise him?"
Zhong Yi looked at me with a surprised face. I blinked at her hard. Zhong Yi immediately turned white and said nothing.
Everyone is in an uproar. It turns out that this sweet and beautiful chick actually has a boyfriend.
The crowd looked at Uncle Xiao Hu, and their eyes turned to disdain. Some people found it interesting, and their faces showed schadenfreude, hoping to see how this uncle ended up.
So I said generously, "Honey, people can tell you their true feelings. Listen, you can’t live up to their kindness. I’ll take a message first."
Everyone gave me a thumbs-up when they saw that I was so broad-minded.
Uncle Xiao Hu’s face turned red and white with dark clouds, and suddenly he said, "That man is not his boyfriend, he is a fake me … I am … I am the real pursuit of Zhong Yi."
Because of what I said earlier, the people present obviously believed me more in watching monkey tricks and looked at this "crossing the knife to win love" and "mistress"
At the same time, I dialed a word "hello wujun? Tell your men to come to Maple Grove. Someone here is suspected of disturbing couples to enjoy maple leaves and causing serious social chaos. I told you to come here quickly with a warm heart, otherwise the credit will be robbed by others. "
Wujun, my roommate, has been hanging out with the school guards for a long time, specializing in all kinds of public places.
"Oh, my good brother gave me a love song, and my horse brought someone." Then I hung up in a hurry and seemed to have set off.
Seeing that Uncle Xiao Hu was still talking about Zhong Yi’s face, he was so helpless that he didn’t know what to do. He kept saying, "Don’t do this … You get up quickly. I … I have a boyfriend."
My heart is funny. If there were not so many people and Zhong Yi in a bodhisattva mood, I would like him to kneel down and die here for a few days and nights. I think there will be a headline the next day. A college student kneels angrily for three days and three nights, and a couple is exhausted and dies.
How fucking touching and infatuated! Your wish has come true.
After thinking for a while, I went over and said, "Uncle, are you finished? After that, Zhong Yi and I are going to see the maple leaf."
Uncle Xiao Hu ignored me with a deep feeling and indignation and repeated again, "Zhong Yi, if you don’t promise me today, you won’t get up."
I shook my head and chased girls. I’m bold, but cautious, and thick-skinned. This eldest brother’s last one is not thick-skinned, but shameless. For this eldest brother, it’s a thing of the past. Well, I haven’t done enough in this respect, and I have to learn more from him.
"Where is someone disturbing public places?"
At this time, I saw wujun wearing the dark and deep team of the school guard and leading him with a group of school guard lackeys. Oh, no, the brothers of the school guard came here in an aggressive manner and said with fierce eyes.
"That’s the man." At this time, an unknown beauty jade hand knelt down and pointed at Uncle Xiao Hu.
Wujun came and saw me, smiled and nodded at me, and his eyes were deeply grateful, and then his expression became ferocious, leading a group of people towards uncle.
Chapter 24 Zhong Yi is going to have a birthday?
"What! Confess? How romantic! I want to promise you! Is the whole thing finished? Let’s go when we’re done! Don’t delay others to see the maple leaf! " Wujun expression speaks quite imposing manner bold said.
Wujun didn’t wait for Uncle Xiao Hu to answer when he sang the bad COP. Another school guard brother spoke. "Brother Jun, don’t be so fierce. Others are also infatuated. It’s not easy to put so many leaves on the table. Don’t make it difficult for the cleaning lady to share her worries. This classmate will go by yourself, right?"
Uncle Xiao Hu’s face is red and white again, and he doesn’t know whether to insist on kneeling or walk away.
At this time, wujun showed a fierce look and grinned. "Our school guard is a famous German!"
At this time, I heard a school guard brother behind him say, "The other day, despite our dissuasion, the boy’s legs were discounted and he is still lying in the hospital. I heard that he will lie for a month."
Another hey hey smiled. "This person looks infatuated and won’t leave. Just break his leg."
The two of them have a modest voice, which can be heard by Uncle Xiao Hu anyway.
My heart is full of panic. Is he a school guard student? He is a group of social hooligans. wujun deserves to be my roommate’s good hand. This cajoling and cheating has my style. I like it
Just say it and see that Uncle Xiao Hu got up and gave me a gloomy look and walked out of the crowd without saying anything.
Wu Jun came towards us with his men and smiled at me and said, "Things are done, brother. Why don’t you watch the maple leaves at ease?"
I nodded and gave a thumbs-up and said, "Brother, this wave is yours, CARRY."
Although wujun, the captain of the school guard, seems to offend many people, in fact, he is very cheerful and peaceful. Anyone can make friends with him when he gets along. Otherwise, how does the captain of the school guard get along?
Wujun looked at me and looked at Zhong Yi. Suddenly it dawned on me that a man knows how to laugh. "Brother, I was calculated by you. It seems that you didn’t help me this time. It seems that I helped you?"
I ha ha a smile and said, "You, I, who and who bow their heads and don’t see each other. I’ll treat you to dinner another day. You’re welcome. Just order whatever Sashido wants to eat."
Wu Junnai gave me a look and said, "Well, I’ll wait for you two to have fun."
Wujun’s word "play" was particularly heavy. Before he left, he showed a wave of laughter and left with everyone.
I shook my head and chuckled, pulled up Zhong Yi’s hand and left in front of everyone.
Rustling trees flow outside the forest, and half of the autumn mountains take the sunset.
Time flies quickly. It used to rain, but the maple forest has now shone with the sunset, which is fresh and smells good, adding a little warmth. Birds flapping their wings overhead fly by quickly, like an old-fashioned camera, trying to record all this intermittent time.
"You … what are you doing holding my hand?" Zhong Yi bowed her head and said softly with a reddish cheek.