On-site NBA official staff prepare for the championship award ceremony

Thunder players left in a daze. However, Durant, Westbrook and others hugged Tang Wenlong before leaving.
"Congratulations on a perfect season," Durant said bitterly.
Tang Wenlong patted Durant on the back with a backhand. The latter showed enough respect in this series, including his opponent Tang Wenlong Tang Wenlong. The aggressive situation became humble and gentle. "Kevin, you are a strong opponent. I know that you were selected for the US team in the Olympic Games in July this year. Let’s have another contest."
Speaking of the Olympic Games, Durant’s eyes lit up and his expression faded a little. By the way, he still has the Olympic Games to avenge. Does he believe that he can’t win Tang Wenlong with this year’s Dream Ten Team terrorist array?
"Then I’ll wait for you in London at the Olympic Games."
Tang Wenlong smiled, and the competitive competition was like this. Although it was cruel, the winner was always a reincarnation challenge. No one was a ever-victorious general and no one was always at the peak.
The two men spoke a few more words. In the relay lens, two superstars in appreciate each other exchanged views. This scene was very precious.
Then Tang Wenlong hugged Westbrook, and Westbrook still looked no.
"I must beat you once!" His eyes are particularly round and his appearance is amazing, but there is always an indescribable fighting spirit and domineering, as if nothing can ever knock him down
Tang Wenlong hey hey smiled and gave him a light hammer on the chest. "If you call your three brothers together, I will surrender directly."
Westbrook root couldn’t understand Tang Wenlong’s ridicule and said simply, "Mad, wait for me to train myself hard in the offseason and fight again in the next year."
"Okay, I’ll wait for you." Tang Wenlong gladly accepted the challenge.
After Ibaka and Gasol greeted and hugged, I didn’t know what to say at the side. Tang Wenlong saw Hu Harden coming and hugging himself, and his face was also full of bitterness and disappointment
"I was badly defended by your data in this series, and maybe the Thunder won’t renew my contract in the summer." Harden told Tang Wenlong half-jokingly that only the two of them could hear the volume.
Tang Wenlong rolled his eyes and blamed me?
Harden was so bitter that he hardly burst into tears. He hugged Tang Wenlong and turned around in a bleak way. It looked so bleak.
Durant and others left the scene quickly after greeting. For the first time in history, they wanted to escape from their home so quickly.
Durant met his mother who raised him alone in the player’s tunnel, waiting for him. After all, he couldn’t hold back his tears and cried.
On the contrary, 76 people in the sky were smiling from ear to ear with ribbons and flowers.
When the long-lost President Stern walked on the podium, when famous celebrities like Bill Russell appeared in front of him, he felt that it was the glory of the champion. At that moment, the black ball 76 ers felt as if they were plated with a layer of brilliant gold.
"You did a good job, young man." Bill Russell and Tang Wenlong shook hands and smiled aside.
Then the staff handed over the championship trophy and the finals MVP individual trophy to 76 people. All the players saw the trophy with hot eyes. It was the O ‘Brien Cup, which represented the highest glory and the most valuable NBA trophy!
Stern took over the microphone field, and there were thousands of people left, some of whom were Thunder fans. On the one hand, they didn’t want to go out so early and get stuck outside, on the other hand, they wanted to witness the 76 ers climb to the top of the city. Although they didn’t support and love the team themselves, they were praised when their opponents performed well.
"Congratulations to the 76ers for winning the 21112 NBA championship. They have played a wonderful role in this year’s struggle and defeated several powerful opponents."
Although the number is small, there is still a loud applause at the scene. Behind Stern, the 76 people in the city can’t help clapping.
"At the same time, we also want to congratulate the MVP winner of the 21112 season finals-"
Tang Wenlong!’
The 76ers made strange calls and pushed Tang Wen forward, and then several paws grabbed his head and kneaded it.
Bill Russell handed Tang Wenlong the trophy representing FMVP, which looked like the smaller O ‘Brien Cup.
Tang Wenlong stretched out his hand and took the trophy. Finally, there was a flash in his calm eyes. He couldn’t hide his fiery hair, but he was still in good spirits. Bill Russell, the "Lord of the Rings", looked at the super star who was nearly 60 years younger than him, as if he had seen the shadow of the man who was as good as a god in Chicago.
"Boy, you are amazing. Even in my time, you will certainly succeed."
Tang Wenlong shook hands with Bill Russell, and Ma replied modestly and tactfully, "If you were in our time, I don’t think there would be anything for us."
This is not a big deal. Bill Russell is very happy. He laughs and the more he looks at Tang Wenlong, the more pleasing he is. "Maybe you can rule the league in the future. You have such potential. I like you."
The two exchanged a few commonplaces, then grabbed the trophy together and posed for the flashing camera.
At this time, the championship trophy is in everyone’s hands, and everyone touches it, which makes several heroes in the league eager for glory.
The field workers handed the cap and T-shirt representing the championship, and everyone couldn’t wait to put on the white champion T-shirt without some wet jerseys.
The trophy made Louis Williams hold his hands high, so that everyone could touch the championship trophy with his arms. Tang Wenlong even touched the O ‘Brien Cup with one hand and held the FMP trophy high with the other. Everyone gathered in a pile of fireworks and ribbons to freeze it into the most joyful and happy picture.
It belongs to the success of the city. On the one hand, head coach Collins couldn’t help but burst into tears.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Parade to celebrate
It’s the second season, but Tang Wenlong has already made achievements that have stunned several superstar predecessors.
In his body, he can’t be shaped by potential, but by words like horror and horror, which is more than a solution to Tang Wenlong’s playoff performance this year.
In the finals, he averaged 355 rebounds and 5 assists, among which the three-point shooting percentage was as high as 4%, and the overall shooting percentage was a little over 50%. The scariest thing was that his steals averaged 35 times per game throughout the finals. Most of Thunder’s mistakes were forced by Tang Wenlong’s cooperation, especially when the ball controllers cooperated with each other, there would be a lot of mistakes.
But once you go it alone with your personal ability, you fall into the city and want to see the situation.
Tang Wenlong has broken a lot of records, especially because he has become the strongest Asian basketball player in history. It is controversial that his influence in Asia is increasing day by day. After winning the championship, he has reached a peak and become the first superstar in Asia, including sports and entertainment. Several young Tang Wenlong fans have sprung up in Singapore,, South Korea and other places. They have imitated Tang Wenlong’s skills and Tang Wenlong’s basketball habits in the street basketball court and become new fans and fans in Tang Wenlong.
The on-site award ceremony didn’t last long. After the most videos and photos were taken, the city players left the energy arena.
"Holiday!" Tang Wenlong roared how wonderful the holiday was after winning the championship! I’m excited to think about it
Back to the city, Louis and Tang Wenlong chatted blindly.
"Have you decided where to spend your holiday?"
Tang Wenlong shrugged. "I don’t know. Maybe go to South America? Andres this guy can always invite me to their country? "