If you put Q first when Annie is dizzy, it is easy to be blocked by the Yasuo wind wall. If Annie wants to stun Yasuo, it is best to start with W.

Annie W is an instant skill with cast animation and no forward shaking.
Annie W seems to have raised her hand once. In fact, when she raised her hand, the injury had already reached the opposite side. Raven W’s skills were similar, but they were all instant, but there was a magic animation.
Generally, Yasuo is difficult to react unless he can estimate the scope of Anne W’s skills. When you are ready to release W’s skills, press W to release the wind wall, and then you can’t react. Typing W’s skills out can just be resisted by the wind wall.
However, the opposite Feng Shanze obviously didn’t react, and directly ate a faint from Anne’s shield, and then Anne took a Q and successfully consumed a wave of Yasuo’s blood.
But Yasuo woke up without saying anything and came directly to E soldier E.
I have a faint feeling in my heart.
Chapter 36 Show the enemy weak assassin sophistry
This wave is still dominated by Anne’s soldiers. Yasuo E will definitely beat Anne if he comes to play indiscriminately.
Yasuo e killed a melee soldier, then AQ killed an Annie sword and surrounded a layer of wind, and then e long-range soldier passed by.
Anne Q’s pre-CD has about three seconds, and the CD is very short. Anne is also welcome to directly Q a shot of Yasuo.
Yasuo relies on the flying Q skill to directly EQ Annie to fly, then A reflexes her, and then E soldiers go back and beat Annie into half blood, and her blood volume is not much and half blood.
It’s really not worthwhile for Yasuo and Anne to exchange blood, because Yasuo, the hero, belongs to the continuous consumption type AD in the early stage, while Anne belongs to that kind of outbreak, which is single and consumptive. Yasuo’s half blood is once again taken by Anne Q, and then annika’s skill CD ensures that his hand is dizzy. WQ Yasuo plus a igniting Yasuo is estimated to die.
Anyway, I didn’t understand Feng Shanze’s exercise. If I were playing Yasuo, I would settle down and make up for the soldiers. If there is no blood, I will go back to the outfit and wait for the wild to catch the line. I really can’t beat Annie when I play Yasuo.
"I want to kill Feng Shanze Yumu alone, and you can help me with my vision." Ai Shi suddenly popped up with such a sentence.
It turned out that another Q in front of her consumed Feng Shanze to a third of her blood.
Now Feng Shanze will be 100% dead if Annie flashes WQ and ignites it. I don’t know if Annie hurts, it’s very likely that WQ Yasuo will die …
Feng Shanze finally knew at this time that he was unintelligent and never confronted Annie again. He kept walking in a place where she couldn’t flash.
It’s very difficult for Yasuo to catch Yu Mu to help now. It’s definitely impossible to help her get a good view and let her kill alone, as Aishi said. I also think this wave of single killing has a good chance, which makes Feng Shanze behave very ordinary.
The soldier line enters Tayassota to mend the knife. Anne dare not flash into Tayassota casually. If Yasuo is blocked by his wind wall, it will be GG.
Yasuo also blew his strength in the tower and hit Aishi once.
Aishi’s blood volume is not much now
"You just left …" I was dissatisfied with Ai Shi and said that I could hide Q by leaving.
Aishi said, "I let him win the Q on purpose."
"Oh?" I looked at Aishi with a puzzled face.
"Don’t talk, you don’t know how to kill alone," Aishi said.
Now two people in the middle of the road are already level 4.
The fight between the two men in the back became fierce. Both Aishi and Yasuo finished taking Xiaohong’s medicine. Aishi had a third of the blood, and so did Yasuo.
Yasobo saved another layer of hurricane in his hand and leaned over to Anne.
If Anne is hit by this hurricane, it is very likely that she will pay a blood.
Annie walked left and right, and Yasuo hung the hurricane at Annie’s feet.
Annie’s hand is dizzy. When the hurricane is about to reach her, it will flash directly to ignite WQ!
But …
Yasuo seems to know that she is doing this, and at the same time she flashes, she releases the W skill, WQ, and two skills are resisted by the number.
Then it was ignited. Yasuo directly EQ to add an ignition and then retreat to the wind wall.
“Firsblood!” Aishi was killed alone …
"I depend!" Ai Shi looked at the screen with amazement.
"This person has suddenly become so conscious after being stunned by Level 4!" Ai Shi said
It’s true that the previous waves of Aishi WQ consumed Yasuo when he was recruiting soldiers, but he didn’t release W skills to resist. Now this wave flashes WQ, but he can resist the W wind wall.
"Is this a sign of weakness …" I said.
"I don’t know." Aishi shook his head in dismay.
"Can the middle road be stabilized?" I asked Aishi
"The middle road can be stabilized …" Ai Shi said weakly.
I said, "it’s okay. I’ll take it, CARRY."
This wave of blood hurt Yasuo. When he came home, he took out a yellow fork and shoes. Anne, the hero, couldn’t support blood. When he got to level 6, he had a flash ignition base to take away. For example, Yasuo had no flash ignition in this crispy skin, but Yasuo still had a flash. This is a bit difficult. Yasuo will definitely get to level 6 first, and then maybe he can find a chance to kill Anne again, and the middle road will collapse completely.
Middle road Yasuo level 6 Annie level 5
"Ai poetry how long do you have six? I’ll help you catch a middle road, "Yu Mu said.
"He has flashes that are not easy to catch," said Aishi.
"Is he still flashing?" Yu Mu incredible said that it was obviously unexpected that Yasuo killed Annie without even handing in the flash.
"Well, I was blocked by his wind wall when I flashed him in front, and then an EQ ignited me and I died …" Aishi was quite embarrassed to say.
"It’s all right" Yu Mu’s coordination and assistance have been reversed several times across the street. If it weren’t for the fact that Yasuo in the middle of the road was really wretched and showed weakness in the early stage, Yu Mu and Zhong Xin would have taken care of him several times in the early stage.
At this time, Yasuo was very fierce. E soldiers always grabbed Annie and played a set of Annie’s position. It was very careful, but they couldn’t beat Yasuo’s CDE soldiers to push Q, and when a crit came out, it simply dropped a tube of blood. Annie’s blood volume was half in an instant.
"Good this wave I came to the middle of the road to squat down. You Yasuo will definitely kill you if you see less blood." Yu Mu squatted down in the grass on the right side of the middle of the river. Yasuo seems to be unaware that he has retired the line of soldiers and is still crushing Anne.
Now all our soldiers have been successfully cleared by Yasuo. Although Yasuo sword has accumulated a layer of hurricane, this wave is an excellent GANK opportunity.
And Annie’s hands are dizzy, too. Annie’s blood volume is still two-fifths and Yasuo is half-blood.
To avoid Yasuo’s Q, then Emperor EQ provokes Annie to explode and Yasuo will be 100% dead.
The most important thing is Annie’s blood volume. Even if Yasuo Q comes over and blows her and takes a big move, Annie will immediately faint when landing, and then a set of explosions will hit Yumu and then EQ and control the total. How can Yasuo die unless his Q skill can blow Yumu and then flash and run? This may run away.
But this Yasuo seemed oblivious to the fact that Yu Mu appeared for two seconds before retreating.